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Should You Help Your Movers?

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should you help your movers? A tough question for the man

It is already a well-known fact that any kind of relocation requires a lot of effort. Whether you are moving to Hamilton or just down the street, the whole process would be much simpler if you called professionals movers to your aid. And indeed you have. Upon moving day, perhaps out of gratitude, concern or simply based on your personality, you start wondering whether should you help your movers. At moments like these, it would be wise to remember that you are going to have professionals doing their job at your request. Chances are that instead of helping, you will be on their way. Still, there are some things you can, and ought to do, if the movers concur that is.

A white heart with the words 'i am grateful' written on it
We believe that you can help your movers. Let’s see what are the best way to invoke their gratefulness.

Keep the paths clean

No matter if you are planning on the commercial or residential move, both the office movers Hamilton and everyone else will be thankful for keeping the paths clean for them. Meaning that all the roads leading from the rooms to their moving truck should be free of any obstructions. This means getting your children and pets out of the way as well. You want to establish such conditions in your office or household so that the movers you hired can do their job in the most efficient and safest way. See that the all the doors are jammed open, while keeping an extra close eye on the front doors, and them staying unlocked. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, it would be wise to act accordingly:

  • in a case of rain make sure to cover the floors with old sheets and rags, so as to prevent slipping, whilst protecting the floor itself.
  • if it’s snowing, your goal is to prevent all ice-caused accidents. Generously coat the path from your front door to the moving truck with some plain kitchen salt. Cover the floors of the house as in the previous example.
  • if it’s too warm outside, try to provide some shading options for the movers, if any way possible. As for yourself, restrain from wearing flip flops. Chances are you will be doing some lifting, and flip flops are by no means appropriate footwear for such activity.

Restrain from heavy lifting

A certain number of you has certainly hired the moving company so as to take over all the heavy lifting and special items. As for the others, we strongly advise that you follow their example. You risk hurting yourself, damaging your belongings and getting in the way. Although not equally, these are all bad outcomes. Thus, let the professionals you hired do their job in the proper manner. Chances are they will be using adequate equipment and techniques, allowing them to do a much better job in a faster way than you could otherwise singlehandedly manage.

A professional heavy lifter lifting weights
Even if you are a professional lifter, chances are you are not an expert on lifting couches and pool tables.

Should you help your movers. provide refreshments

Imagine doing some manual labor on unforgiving weather. You must know how a pleasant a cool lemonade feels during those hot summer days, and how wonderful an effect a warm cup of tea or coffee can have when your body is freezing. Help your movers by being sympathetic. Instead of offering to help with moving a piano, make some refreshments that correspond with the time of year. You will see how the movers’ faces light up. Besides refreshing these diligent men, you will also give them the energy to keep up with the good work. This small token of gratitude will be greeted with great satisfaction and joy. After all, sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Being a grateful and caring client is all one mover can really ask for.

Other means of expressing gratitude

Besides expressing your gratitude through the desire to help, or making refreshments, you can also choose to tip your movers. Working a hard job such as relocating requires a lot of strength and conditioning. It is a job of heavy lifting followed by a quick pace. A great way to reward these strong men is to give them a tip. And, trust us, they will feel very appreciated. Yes, you are already paying for their services, but a small tip will not make a big change in your budget, whilst meaning a lot to them. If you decide to tip your movers, you will show them you really care. In response, they will pay some extra attention to your belongings.

A glass filled with coins and paper money you'll give to help your movers
The amount you allocate for tipping your movers doesn’t have to be of great volume. It is a small token of gratitude and you should treat it as such.

Ask before you act

As you can see, the answer to the question of whether should you help your movers is not as easy as it might seem at first. There are a lot of follow up questions, a lot of specific situations, as well as pros and cons. What it mostly revolves around is not getting in their way. Rather, make their job easier by taking care of all the chores they are not obliged to do. Doing their job instead of them will not be greeted with the reaction you might expect.

Small task, on the other hand, will mean a lot to these professionals. Avoid doing anything that might get you injured. That is the only scenario you should work hard to circumvent. Everything else is more manageable. Leave the heavy lifting and packing to your movers. After all, they are not professionals just for the sound of it. They have experience and all the necessary equipment. And if you are still adamant on helping, make sure to at least ask before you do. They will then tell you what is the best way to go about any issue. Still, do not be persistent, and stick to making juices and keeping the paths clean. Other than that, you are golden.