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10 Dishes to eat in Hamilton

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There are many reasons why moving to Hamilton is a great idea. Besides being a truly mesmerizing city with a safe environment and a great educational system, Hamilton has amazing food. An abundance of reputable restaurants provides plenty of options. Having that we know how loud stomach growling can be, we will shorten your search. Here are 10 dishes to eat in Hamilton that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

1. A proper meal starter

There’s this unwritten rule that every meal should start with a soup. And who are we to break such prerequisite of a proper meal? That is why we decided to begin this list of dishes to eat in Hamilton with a soup. A Chicken mulligatawny, to be precise. The staff at The Burnt Tongue will present one of their best meals on the menu with a smile on their faces. You see, Chicken mulligatawny is a fragrant, curry-infused, creamy soup that never fails to amaze. It is a true standout amongst all their dishes, that are undoubtedly delicious.

A bowl of creamy soup.
Worries go down better with a soup, and this one is outstanding.

2. A cultural mosaic

Nique Restaurant has outdone itself with this dish. Although their whole menu is a mixture of different flavors, probably never before combined, Sushi nachos are a definite must-try. These Japanese-inspired treats are enriched with diced tuna atop deep-fried wonton wrappers, along with sushi fixings such as pickled ginger, avocado, chilies, and spicy mayo.

3. A Hawaiian delight to amaze your palette

This wonderful couple opened Pokeh, and have thus bestowed upon us the gift that is their classic poke bowl. It contains ahi tuna, green and white onions, cucumber, sesame seeds, and macadamia nuts. This mouthwatering dish can be found on the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, as well as on Concession Street. There is no reason why you shouldn’t give your stomach a treat with one of 10 dishes to eat in Hamilton that made our list.

4. One of the dishes to eat in Hamilton that has both class and style

Ever since its opening back in 1967, The Black Forest Inn has kept its old-school style. The menu and decor have largely remained the same, and rightfully so. Why change what isn’t broken, right? One of those unchanged qualities is their Class Vienna schnitzel. Cooked to crispy perfection, well-seasoned and so large, it eclipses the plate, this dish is what you owe to yourself. And, for out of body experience, we suggest that you order it with a side of German dumplings – doughy spaetzle.

5. Our choice for the last meal

Now, this dish is not for the faint-hearted. Come to think of it, nothing on the menu of HAMBRGR is. However, 3 AM in Venice burger is our pick. This piece of art is a blend of a local, all-beef patty crowned with herb-marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula, caramelized onions, pesto aioli, and balsamic glaze. All ingredients are added to perfection, leaving you craving for more the minute you finish.

A tasty looking burger.
The burger that you want. The burger that you deserve! It is one of the 10 dishes to eat in Hamilton.

6. Best, fluffiest, chewiest fresh-made waffles ever!

That’s how Guillermo del Toro described one of 10 dishes to eat in Hamilton. And who are we to disprove one of the best film directors Hollywood has ever seen? So, care to try what he had? Cannon Coffee Co. is the place where the magic happens. Order their Canadian brunch plate and thank us later. It comes with cheddar cheese, bacon, and two poached eggs.

7. Italian taste, French place Gnocchi

Feeling especially fashionable today? Yearning for Europe, but missing the finances to go? Well, you don’t have to move long distance for that. There’s another great thing? Eating Gnocchi at the French. The whole menu indeed offers plenty of appetizing meals to choose from. However, these little morsels change lives for the better. They are made with ricotta cheese, not potato, and come topped with truffle, Parmesan, mushrooms, and a whole lotta love.

8. Nothing like quality pizza Monte Pollino pizza

If the latter didn’t quench your thirst for Italian delicacies, Born and Raised surely will. The main Chef, mister Vittorio Colacitti, studied pizza-making in Rome, the cradle of the cuisine we all know and simply adore. What he learned is a skill probably passed down since the time of great emperors, since Monte Pollino pizza is fit for royalty. His divine creation is dotted with crispy pork cheeks (cooked in duck fat), roasted pineapple and pickled habaneros. And that’s not the end of it. People claim that the fermented dough he makes is what makes people coming back for more.

9. We haven’t forgotten about you, dear vegetarians

However, that is not the only rationale behind us putting this treat on our list of 10 dishes to eat in Hamilton. Reason being that both vegetarians and carnivores alike enjoy this palette caresser. Thus, Crispy cauliflower tacos have earned their place fair and square. Don’t believe us? Stop by to Mezcal and see for yourself. They serve crisp pieces of cauliflower backed up with mint, tomatillo-avocado salsa, cotija cheese, thin strips of daikon radish and lime crema in the crispy cauliflower tacos. On top of that, you can wash them down with tequila they offer and call it a night. 

A cauliflower
Who knew something so simple looking could be so tasty?

10. Cheesecake-stuffed French toast

What better way to end this delicious trip than with one of the dishes to eat in Hamilton that is also a dessert? Just ask your movers Ontario where to go to calm your sweet tooth, and they’ll point to Aberdeen Tavern. This place was once a bank, steel vault and all. The tavern inherited its former appeal and is now a stylish spot that is always busy. Once you get there, order Cheesecake-stuffed Frech toats. You hear us right. It is sweet, crunchy, prepared with brioche, stewed strawberries, vanilla chantilly cream, and brown butter graham crumbs. We knew you’d love it!