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How to label moving boxes properly

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How to lable moving boxes properly

Relocation has a lot of tasks that can be really overwhelming. One of the most tedious ones is certainly the packing process. Not only that you have to take care to pack your things in the safest manner, but you also have to label every single box. It can be exhausting, but it’s something that has to be done. It is very important to label moving boxes properly, and luckily there are some tips and tricks that can help you with that. 

What’s the point of labeling moving boxes?

First of all, behind every moving task, there is a valid reason why you should do it. Why you need to label moving boxes properly has a very simple answer. It’s so you don’t have to run around opening each box until you finally find what you’re looking for. And that’s the whole point, that makes labeling the essential part of packing.
However,  if your anxiety kick in on the very taught of packing and all the boxes that you’ll have to label, maybe you should consider another option – hiring professional packers. Most reputable and reliable moving companies like Brantford movers are offering additional packing services that can take this burden of your shoulders.
Truthfully, purchasing the packing service can leave a significant hole in your moving budget. Still, it will take a lot of stress away, and your health is worth the extra costs.

Before you start to label moving boxes

The important thing to remember is to always do this task immediately after you pack it. If you leave it for later, you can easily forget to label the box it at all. One unlabeled box won’t make much fuss, but imagine what confusion several such boxes can create.
Before you start to pack and label moving boxes, here are something that you should do.

Purchase quality markers

The color markers are essential in proper labeling of the moving boxes. Make sure that your markers have the following features:

  • Great selection of colors – When all the writings on your box have a dull black color, it will be harder to find the box that you’re looking for. The point of vivid colors is to make writing easier to spot and read. Get at least 5 different colors of markers to label moving boxes.
  • Permanent and waterproof markers –It’s important that your markers are waterproof and permanent, so the writing won’t get smudged due to humid or rainy weather.
  • Choose high-quality markers – Surely, you can use any marker pen that you have laying around the house. Still, if you use high-quality markers you can ensure that your boxes will be labeled properly.
Quality markers in various colors to label moving boxes
Spending a few more bucks on the reliable brand instead opting out for the cheapest markers can make a lot of difference.

Get moving box labels

When it comes to labels that you’ll be putting on your moving boxes, you have a lot of options:

  • Pre-printed labels – Some cardboard boxes have this sort of labels, which can save you time when you’re labeling moving boxes.
  • Moving box labels – Labels that professionals are using in labeling moving boxes you can find in the office supply store or at the nearby moving company.
  • Labels that you can print yourself – Plenty of printable moving box labels are available online for free. A simple Google searches and you can find the ones to your liking. Just download it, print it, and you have great labels for your relocation.
  • Make labels yourself – If you have some extra time and know how, you can even design your own unique moving box labels. It is a great way to add some fun to the moving process while something useful at the same time.

Inspect the moving boxes for previous labels

If you are using the second- hand boxes, you have to open four eyes when inspecting them for exciting labels. It can be very confusing to have two labels with totally different writing. That’s why you have to check them thoroughly and to get rid off any previous labels.
You can avoid this hassle by purchasing new moving boxes. They really aren’t that expensive, especially when you’re using moving boxes Ontario. New moving boxes will be much easier to label.

Inspect moving boxes before labeling them.
Not to mention how much better new boxes will keep your belongings safe during transport.

Choose your labeling strategy

Once you have all necessary moving supplies, it’s time to decide what strategy you like to imply when you start to label boxes.  The two best labeling systems are the color coding system and the number coding system.

Use a color system to label moving boxes

Colors are your greatest ally when labeling the boxes. Since most people respond to visual presentation, marking boxes with colors will help you to unpack much more efficiently.
The best recommendation is to use different colors for different rooms. This is the most efficient method of using colors to your advantage. It’s quite simple. Use one color to label all the boxes that are containing the belongings from one room.
Let’s take for example that you label all the boxes with items from your kitchen in green color. When you start to unpack the kitchen, you will know to look for the boxes with the green color label on them.  This is the most effective way to use colors when moving. Also, bright colors bring positive energy, and you will need that during the stressful moving process.

Colorful markers and labels for labeling moving boxes
Using a color system by room is a great strategy for labeling..

Label moving boxes using numbers

If you are more a math fan than visual and creative type, the labeling using number maybe suits you better. You can label them by using different numbers for each separate box.
First, determine what each number will represent. For example, you can use number one to label all the boxes containing the items from the living room. Or you can use this method on individual objects. Like 5 for boxes, number 3 for clothes, digit 8 for lamps.

Priority code labeling

This system can come in handy if you wish to label which boxes will be the first in the moving truck and which ones the last. When you label moving boxes this way, your movers will know how to load the boxes based on your priority. Just make sure to tell movers what system you were using, so they know how to priorities which boxes are the first for unloading.