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Cheapest places to buy a home in Canada

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    Search for one of the cheapest places to buy a home in Canada before you move

    If you are looking to relocate to Canada and buy a new home there, or if you simply wish to sell your old place and purchase a new one for cheap, there are several locations where you can do so. Of course, the real estate market being the way it is, it is entirely possible to find a cheap home anywhere. However, if we are looking at the overall picture, the places on our “cheapest places to buy a home in Canada” list take the top spots. So, before you contact Number 1 Van Lines Canada to relocate your belongings, you will need to check some of them out and find a home worth buying. In this article, we will go over New Brunswick, Windsor, and a few more.

    Top 3 cheapest places to buy a home in Canada!

    Here are our top picks:

    • Windsor (Ontario)
    • Sydney and Cape Breton County (Nova Scotia)
    • One of the cheapest places to buy a home in Canada – New Brunswick

    There may be more places with cheap homes as well, but these are the ones with the greatest concentration overall. Residential movers all across Canada receive requests to move to these areas on a daily basis. And when there is a lot of interest, you can be sure that there is a good reason for that.

    Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    One of the cheapest places to buy a home in Canada – Windsor

    Windsor (Ontario)

    To start with, you definitely need to take a look at Windsor. This place is in close proximity to Detroit, which means that the residents can seek employment opportunities there. This makes Windsors’ unemployment rate really low. The housing prices themselves are listed at around $164,000. There are several projects going on, which will further enhance the economy. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy somewhat milder winters and hotter summers. This is definitely one of the reasons why many long-distance movers get relocation requests to this very place. There is also the University of Windsor to consider, a premiere educational establishment.

    Sydney and Cape Breton County (Nova Scotia)

    The largest Cape Breton Island city, Sidney, has some of the lowest-priced houses in Canada. The average cost is under $99,000. However, the economy of the area leaves something to be desired. That means that if you are looking for a place to live and work, this might not be ideal. However, if all that you need is a cottage on the oceanside this might be the perfect place. You may also want to consider whether you need storage services for all that extra watersport equipment, though. But with the home prices, you might not need to resort to that.

    airplane, air Canada
    Cape Breton County is a famous tourist destination, as well as being one of the less expensive places to buy a house.

    One of the cheapest places to buy a home in Canada – New Brunswick

    To top the whole list off, New Brunswick is a place where you get to enjoy low housing prices and a great economy. NB income rates are higher than the nation’s average, and the houses are not all that expensive comparing. You are looking at around $169,00 for an average house in St.John and Frederiction, where the average of the entire province stands at around $155,000. There are numerous job opportunities in New Brunswick, ranging from finance, education, and health care. It is still a Maritime province, so you can expect easy access to the great outdoors, as well as clapboard homes. Definitely one of the cheapest places to buy a home in Canada, as well.