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Moving your furniture long distance

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a man carrying a small table

Moving your furniture may look like a complicated task, especially when it comes to moving your furniture long-distance. For this, you will either have to call your friends and family or call Number 1 Movers to help you. However, it is always recommended to call an experienced professional that can carry out the moving process from packing to transportation. In the article, you will find important information that will facilitate your furniture moving process.

Preparation is key for moving your furniture long distance

To reduce the stress of moving, it is important to plan. On average, we reserve 2 months in advance so that everything is ready for the moving day. A lack of preparation can make the operation more complex and more dangerous. Packing your belongings is surely the longest and most delicate task when changing the residence. Although you’ve taken care of your dishes, books, and clothes, there are still things to move that are not easy: heavy objects and furniture. There are a few steps that you need to follow when planning on moving furniture. In short, to move bulky and heavy furniture safely you have to:

  • Empty the cabinet, dismantle it if possible or tie up the moving parts, protect your furniture,
  • Ask relatives and friends for help,
  • Wear suitable clothing,
  • Adopt good handling postures,
  • Equip yourself with sliders, lifting straps, and trolleys.
a man and a woman lifting a couch
Adopt a good posture to avoid injuries when you lift your furniture.

Prepare yourself before you start moving furniture

Moving a heavy object comes with risks. If you choose to move on your own, it is more than recommended to seek help from your friends and relatives. Get at least three people to help you. Two people will be able to lift the furniture while the third will be able to provide guidance on the stairs, open the doors and remove any obstacles that may be on your way. Also, he will ensure that the walls are not scratched. Furthermore, choose old clothes that you are not afraid to damage. You never know what can happen during the move.

Furthermore, do not forget to get yourself non-slip gloves that will protect your hands and give you extra grip. Good gloves will make it easier for you to lift and hold the furniture. You will avoid injuring your hands and your furniture slipping from them. Equip yourself with tools that will help you to lift and move your furniture. Tools like:  sliders for heavy furniture, the lifting strap, and a trolley. Moreover, practice the proper posture; it will save you from getting hurt. Bend your knees and not your waist when you lift and hold the items closer to your body to maintain balance.

Prepare your furniture before the move

Before you start any move, you should prepare your furniture to lighten it and facilitate handling. Here are things you should do to prepare them:

  1. Completely empty the furniture of its container and clean it. –Dust off the furniture before you pack it, you don’t want to bring dirty furniture into your new home.
  2. Remove as many drawers, legs, or other glass doors as possible. – Disassembly can be advantageous for your move in case of difficult accessibility, for optimization of space in the truck, and easier handling.
  3. Tie up or tape all moving parts that could open, be torn off, or injure someone during transport. – Take all the precautions you can to avoid getting injured.

This also applies to furniture that is going to a storage unit. If you can’t move straight into your new home, the storage unit may be a good alternative. Renting storage is also a good option if you have bulky goods that you do not want to get rid of but which clutter you up. The storage will ensure a move at your own pace and save you a lot of stress.

two people protecting a chair before moving your furniture long distance
Use proper protecting materials before moving your furniture long distance.

Carefully pack and protect your furniture for the relocation

To make sure your furniture arrives intact after a long-distance move you should put special care in packing and protecting it from possible shocks during the transport. Protecting your furniture should be your top priority. You can do this on your own but if you are not experienced enough then let your Hamilton movers take care of it. They will make sure every piece of furniture is packed with the right materials. Moreover, professional movers have insurance which is a plus when you have a long-distance move planed.

It often happens that you have to get rid of some pieces before moving your furniture long distance. For that, you need to learn how to handle furniture disposal in Hamilton. There are a few options for this. You can contact your waste management/local scrap yard and set up a date and time for a pick-up or, you can list it on Craigslist for free.

movers lifting a couch
Professional movers will make your long distance move easier.

Hiring a professional moving company for moving your furniture long-distance is choosing the easy way

If you have a lot of furniture to move, it is often easier to hire a professional. Indeed, the rental of a truck of more than 30m3 requires a truck license. Furniture movers Hamilton will offer you an all-inclusive quote from a basic service transport of furniture to a more complete one that includes packing and protecting your furniture before the move. Moreover, you will avoid injuries. Movers are trained for this. They know the right posture they need to have for lifting and carrying heavy items. One wrong move and you can injure yourself or break a piece of furniture if you are moving without professional help.

For long-distance relocations, you should know that there is no specific date of delivery, but a date range known as “delivery window”. It could take up to 20 days for your furniture to arrive. This depends on the distance between your old and new place. Your moving company can help you plan your entire move which will make it simple for you to organize everything else that you need to do before the relocation.