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Cleaning your home after moving in

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A cleaning lady

After you moved in, it is time to make a home out of your new house.  Cleaning your home after moving in is not an easy job and it needs to be done efficiently. Having a plan of cleaning is important to save you time and get you comfy in your new home soon. Understand that it will take months to fix and make everything just right, but that is okay. The important thing is for you to be in a clean new home and have a start as fresh as your cleaned bathroom.

Rules you need to follow when cleaning your home after moving in

You can’t just start wiping around without any order to it. That will do more harm than good and make even more mess. Moving companies Oakville Ontario are here with your stuff. And you are running out of time! No worries though, we got you.

Walls and table in place cleaning your home after moving in
Start with walls when cleaning your home after moving in

There are some rules to follow when cleaning your home after moving in:

  1. Start high up and clean down
  2. Do not forget the windows
  3. If possible clean the walls and paint them
  4. Use appropriate cleaning supplies for different areas
  5. Spend a little extra for the correct supplies

Kitchen cleaning

It is important to deep clean the entire house. The kitchen is no exception, and you should make special efforts in this part of the house. After all, it is the area where you eat and it should be always clean. Dismember the oven and the other appliances you can and clean them individually. It would be good to spray and let the product sit for a while. That way the dirt and grease will come off a bit easier. Steel wool can be used for this if the material isn’t especially delicate. If it is, you can use a regular sponge. It will just take a bit more effort. Moving companies St. Catharines can do a lot, but the cleaning is on you.

image of a kitchen
Clean the kitchen before putting in all the appliances

Steel wool and the same cleaning product can also be used for scrubbing the sink. Cabinets and other areas should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a disinfectant. If you are more keen on using natural ingredients instead of chemicals, there is a solution there too. Because the kitchen is used for food some people avoid harsh chemicals here and it is totally justified. Especially if you have toddlers running around eating everything off the counter. A natural kitchen cleaner mix of baking soda and vinegar will do great. Greasy kitchen sink, oven and counters are not a big problem anymore. Just let it sit a bit, same as other products you would use here.

Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning your home after moving in can be hard, but not as hard as removing water stains. Yes, that can be a nightmare. But focus on them in the end. First, you should check all the vents. Not just in the bathroom but in the entire house. Follow the top first rule when cleaning the bathroom too. If the tiles are giving you a hard time, a bleach might help remove some fungus. Antibacterial spray used in kitchen counters should be used in all of the bathrooms. Important detail not to miss is to change the toilet seat, knobs, and the toilet paper holder. Every small thing you can change and buy a new one, do it.

a bathroom
You can use bleach to clean the tiles

We mentioned the stubborn water stains earlier. Well, a very simple trick can remove them. Scrubbing lemon on them! It is a short term solution and you will have to do it frequently but it works well with stains on tiles and metal. Do not let the bathroom cleaning kill the romance of the new place you’re at. Visit some gorgeous spots in town with your partner. After you are finished scrubbing of course.


Floor cleaning is crucial for a fresh home

If the carpets hold the smell and stains it is no way that the cleaning of your home after moving in is finished. It doesn’t matter how clean the rest of the house is if the carpets are smelly. It is good to have them professionally cleaned for the first time, and every once in a while. Even tho a vacuum and a scrub can do a good job, it is not the same as professional cleaning that gets the germs out as well.

Wooden floors need special care for them to last a long time. They are very amazing looking and it would be a shame for them to rot. There are special liquids for wooden floors, and our advice is to use them exactly and not make home substitutes.

a living room
It is important to clear the floor before you put all the furniture in

Other areas should be cleaned according to their type with a mop. Be careful not to soak them up too much because too much water can harm wood as well as other floor types. For the last step, apply the finishing layer to protect them and give them shine.

Touch-ups your house needs

It is easy to forget small things when something big such as moving is taking place. Cleaning your home after moving in isn’t just about scrubbing. Establishing order, in general, is what will make it a home and a safe space. There is so much more to be done and we will make sure you don’t forget them.

Make sure to change all the locks as soon as you arrive. You don’t want any unwanted guests. Speaking of unwanted guests, you should have an exterminator stop by and eliminate any bugs and other creatures. Cleaning your home after moving in makes no sense if you have bugs roaming around freely.   Put away any unnecessary items. Use the storage areas of your home efficiently. This will save you from cluttering your home and making a mess.

Cleaning your home after moving in is the final step before you are settled. It is so close and yet so far. Make a family meeting, hand out the tasks and get going. The sooner you begin, the sooner your head will touch the pillow. And you can finally rest a bit from all the fuss from moving. Sweet dreams!