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How to load a moving truck

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Professional movers can easily load a moving truck with all your belongings, in a short notice

Equally important as packing, is how to load a moving truck. The whole process of packing is a preparation for a better truck loading, so your belongings are transported safely. You should think twice and be sure that you obtained all the knowledge on the subject. There is a universal way on how to properly pack your moving vehicle. Moving companies have the experience and almost all do it the same way. But what about you, who maybe decided to move on your own, or you are moving for the first time? For you, we are bringing essential information from the moving process. Hopefully, you will find a way to use it.

Planning your move like a pro

As soon as you are aware of your moving date, start with the organization. Assuming that you have at least 3-4 weeks to gather everything and make all the arrangements. First of all, you need good quality packing materials for both your moving boxes and the furniture. Be sure to have all sizes of boxes and that you properly packed and secured them inside out. Label everything for an easier unpacking. Next, you should inspect everything you intend to bring, and sort your items by size and priority. Be prepared to disassemble all the furniture for easier stacking and loading. Roll your carpets and secure them with tape or a rope. Pieces of a closet, table tops, bed frames and everything similar should be dissembled, stacked and ready to go. You should unplug and clean your appliances a few days before the move, so they do not contain any liquids.

Packing material
Be sure to prepare necessary packing supplies

Finally, you should do a thorough inspection of your old and new place. You need to know what you bring, and in which order it is coming out and in. So, take a tour of your old place and work out the logistics. Make a walkaway clear of obstructions. That way big items can easily find their way from the house to the loading truck. You shouldn’t fully load a moving truck and then realize that you forgot that old fridge in the garage. It is very important to prepare everything before the moving day and avoid unpleasantries. But if you are unsure about how to handle everything, consider hiring professional help. Check out long-distance movers, you might find just what you need.  Years of experience and customer dedication is on their behalf. They can make any relocation a stress-free event.

Best way to load a moving truck

We already mentioned that you should inspect all the items you are bringing with you. You need to know where everything is located and the loading order. Usually, we go with big items first, followed by medium-sized with the boxes in the end. Below you will find step by step guide on how to do it the best way.

  • Large items always first

Place them to the far end of the truck, be sure to put some on both sides of the truck to balance the weight. Those can be fridge, washing machine a stove or any other similar item that can’t be dissembled. Bulky items are heavy and tough to handle, so if you are not well experienced, maybe leave this one for professionals. This part of the loading process is a foundation on how to load a moving truck. It must be executed well.

  • Medium sized items

Those are long items like mirrors or longer sides of your closet and tabletop. The mattress as well. Place them on the sides of the truck to save space but be mindful of where you put them. No one wants a tear on their brand-new mattress. This is where you should use packing materials like protective sheets, blankets, tarp, and a bubble wrap. Make a choice and protect items on the back and the sides of a truck. This way they won’t collide with each other and with the inside of the truck.

Mirror on the wall
Pay close attention when handling fragile items
  • Moving boxes are next

You should start with the biggest and heaviest moving boxes, working your way up. Stack them on top of each other by size and keep in mind to check the labels. You do not want your ceramics on the bottom, it will not end well. There are usually empty spaces below tables or on sofa frames. Use them well to cradle few boxes in.

  • An odd and random shaped object

At this point, you will have to make the best of the situation. Depending on how many odd shaped items you have. This is unique for everyone. But some things like a lawn mower, coat hangers or lamps, almost everyone has. Those items will find its place in the end after everything else is packed. Just check what is left and fill in the holes.

Rent a moving truck

If you want to experience this stressful event alone or with your family, try renting a moving truck. It won’t be easy for sure, but it is doable. Go online or check your local papers and find yourself a reliable moving company that provides this service. While you are at it, check Stoney Creek movers. One of the best in the business, offering affordable and high-quality vehicles for the job. Prices vary from the model and size of the vehicle, and you can rent it for a day or pay by the hour. Keep this in mind if you decide to load a moving truck by yourself.

With professional help you can easily load a moving truck with your bedroom furniture
Consider renting a moving truck for the relocation of your furniture

Everything should fit in one truck

It can happen to everyone to misjudge the size of the moving load. In that case, you’ll probably need an additional vehicle to help out. Depends on what are the excess items. If you are lucky you will need just a trunk of a car. But if the case is where you need something bigger, check your local movers and rent a minivan. It will be fairly cheap since you need it for a couple of hours only. Unload it as soon as you arrive at your new home and return to the owner straight away.

Use a personal vehicle

So, you know what to do with boxes and how to pack furniture for moving. But what with special items? Another option is to use your personal vehicle or just call a cab. This is very good if you need extra space, or simply to transport delicate and personal items. You should make a bag of essentials like an emergency kit, documents, passport, credit cards etc. But also, this way you can transport special or highly valuable items. This can be a family heirloom or a work of art that has a simple monetary value. Or maybe you do not trust anyone with your aquarium or your figurine collection. Do not forget this option and use it wisely.

Recruit some help

If you decided not to load a moving truck by yourself, seek help. Contact your relatives, neighbors, and friends and ask if they are available on a moving day. Or to consider hiring a professional moving company to handle the whole process. If you have a stretching moving budget, you should dedicate some time for proper research. Take a few hours, check a few companies and decide. Moving companies have the knowledge and experience to handle almost every situation. Not to mention tools for the job, vehicles of all sizes and sizeable manpower. We can recommend Grimsby movers as one of our best picks. Offering all moving services that can come to your mind, leaving many customers satisfied. Give them a visit and check for yourself.

We hope that we made it all clearer on how to load a moving truck. The basic and essential info you just obtained will be of great help while preparing for relocation. We wish you a safe and stress-free relocation. Good luck!