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Moving from Oakville to Mississauga

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A moving lady noting down moving cargo

Moving home can be quite an adventure. For some people, it is a positive thing while others see this as a nuisance and something boring and hard. Your situation might be different but one thing is certain. You must organize, pack, and find reliable movers Oakville that will secure a smooth transition. So, let us help you with moving from Oakville to Mississauga and turn your moving endeavor into a jolly adventure. It is something to look forward to and a beginning of a new chapter. Let’s go!

Create a moving checklist for easier moving from Oakville to Mississauga

You can’t have a successful relocation without some kind of a guide. And we will strongly advise you to assemble one yourself. Yes, we will provide valuable info regarding the moving process, but you must create your own moving checklist guided by your unique situation. Therefore, start inspecting your home to figure out how hard this is. Check all the nooks and crannies, staircases, hallways, and remove any obstacles. Also, realize how many belongings you possess and the number of packing materials required. Once you have this information, you can contact your movers Ontario and start from there. If you bring the basic info, your movers will have an easier job going forward. More importantly, they will organize better and provide more precise estimates.

A man writing on a moving checklist
Create a personalized moving guide and follow through. It will help you stay on track.

Find trustworthy movers

You are probably asking yourself, where to find a reliable moving crew? And the answer is simple, in this day and age, you can find your reliable movers Mississauga online. Just browse moving websites for an hour, and compare services, prices, and reviews. Eventually, you’ll find a couple of interesting choices. Narrow your search down and compare and inspect those companies in depth. And when you finally make a choice, give them a call. You can call them just to check their schedule, special offers, and to ask any questions you want. Call as many companies you like and when you are finally ready to book one, contact them on time and choose your moving date.

Moving from Oakville to Mississauga with a secured investment

Now, we must explain how to confirm the legitimacy of your moving company. Or how to inspect and double-check your movers without them even noticing. So, your journey begins on their website. Ensure they have a company logo, contact info, and physical address. Then you can confirm if they are registered online by checking FMCSA, Better Business Bureau, US Moving Association, or simply by checking Yellow Pages. If your movers are legit, they should leave a trace online. Finally, after you have completed your detective part, you should give them a call and confirm they possess the following:

  • License – Your movers should hold all the permits and licenses to work in the moving industry.
  • Tools – Ask if they have all the necessary equipment to support your moving request.
  • Manpower – They should have enough skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable moving professionals.
  • Vehicle – A sizeable moving vehicle is a must.

Also, you can pay them a visit and ask for everything in person. Some people prefer conducting business in person and that should be just fine with your movers. In case they deny such a request, it might be a red flag and a sign of a fraudulent moving company. But as long as you follow the instructions we provided above, you will avoid scammers and shady companies.

Obtain a moving quote and prepare your moving budget

One of the best Hamilton moving services that you can find out there is the onsite estimate. Besides that it is free, but it is the most efficient way to prepare for a move. Basically, you will schedule a visit from your moving representative. They will come over, inspect the environment, weigh your cargo, figure out where to park the truck, and decide on the best moving logistics. Also, they will advise if you need additional moving service and where you can be more efficient. Finally, after they evaluate the whole deal, you will be presented with the moving price. Then you can decide if you want to add something or deduct depending on the moving budget. And this is a moment to dedicate one.

A guy sitting in front of laptop counting money
After you obtain a moving quote, sit down, and calculate your moving budget accordingly.

Packing plan

Behind each relocation, you’ll find a good packing plan. If you want to reach the other side without a single broken item, you’ll need one. So, now when you know all the details about the move, you should visit your local hardware store and purchase packing materials. You will need around 30 cardboard moving boxes, to begin with. Maybe a bit less in case you have a smaller apartment. Then, you should obtain blister packs, packing tape, and labels for each box. Blister packs are used to protect your items inside a box. And there is no better solution out there. Although, you can substitute it with blankets, sheets, and old clothing in case your budget is limited.

Two people laughing while packing for moving from Oakville to Mississauga
The cardboard box is the most important moving material. Ensure you have enough to support your needs.

Hence, simply place blister packs on the bottom, put your items inside, fill gaps with more cushion, and close the box. Of course, you can wrap fragile items individually to give them another layer of protection. Finally, tape your box down, and apply a label with a description of the content inside. Boxes with fragile items should be labeled with a “FRAGILE” sign. Now just repeat this process for each box and your moving from Oakville to Mississauga will be a successful one.

A few more steps and we can start moving!

Now to add the final touch to your preparations for moving from Oakville to Mississauga. It is a side project but you would agree it is an important one. Just when you start planning to relocate, you must inspect all your documents and legalities. You shouldn’t panic and rush with this one but complete everything in due time. Remove gradually each step and before you begin settling in everything will be in place. So, check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, school documents, credit cards, medical records, and moving documents as well. All should be up to date and ready to be used in your new environment.

Contact all parties tied to this process and inform them about your new contact info and the address. Also, transfer internet and cellphone services, as well as set up a PO box and reroute your mail and magazine subscriptions. Align everything nicely and have it ready as soon as you move in.

Now you are ready for moving from Oakville to Mississauga. All that is left is to throw a going-away party and leave your old place with style. And do not worry if you can do this or not. You will have a reliable moving company by your side who will guide you through each step of the way. We wish you to have a safe relocation and the best of luck!