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Long distance moving checklist

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    Well moving, in general, can be a very stressful event in people’s lives – especially moving long distances. It’s an entirely different thing to pack for a move across the neighborhood – but the bigger the distance, the bigger the worry. Let us help you with your long distance moving and make it just a tad more bearable!

    Basics of every long distance moving plan

    With long distance moving, you will need to plan better and in advance. Winging it is not an option here. So the safest option is calling long distance movers Ontario to help out. When you’re making a plan, everyone is present and included. No one should be left in the dark about moving plans. Your plan must start a few weeks before the move. Each week holds a new kind of task for every family member. Before long distance moving, making a plan or a checklist if you will is mandatory.

    moving insurance is very important when planning a Long distance moving
    Long distance moving requires purchasing a moving insurance!

    Some things are absolutely necessary for your long distance moving checklist and these are:

    1. Getting more than one moving estimate
    2. Getting your documentation in order
    3. Settling your utilities
    4. Purchasing insurance

    These are the most relevant, and no move, long or short distance can go without settling obligatory things. Getting Number 1 Movers for the job is a must.

    Decide what comes and what goes

    Long distance moving means not everything is going with you. Before the relocation, the decluttering part must happen in your home. And the same as with the plan, everyone must be included. There is no way you are going to need absolutely everything you own now. The burden of having to bring all that is not only physical, but it’s also psychological as well. Do not dwell on the past, and leave everything you do not love behind.

    a garbage can
    Toss away the items you do not need anymore

    There is no need to throw everything away. Make three piles of the clutter in your home: throw, sell, donate. Having a garage sale is a great opportunity to gather some money for packing supplies before your long distance moving. Learn how to store the items you are keeping. Donate what you think will be of use to those in need. And what is clearly broken and has no use anymore, that goes in the trash.

    Buy packing supplies

    Packing supplies aren’t just cardboard boxes, and if you are moving long distance, you will need much more. Some of your belongings will need special care for a long trip ahead. Use your money earned from a garage sale to buy boxes, containers, air-filled wraps, etc. For some of the packing supplies, you can find suitable substitutes in your home. The tricks of saving money when moving are using blankets and towels as covers to protect fragile items will save you some money.

    cardboard boxes
    Make sure to buy new packing supplies

    Long distance moving can be costly sometimes, but there are few tricks here and there to save up. Local liquor stores have a lot of cardboard boxes early in the morning when the goods arrive. Pop by one afternoon and ask if they can save some for you. Go in the next morning to pick them up. Make sure you label every box you pack. Make the job of unpacking easier for yourself later. Trust us, you will be exhausted after the move.

    Plan your eating schedule

    Well, yes, there are more things you should plan, as your eating schedule. Perishable foods are not meant to travel, especially not long distances. Having that in mind, plan your meals ahead so the food doesn’t go to waste. If you have a lot, a dinner party is always an option.

    a brokolly and chicken lunch
    Make sure to plan a healthy lunch schedule

    Apart from food, some hazardous materials are also not meant for long distance moving. Fuel for your mowing machine will do your neighbor better now than you. Do not risk it by bringing the fuel, some flammable cleaning supplies, etc with you. Either throw them away or give them to a neighbor.

    Pack your box of essentials

    Packing a box of essentials is absolutely mandatory, especially with long distance moving.  A bag of essentials would be a bag, box or luggage of everything you’ll need in the next few days. Planning to unpack right after you move is a rookie mistake. As we said, you will be exhausted.

    hygiene items tooth brush and paste
    Your essential box must have hygiene products

    Pack some basic hygiene equipment for a night or two. Some utensils, canned food, and change of clothes. If you are sleeping in your new home right away, pack linens as well. Some people like to sleep in a hotel for a night or two, to give themselves time to clean first. Unpacking on dusty shelves is not a clever move. What should also be at hand are the documents we mentioned. Everything from your medical records, to your pet records, school files, etc. Everything super important is coming with you.

    Make an inventory list

    Long distance moving, can be a problem sometimes. Hiring reputable moving companies is an important part of this whole deal. Whether you hired a good one or not, making an inventory list is a smart move. This is for your own peace of mind first. And if something happens then and inventory list is a lifesaver.

    an checklist
    Making an inventory list will help you figure out what items you need

    As well as packing, making an inventory list when moving is a must and should follow the room by room rule. Perhaps it is easier if you know where to buy a personal planner. We know it sounds like torture, going and writing down everything you own. But it’s better to be safe than sorry later. If something gets lost, damaged or stolen, an inventory list is your ticket out. Taking pictures also helps. Store pictures of valuable belongings before the move on your phone. That way you can get your money back as well if something happens. Not to scare you or anything, this is just smart thinking.

    Long distance moving is different a lot, but it does not have to be scary. We hope we have helped you organize and plan this whole maneuver. The rest is up to you, family and the moving company of your choice. Good luck!