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Last minute packing tips for beginners

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Like moving isn’t already huge stress, last minute packing can make it way worse. In this situation, people tend to panic and get little things done due to it. So let’s not panic, and try to get the most out of this difficult situation.

Ask for help from professionals and friends as well

To be able to pull out last minute packing, first, you have to admit you will need help for it. There is no time to panic and stress about it. Since you have probably missed out on planning big, let’s do a quick plan to get through this. Moving companies Oakville Ontario are your first line of attack. Deal with the professionals first, and set a plan of action. You can work around it later, and as for help to fill the gaps.

a person using a last minute packing tip to ask friends for help
One of the biggest last minute packing tips is to ask your friends for help

Aside from professional help, you can ask some friends and family members to help out. Last minute packing can be difficult, and we are sure that they can relate and jump on board to help out. Every one of us was in a situation like that at some point, and we are sure you will not be unassisted at this time. Make a plan of action including people that are in, and start working as soon as possible.

Declutter and get rid of everything not of use

Packing probably got you to reflect on how much stuff you have. Moving means a new beginning, and there should be space made for new memories. It doesn’t matter if it the last minute packing in order or just regular moving with weeks of planning. Decluttering will make the process so much easier and quicker.

a cluttered room
You can declutter a bit before you pack your things

The first areas of your house to shuffle trough are your storage areas. There is probably a lot of stuff in there that would take you ages to pack. Moving costs Ontario will help you calculate your expenses. Get some help from the rest of the household to decide what comes and what goes. You can manage to organize a yard sale, to maybe gather some money for the move. Last minute packing doesn’t have to be financed from your savings.

Gather your supplies

This part of last minute packing gives you enough room to improvise, so it shouldn’t be stressful. You can improvise with what you have at home such as towels and blankets. Local stores have tons of boxes they do not need, so that can be a money saver. Learn how to pack your items properly.  Just pop up in the early morning to say hello and to ask around for boxes.

air-filled wrap
Air-filled wraps are good when you pack fragile items

Some of the supplies you may not have at home. This is the part where the yard sale pays off. Finance necessities you might not have at home, with the money gathered from the yard sale. For the last minute packing you are going to need the following supplies:

  1. Plastic and air-filled wraps
  2. Box cutters
  3. Labels
  4. Tape

Aside from winging it with some towels and blankets, there is more. As a last resort, if there is just not enough boxes, use trash bags. Make sure you pack soft items in there like wardrobe, so they don’t tear. To save some extra time, leave your wardrobe on hangers as well. You should as well protect glasses and plates with newspapers. Make sure to wrap each fragile piece individually. That will protect them from impact. Because this is the last minute packing, do not forget to label the boxes and bags. Labelling is essential either way when moving. If you are in a hurry, this is your holy grail, trust us. Even though you want to save time now, you still don’t want to create a mess for yourself to unpack it later. Learn how to create a list when moving and label everything with content and the room it belongs in.

Last minute packing means to pack room by room

This is by far the most organized method of packing in general. Not only for your last minute packing. It will save you so much time and sanity as well. You will be able to function normally throughout the house as you pack. That means you will get a lot more done if you are not tripping through the mess. And this is the part where the little plan you made with friends and professionals comes to life.

an image of a house
Pack your home room by room

Have a deal with your family members witch room goes to whom to pack. Storage areas were first decluttered, so as you pack, store the boxes there. It will free up space so the rest of the working crew can function throughout the house. Divide supplies between yourself and start packing. Remember to leave out some stuff, to put them n your emergency box to have at hand.

Motivate yourself and others around you

Get going early, as soon as the sun shines. This may be difficult at the moment, but last minute packing means you will have to use the time remaining. Some of the people helping you might not be early birds, but do not stress about it. There is so much you can manage on your own before they get here.

a positive girl
Try to stay positive and motivate those who help you

Since you probably have some food stacked, make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Make some meals for your friend to get them through the day of helping you. Play some music as well to motivate yourself and others. Everything we do is so much easier when there are good vibes around the place. Create a friendly atmosphere that will benefit everyone, and watch your last minute packing turning into an easy task. Some small lunch breaks are necessary for everyone to charge up. Use that time to chat and relax, maybe create another strategy.

So, we have concluded that the last minute packing does not have to be a disaster. With a little help from professionals, your friend and us, everything can be managed. So get off your chair, make some phone calls and get going!