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Most popular bars in Hamilton

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    One of the most popular bars in Hamilton

    Hamilton is a city situated on the west shore of Lake Ontario. This ninth largest city in the whole of Canada is truly a place to be. It is home to Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Bruce Trail, McMaster University, Redeemer University College. Howbeit, we believe that there is more to life than culture and schools. One should also know how to have fun and loosen up a bit. So, if you intend on moving to Hamilton, you should also be aware of the most popular bars in Hamilton. They are bound to better your mood and help you celebrate any occasion whatsoever. So, put on your party shoes and let’s go.

    Some of the local and most popular bars in Hamilton
    Let us dive into the most popular bars in Hamilton that will inevitably make you feel welcomed.

    A place to regain your power

    If you are a bit low on energy and enthusiasm, stop by the Powerhouse, and regain some of your strength. Once upon a time, back in the 1890s, it provided power for electric rail lines. More than a hundred years later, this historical landmark is now home to a new and exciting restaurant. Stop by and see for yourself how delicious food meet the days of old in an aspiring fashion. If innovative and appetizing menus are not quite your cup of tea, it might be best that you skip the Powerhouse. Still, it is one of Stoney Creek’s hottest spots and one of the most popular bars in Hamilton. So, we suggest that you give it a go and splurge a bit.

    Almost like Shaun of the dead

    Although the owners of Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. bare quite similar names to the protagonists of the movie named in the title, they do not have to defend their bar from the zombies. Well, at least not yet. Still, it is a perfect sanctuary for any and every beer enthusiast. Shawn and Ed, the owners who arguably even resemble the actors of the comedy, are two friends united in their shared vision of a perfect brewery. Thus, this place came to be. They value authenticity and have consequently spent due time and efforts into finding a location that matches their expectations. You can enjoy your pint at a place formerly known as Dundas Curling and Skating Rink. These blokes have managed to restore a tremendous amount of character and history that this place used to possess. If you embrace the idea that adventure is good, spare not a minute more and head on over to Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. and quench your thirst for beer that was brewed using natural ingredients, true craftsmanship, and great care.

    Four different types of beers on a table
    If you are on a quest for the perfect pint, this just might be your last stop on such a journey.

    Pinky and

    The Brain! One is a genius, the other’s insane! Or, for those who are not familiar with one of the more wonderful cartoons of the ’90s, it’s just the Brain. Be that as it may, people tend to rate it as one of the more eclectic and awesome bars. Just ask your Hamilton moving services. Surely, they must have heard about it. Priding itself on wild and outrageous craft beers and ciders, The Brain attracts a crowd that knows what it wants to enjoy. It is worth mentioning, however, that this place won’t try to cater or conform to outsider tastes. It stays true to its character through the employees, interior and the menu.

    While the service is skilled and attentive, the staff is made up of some of the scenes most talented artists. Still, do not think that the place is somehow contemptuous. Many come back solely for the fun atmosphere and super friendly employees. And, if that’s not enough, the beer selection will certainly do the trick.

    It might be one of the most popular bars in Hamilton

    But This Ain’t Hollywood. Seriously now, that is the name of the bar. If it seems too long to pronounce, know that some folks like to refer to it as ‘The Saint’. It must be for the quality of live music, having that it’s simply heavenly. The place provides a steady stream of great local and touring talent. Some are well known while many not too far away from fame themselves. It is something about the room that allows the sound of music to reach its full potential. While the type of music will vary from pure vocal, to rock, and sometimes even country, the quality of beer will stay at its best. All for a very reasonable price, we might add. If you find yourself in Hamilton, having visited all the places worthy of your attention, make sure to give this place a chance and allow yourself to honestly enjoy your time in this town.

    A bar menu on the bar wall
    These happy hours will indeed make your day joyous.

    Someplace truly cozy

    Augusta’s Winking Judge is the place to go to for a nice chat with your friends, surrounded by the wonderful ambiance and quality ale. It is a slightly grungy old pub with dark wood paneling. One of those pubs that are perfect for reading a book, or just enjoying your pint of beer in peace. If you need a getaway from sports bars and those super fancy places, the Judge is can be your safe haven. You’ll be greeted with a great selection of craft beers, super pleasant staff and some of the best wings you’ve ever had in whole Hamilton. Even if you are on your own, there is a lot of visuals to keep you entertained. Some visitors like to describe it as a true local’s bar. And it really is so. Just about 10 pm, the locals like to pay a visit, especially if there is a band intending to play. It turns out to be a truly marvelous and cozy atmosphere, even with a crowd. Definitely, one of the most popular bars in Hamilton you ought to visit.