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Short distance moving guide for beginners

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Moving not so far away from your current position can be a bit tricky. You might think you have all the time in the world. Especially if you are new at this and haven’t moved much in the past. Short distance moving guide will help you deal with this endeavor in the most pleasant way possible.

Hire professional help

You might think you do not need professionals but that is where the trick is. Local movers Ontario can help you with that. You are much more prone to making mistakes when moving short distances. Thinking you can just wing it all the way to the end is a bad idea. Short distance moving guide rule number one is to not wing it under any circumstance.

A man showing thumbs up to Short distance moving guide telling you to hire professionals
Short distance moving guide number one tip is to hire professional help

Because you are not moving far away you might think you can easily transfer anything without taking extra care. When moving long distances you would ensure your items are well packed. Packing them carefully would ensure everything is whole and not shattered when it’s moved. You would want to do the same with your items when moving a short distance. It is still a trip and things can still happen. Hire professional help for packing and moving just to be sure when moving to Hamilton.

Short distance moving guide rules if you are moving alone

A lot of people will think of moving by themselves if the trip is short. Our short distance moving guide for moving alone suggests these options:

  1. Renting a van or a truck
  2. Multiple trips with your own car
  3. Having friends help you with their cars
a van on the street
Rent a van for your local move

If you are renting a truck it would be a smart idea to think a bit ahead. Estimate how much of it you have to move. According to the number of belongings rent a truck, big, medium or small. Timing won’t be a problem if you are moving on your own. You can make multiple trips to your new place of residence and relocate everything on your own. The same goes for when your friends and family are helping you. Just make sure your schedules are aligned and you won’t have a problem.

Prepare as if you were moving long-distance

Just because you aren’t getting far doesn’t mean you should bring everything with you. That will clutter your new space and make it harder to move. The preparation process for moving short distances should be the same as with long-distance moves. Items that need special care when packing should be treated like that.  And garbage is still garbage. Short distance moving guide confirms that room by room packing and decluttering is your best option. That way you can be devoted to one space at the time and really see what doesn’t belong.

person writting a plan
Make sure to have a plan

Good starting points are the storage areas like attic and basement. That way you can still function normally around the house while you work at the same time. Those are the problem areas and most of the garbage is hidden there. Do not spend too much time dwelling on it, most of it can just go straight to trash.  A huge difference in moving short distance vs long-distance moves are the forbidden stuff you can transfer. Some flammable items that usually hide in your basement aren’t allowed to move. Some of these items are fuels, oils, some cleaning supplies etc. There is no threat when moving its short distance, it is similar to a trip with them from the store to your house. Just ensure them well, close, seal and do not mix with other dangerous items.

Prepare your new home as well

Because you can afford to have multiple trips to your new home, you might as well do something. As you transfer your items on multiple occasions, use that to clean the space a bit. Because when you finally move all of it, your home will be ready in short notice. Prepare your new home in no time so you can go on with regular activities.  Since you started with storage areas, sort them out as you move them. Clean the space you are going to move next and arrange the items when you arrive with them.

a house
Prepare your home before you move in

Last are the basics like kitchen and bedrooms. That moves along with you and counts as a final step. Having just them to organize in your home is not that big of a deal. Everything else is already settled and you can start enjoying your home right away. This short distance moving guide has some great advice even for beginners.

Your routine will stay the same

Since you are a beginner at this, it is important not to panic. We know moving is stressful, but moving close to your current place is a bit easier. There is no need for you to take extra days off of work or keep the kids home from school. Packing from the storage areas and moving parts over some period of time is great. It will allow you and your family to function properly and that is the whole point of our short-distance moving guide.

woman jogging
Don’t change your daily routine

Going back to your routine after a pause is as stressful as moving. Taking on even extra responsibilities because you missed out on school and work can be a huge bummer. There is no need for that when moving short distances. Just move your schedule around a bit, start your day earlier and nothing crucial needs to change. Waking up earlier can b tough, but it pays off in the long run. Better to get the most out of your day and still make it to practice, school and work.

Our short distance moving guide is something that will make this transition easier for you. The key is not to panic, start on time and gather all the help you can. That way the move will be over fast. And you will get to sleep longer in the morning again. We hope we have helped you do this as simply as possible. Good luck with your move!