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Benefits of Using a Van For Your House Move

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    Benefits of Using a Van For Your House Move

    You have been thinking about moving. Finally, you have decided that you will in fact move. Now it comes to the more technical part of the move. Moreover, this part includes things like moving location, moving companies, storage and packing options, pros and cons of some options for the move, and things alike. No matter how you choose to move. Whether it is that you hire a professional and reputable moving company like Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario or that you decide to expedite the move by yourself. There are a lot of benefits of using a van for your house move. You can save a lot of time and money if you choose to use a van as the main means of transportation for the move. However, you have to plan well and be organized for the move. By doing this you will get the most out of your move. Not only that but planning and organizing will ensure a smooth moving experience. Continue reading “Benefits of Using a Van For Your House Move”

    Long Distance House Hunting in Canada

    Buying a house locally is no small feat. But adding to that a few thousand miles can make the process even more complicated. Finding the right movers Ontario for such a long distance move can prove challenging as well. But modern technology has made it more affordable than ever, and it made long distance house hunting in Canada easier than ever. Now with one click, you can view all the relevant information you need from the comfort of your own home, but it does come with its unique challenges. This article will be going through a few pointers that can accelerate the process of finding the house you are looking for. Continue reading “Long Distance House Hunting in Canada”

    How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture Before Moving Long Distance

    In some situations, moving your entire home may not pay off. By these, we mean packing and moving your furniture and other things in your home. And that may depend on the distance of your move. When it comes to long-distance moving, for all relocations that are over 500 miles, moving furniture can be a big mistake. Not only will you bother with its packaging but you will also pay a lot for its transport. And when you add the price of packaging and packing services, you will almost be able to buy completely new furniture for your new home. We advise you to move with you only things that have great sentimental value for you. And for that reason, we at Number 1 Movers will help you dispose of unwanted furniture before moving long distance. There are many possibilities for your unwanted furniture, so let’s see. Continue reading “How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture Before Moving Long Distance”

    Tips for Avoiding Kitchen Moving Disasters When Moving to Hamilton

    When it comes to moving, the place that most people dread is the kitchen. It is no small feat to get a kitchen ready for a move. Finding the right movers Ontario can make this task a lot easier. But even whit professional backing you there still is the monumental task of packing up everything. Not only that you need to pack up everything but you have to pack it the right way. On average packing up a kitchen is the place where the most mistakes are made. Therefore, in this guide, we will share whit you some tips for avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving to Hamilton. Continue reading “Tips for Avoiding Kitchen Moving Disasters When Moving to Hamilton”

    Things I Wish I Knew before My Long-distance Move in Canada

    Moving to a new place is not easy. There are many things that you need to do before you move to Canada. Add on top of that the stress of moving to a completely new place. Learning the local culture, and getting used to the new environment can be challenging. This is why doing the research before moving is key in determining if Canada is the right place for you. Therefore, to help you out here are the things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada. Keep in mind that hiring one of the moving companies Ontario has to offer, especially for a long-distance move, is a must if you want to make your moving process simple. Continue reading “Things I Wish I Knew before My Long-distance Move in Canada”

    Ultimate Guide To Moving to Ontario of 2022

    At least once in our lifetime, we are going to move to a new location. Whether this is due to work, education, family, or other lively matters, once during our life, we change our residence. Moving to a new area can be quite hard, especially if you are someone that has no experience with moving. Luckily, our guide to moving to Ontario of 2022 is here to make this process a lot easier for you. Moreover, this article should help you understand two main aspects of the process: the place you are moving to, and the process of moving itself. The latter one can be made easy by hiring a professional moving company, like Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario, to help you move. However, learning about the place you want to move to is something you will have to do. Luckily, we are here to help. Continue reading “Ultimate Guide To Moving to Ontario of 2022”

    The most difficult items to move long-distance

    Certain goods are always more difficult to transfer than others. To ensure a seamless move, you must first determine which things need extra care. Today we will talk about some of the most difficult items to move long-distance and provide advice on how to handle them. While you can move some of these things on your own, you may wish to have a professional by your side for the majority of them. And our Number 1 Movers team will be happy to help you out. Continue reading “The most difficult items to move long-distance”

    Top Canadian cities to invest in real estate

    The COVID-19 pandemic surely did have a lot of impact on our daily lives. Moreover, it also had a lot to do with our future plans. In the past couple of years, the real estate market has been experiencing steady growth. As many people decide to leave the hustle and bustle of cities,  many surrounding areas and towns experience both the population influx, as well as the real estate market rise. Canada currently has one of the hottest and most expensive housing markets in the world. However, this does not stop both residential and commercial real estate investments to occur. Today, we discuss the best Canadian cities to invest in real estate and what you should expect. If you will need to move items to your new home, consider hiring Number 1 Movers to help you do it right. Continue reading “Top Canadian cities to invest in real estate”

    How to prepare kids for long distance move

    Moving with kids is never easy. When you think about all the preparations and packing that you need to do, it can be really overwhelming. Not to mention if you are about to relocate somewhere else. There are tons of things that need to be taken care of, like how to prepare kids for long distance move. If you are well organized and you have done your research about the relocation and the place that is soon going to be your new home, preparing kids for something like that can be really easy. All you have to do is be secure in yourself and your decision. Once the kids see how confident you are, they will accept the situation better. And there is no better start than hiring one of the best moving companies, Number 1 Movers, to be your help during this exciting adventure. Continue reading “How to prepare kids for long distance move”

    How to prepare for a spring move to Brampton?

    Spring is a time of year when people can finally put away their winter coats and mittens, but it can also be a time of fluctuating temperatures. You’ll need to properly prepare for a spring move to Brampton. To avoid being taken off guard, stock up on both your winter and spring apparel. But you may also have a bit of a purge with your winter garments.  If you need any moving services, Number 1 Movers are always here for you.  Continue reading “How to prepare for a spring move to Brampton?”