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What moving supplies should you use?

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A man moving boxes.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to, well, moving. You have to research the moving companies in your area to get what you want. You have to get a quote from the best moving company for you. Then you have to start packing, get your documents in order, and of course, get moving supplies for packing. That seems very daunting! But don’t worry. Moving is easy once you get the hang of everything! Of course, you need to research things before you commit, and that includes moving supplies. Nothing can ruin a move faster than getting the wrong things! You don’t want your items to be thrown about due to a fault in the packaging, right?

A box that says FRAGILE. What moving supplies are good for packing fragile items?
The best moving supplies depend on what you’re packing.

Getting moving supplies when you’re packing things yourself

There is a reason professional movers also have packing services at your disposal. It’s because packing can be very difficult, and professionals are organized and have a lot of experience with packing for moves. A lot of professional movers even rent their moving supplies for you. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you want and what you need. But, maybe you don’t want professional movers to pack you. Maybe it’s a money concern or just plain old thriftiness. That’s okay. You’ll need to get the moving supplies yourself though, so make sure to budget for that! Maybe you’ll realize you’re better off hiring reputable movers to do your packing for you! Don’t try to save money on moving supplies. That’s how items get damaged.

Moving boxes and where to get them

You can’t pack things without boxes! Good, sturdy boxes are worth their weight in gold. You should be careful to get enough boxes for your needs, though. Over-packing boxes can cause them to rupture, and that’s bad news on the move. You don’t want your items to scatter all over the moving truck!

A store full of boxes and crates.
You can get a lot of moving supplies for free! Ask your local shops if they have delivery boxes lying around.

An important thing a lot of people don’t remember is that all those boxes are going to be hauled up and down.  You’re not helping anyone if you put all the heavy objects in one box! You should pack heavier items in smaller boxes, so your movers don’t have to break their backs with a huge box full of heavy items. Pack lighter items in big boxes, so they’re easier to lift.

  • You can look around, and with some effort, find free moving boxes. There’s no need to pay big bucks for free boxes if you’re crafty. Hit up freecycle for sturdy boxes!
  • Another avenue of free moving supplies are your local liquor and bookstores. Do they get deliveries? Ask them if they can save you some boxes – those boxes have to be sturdy anyway, to handle books or bottles. They’re perfect for heavy items!
  • If your workplace gets deliveries, make sure to befriend the people in charge of that. Since they have to get rid of the boxes anyway, it won’t hurt them to pass them to you. Just be polite – there’s no need to act entitled!

    A box full of photographs and sentimental objects.
    Make sure to use moving supplies to label your boxes on the sides, so movers can put them in the right spot when unloading the truck.

Moving supplies to help your items avoid damage

There’s a lot more to moving then just getting boxes. What if your items get broken in transit? What’s to stop them from rattling around and damaging each other? Packing peanuts of course! Packing foam comes in various shapes and sizes and is excellent for packing delicate items. Wrap your dishes, cups, and plates in packing foam to keep them safe, and make sure you stack your dishes vertically.

How are you going to stop your drawers from rattling open on the truck? What about makeup trays, or jewelry trays? Surely you don’t want to open the truck doors only to see your entire Sephora collection flying about. The answer is simple: stretch plastic wrap. It’s like saran wrap, but far more flexible and bigger. If you’re using stretch plastic wrap, you can even keep the contents of your drawers in your furniture, for easier packing. Stretch plastic wrap will make sure they stay put.

Moving supplies you won’t think of but should

What’s to stop your boxes from flying open? Heavy-duty packaging tape. If there is a moving supply you need to splurge on, it’s this. The 99 cents store duct-tape simply won’t cut it. It needs to be really sticky, and you need to use it liberally. Be generous! Don’t cut corners on tape, because boxes flying open is far more costly than using an extra cut of tape. Make sure to seal the box with more than one line of tape. Your items will thank you.

Okay, so you have all these boxes taped together. How will you know what box goes where? The answer is simple: markers. Label your boxes! Your movers will thank you. Plus, if they’re going the extra mile, they’ll put the boxes in the corresponding rooms. Got a box labeled “LIVING ROOM”? The movers will put it in your new living room. Make sure to clearly label boxes full of fragile items too! Use a bunch of up arrows, and don’t be afraid of redundancy. That will make sure no one will put anything on top of the fragile boxes. Use a big marker to make your labels. They should be visible from far away.

How are you going to make sure tiny items like screws and cables don’t get lost on the move? Very simple: use Ziploc bags as moving supplies. Use gallon-sized Ziploc bags to store tiny items you can’t do without! Batteries, screws, cables, anything that will be a headache to lose goes in the bag.