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Guide to exploring Ancaster

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A girl reading the guide to exploring Ancaster

Exploring a new city after you move there is a very exciting time. Actually, this is the best part of the relocation process. You work hard for months to get to meet new surroundings and people and have new experiences. But if you have spent a long time in the same place, moving may come as a shock, especially if it is to another country. Ancaster, Canada, is the moving destination of choice for many people, but it has its own traditions and customs that may different to what you’re accustomed to. If this is your first move, it is normal to feel lost, not knowing where to start. After reliable movers in Ontario help you settle down in your new home, this guide to exloring Ancaster will help you find your way in your new city!

You will settle into the city faster if you get to know it before the move

If you have the chance to visit your moving destination before your move, it will be a great way to get a feel of the place. But since foreigners often move to Ancaster, most of them likely don’t have a chance to do this in person. If you are the same, fear not! You won’t have to feel completely lost once our Ancaster movers leave you in your new home. The internet is a great tool to get to know a place before moving, and our guide to exploring Ancaster will give you the basic information you will need. Some important factors that will impact your life in Ancaster and possibly even your decision to move here are the:

  • Exclusivity of the city
  • Natural attractions nearby
  • Fresh, organic produce that you can get every week
Picture of a woman reading a guide to exploring Ancaster
You should get to know the place you are moving to before the big day

Real estate in Ancaster is expensive, but worth it

It is a fact that Ancaster is one of the wealthiest municipalities in Canada and is the wealthiest part of Hamilton. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a luxurious residence, you’re likely to find it in Ancaster. The city is famous for its larger detached executive style homes with heritage architecture, and lots of green spaces. To conserve as much of the region’s history as possible, development is rigorously limited in Olde Ancaster’s historic village centre. The homes cost as much as $,1,100,000 but this greatly depends on the property location and size.  However, no mater what part of Ancaster you pick, our long distance movers in Ontario can take you there.

Ancaster features many natural attractions

Hamilton is known as the Waterfall Capital for a reason, as it has 156 waterfalls that are all within the city limits. As Ancaster is part of Hamilton, all of these gorgeous natural attractions are also close to it. The most convenient ones to get to are Hermitage Falls and Tifanny Falls. Farmland and woodlands surround Ancaster, providing its residents a quick access to up to 40 km of hiking and riding paths. Also, residents can stroll along the various completely accessible walking trails in Ancaster Village and visit the nearby shops throughout the downtown area.

Fresh produce is available for Ancaster residents each week

People nowadays have become more aware of the food that they eat, aiming to consume organic produce as much as possible, or even producing their own. Buying food from a local farmer is a great step in that direction. Luckily, you will have the option to do this in Ancaster, thanks to the weekly Ancaster Farmers Market. If you are worried about the moving costs in Ontario during the summer, you can at least look forward to decision food, since this market is open from June to October.

Picture of fresh fruits and vegetables
Organic, locally grown food is easily accessible in Ancaster

How can you explore Ancaster once you make this town your home?

Now that you know some basic information about the town, you will at least know what to expect once you get there. But once you do, what is the next step? You can either start unpacking or leave it to our residential movers Ontario to do it. This will automatically free up time and your mind to get to know your neighborhood first. Take baby steps at first, especially if you are an introvert. With only 40,000 people calling this historic town home, you can expect a close-knit community. Be open to the people you meet on the streets, engage in small talk, and even expect them to greet you once they see you moving in. Canadians are usually very friendly, and you will see that this statement is true in no time.

Participate in one of the numerous festivals in Ancaster

For a town, this small, Ancaster sure has a large number of events, that are mostly hosted during the warmer months. If you plan to move during the winter, we hate to inform you that there are no events during the freezing Canadian winter. But when the weather gets warmer, you can choose from a large amount of differently-themed events. From Ancaster Fairground to the Dundas Cactus Festival, every festival is a chance to meet new people. There is even a high chance that you will run into your neighbors – another opportunity to start feeling comfortable with the people closest to your home.

Allowing yourself to get lost is a crucial part of this guide to exploring Ancaster

In a city this small it will be difficult to get lost. But if it happens, embrace it. There is no need to panic since you can always rely on a friendly person passing by for directions. All you need to know is your address, and if your phone can’t help you, people will. While you are trying to find your way home, allow yourself to see shops, restaurants, and people that you might not meet otherwise. When it comes to restaurants, we suggest you pay a visit to Ancaster Mill. This restaurant is located in a restored mill, which offers a farm-to-table dining experience.

Picture of two men looking for directions
In this guide to exploring Ancaster, we even encourage you to get lost and make the best of it

Final thoughts on the guide to exploring Ancaster

Giving yourself the time to explore a city you just moved to is just as important as preparing for a move. It will help you settle into the new surroundings, and get familiar with the place that you will call home. Even if you don’t feel comfortable exploring the city this way, time will help you adjust to the change. We hope that our guide to exploring Ancaster has given you some insightful tips that will help, and we wish you the best of luck!