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Spring destinations for Canadians

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Canada is many things but famous for warm weather it is not. Therefore, many Canadians eagerly await Summertime so they can travel to destinations both home and abroad. Here are some of the most popular spring destinations for Canadians we have selected.

Spring destinations for Canadians outside Canada

First, we are going to cover all the destinations Canadians like to enjoy that are outside of Canada.


spring destinations for Canadians - havana
Summertime calls for Canadians!
  • Cuba –¬†Havana and the island of Cuba offer a lot of wonders, especially in the summertime, making it one of the most popular spring destinations for Canadians out there.
  • Spain – Going to Europe? Most Canadians will choose to visit Spain.
  • New Orleans – For the charm of the south and spirit of hospitality, French influence, and jazz, you take your Number 1 movers to New Orleans.

Cuba is the first one, and there is a lot to offer. From the charm of old-timers that still drive the colorful streets of Havana, to marvelous beaches and rich culture and music. Cuba will truly capture your heart!


Some like Spain so much that they instantly ask for residential movers Toronto to move them there! It is also a famous senior relocation site. An all of this for a very good reason. Spain offers a lot of Sunny days, extremely old, ancient buildings, great cuisine, and natural beauty without comparison.  Therefore it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular spring sites for Canadians.

New Orleans

Want to experience southern hospitality, the charm of Louisiana, and the American center of culture? Then why not head down to New Orleans. The city holds a lot of charm, almost unrivleved entertainment opportunities and a lot of good things to eat. Not to mention that you already speak the language if you are Canadian. There really are a lot of plusses, and the french influence might remind many of Quebec!

Home spring destinations for Canadians?

But what about Canadians that prefer staying at home for the Summertime? The frozen landscape many forebears have in mind when thinking about Canada is not exactly true. A lot of Canada can be a top summer destination. It is only a matter of how south you go, and when you do it.


Commercial movers Toronto often move companies to Quebec so they can enjoy the economic boom the region is experiencing. However, there are many reasons why someone would want to visit Quebec and especially old Quebec which is a Unesco World Heritage site. The region boasts cultural events, architectural beauty, multicultural cuisine, and great beaches.

Spanish arhitecture
Spain is a popular summer location for a reason!


However, that is far from the only spot for Canadian tourism. Canadians often go for outdoor activities in Whistler. It is a place that truly is a call of adventure for all kinds of activity-oriented people!

Niagra Falls

Finally, everyone has heard of the Niagra Falls, but have you ever seen the Canadian side? It offers breathtaking beauty, awe-inspiring sights, and, most importantly, a great summer location.

In summary

Where will you be going for the Summer? Any of the popular spring destinations for Canadians? Hope you have a great time!