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Engaging employees during an office move

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    A business Engaging Employees during an Office Move

    Engaging employees during an office move could be the perfect way to keep team spirits high. One of the biggest challenges of office moving, in general, is keeping morale and motivation high during this turbulent period. More likely than not your employees will have less work to do seeing how your office is in shambles and being moved. This is why informing your employees, engaging them, and reassuring them are the right steps to take. Let us at Number 1 Van Lines give you some tips.

    An office meeting

    Communicate with your staff ahead of time

    The first step you need to take is to thoroughly inform your staff of the relocation. Think up a strategy of what will be happening in each phase of the move. Perhaps at the beginning things will be going as usual. And as more and more things disappear from the office, you might advise your workers to work from home for a bit.

    Apart from reassuring your employees that everything will go according to plan, you also need to keep them in check. This is nothing drastic, just making sure they don’t slack of more than usual due to the unusual circumstances. Engaging employees during an office move can prove to be a bit challenging, but nothing you can’t take care of!

    Involve the employees during the office move

    Your commercial movers Toronto will love you if you engage more people in the moving process. Something as simple as taking all their belonging that are usually on their desks home with them can make the movers’ jobs much easier. Not only this but to get your workers hyped about the new office, consult them about what they would like to see. What kind of space, what kind of arrangement of furniture.

    Be sure to implement some of the better ideas, though. You don’t want your employees to think you asking for feedback was just for show. And, obviously, some of your employees will give you amazing advice for the new office layout. So be on the lookout!

    An employee looking at "today's plan" list
    Teamwork is key to a successful office relocation!

    Assign “Office Move Champions”

    Move champions are representatives within each team of your office. They will be the ones responsible for preparing their teams for the move. They will organize decluttering of their workstations and clear out paperwork that is no longer needed. This way your employees will feel connected to the moving process and be part of it at the same time. Not only that, but they will enter their new office with a lot less unneeded paperwork.

    Survey after the office move

    Once one of the best movers Toronto you’ve chosen has helped you move in, all that’s left is to settle in. A good way to check up on your employees after the moving process is by doing a survey among them. Listen to their input and their needs and work together as a team!

    We hope our guide to engaging employees during an office move has helped you! Have a good moving process.