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How to bring good luck to your new home

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Elephant figurine is one of the items said to bring good luck to your new home

It doesn’t matter whether we are superstitious or not; we all tend to have small rituals when doing certain things. Moving is no different. It is a stressful and life-changing experience that all of us go through. No wonder it is also connected to some small rituals people go through when moving. When starting your new life in your new place, you will surely want to invite some good fortune into your new home. So, what do you do? There are many traditions and beliefs considering this. Here are the most common ways to bring good luck to your new home. After you complete your relocation with Number 1 Movers you will have plenty of options to choose from, and perhaps you may have already done some of them yourself!

What can bring you good fortune?

Many traditions and societies have different feelings and rituals they go through. No matter if you are moving to Africa or Canada with long distance movers Toronto, you will still have the need to have a small ritual after moving. There are also many items that are thought to ensure fortune for the inhabitants of a new home. All of these are connected to warding off evil spirits, banishing bad energy, and letting a ray of luck and sunshine into the place.

A woman hoping to bring good fortune to your home
There are many different sources tied to certain symbols of luck and prosperity

Some rituals consider bringing bread and salt into your new home. Some scatter coins or burn sage to cleanse the place. Most, however, bring in lucky charms that have a long history and stem from mythology, religion, and local folklore. It seems that these different rituals and beliefs come from all over the world. Today they are a mixture of Indian, Chinese, Native American, European, and many other influences, including Christianity, Hinduism, and other religions. That being said, the most common things you can use to bring good luck to your new home are:

  • Elephants
  • Goldfish
  • Fruit
  • Horseshoes
  • A dream catcher
  • Crystals

Elephant symbols and goldfish

Items with symbols of elephants are the most common animal tokens people tend to bring to their new place. These gentle giants represent the stability every home needs. They invite strength, loyalty, and wisdom. People usually buy figurines of elephants, but there are other options as well. Pottery, cushions, ornaments bearing the silhouette, or a picture of the elephant are also very common.

Goldfish in aquarium
Golfish is both a pet and a symbol of good fortune in your home

Meanwhile, a goldfish aquarium in your home will invite good luck and good fortune into your home. The goldfish itself represents prosperity, abundance, and good health. Fish in your new home are a great thing to have and make the place feel warmer and more welcoming. Besides an aquarium, you can also buy a fish statue for the place.

Fruit bowls will make your home more inviting

A bowl of fruit can bring health and positive energy to a certain space. If you make a good mix of different fruit you can achieve multiple effects. Apples attract health, oranges ward off bad luck, grapes symbolize abundance, and peaches represent immortality. If you want fertility bring in pomegranates.


There is a long tradition of hanging horseshoes above the entry door. Although it is harder to hang if you move into a condo with condo movers Toronto people still believe in horseshoes.  They say that the steel wards of evil and the nails represent luck. The horseshoe itself brings luck to the home and all who enter it.

Dream catchers and crystals are also some of the items that can help you bring good luck to your new home

These traditional ornaments are commonly used to protect the inhabitants from bad dreams, evil, and bad thoughts. They grant good dreams and make inhabitants happier and more balanced. Meanwhile, crystals are thought to heal and can fill the home with good vibes. If you need happiness, creativity, love focus, and creativity, crystals are thought to help develop these traits for the whole family!

Crystals on the night table
Crystals heal and fill the home with good vibes

However, there are even more different animals, plants, and objects that are thought to bring happiness, good health, and fortune. For example, ladybugs are considered to bring happiness, tortoises longevity, crickets wealth, and flowers longevity. If you have bamboo in your home, you will have tranquility or positive vibes in your living space. All of these beliefs come from different origins, but there is no harm in trying at least some of them.

Rituals to bring good luck to your new home

Besides different items, there are a lot of rituals for when you move into a new place. When first walking in, make sure to bring in bread and salt. Also, you can bring some wine, raisin, or honey. These symbols will bring you happiness, hospitality, and abundance, and also ensure that you never feel hungry. Besides these, follow up on some other rituals.

Some suggest:

  • Ring a bell when stepping over the threshold. This sound will clear the home of bad energy and summon happiness.
  • Exit through the same door you entered. Try to enter your new home through the main door. Then make sure to exit through the same one when exiting. This will help you have good luck.
  • Light a candle. A candle burning through your first night in your new home will cleanse the place. It will absorb the bad energy and purify the home. The candle will bring light into the house and make it lighter, warding off evil spirits.
  • Burn sage or incense. This ritual should help you cleanse your new home and ward off evil spirits. The trick is to let the smoke fill every crevice of the house to cleanse it thoroughly. During this ritual, all electronics should be turned off and mirrors covered. The belief is that once the smoke clears, all negativity will be cleared with it.

In short

There are many ways to bring luck to our new home. Many people do go through certain rituals to ensure everything goes well. Whether superstitious or not after you complete the moving business with local movers Toronto you should also try some moving-in rituals. You might not believe in them and they might not work. But, then again, who’s to know?