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Common Safety Challenges When Moving House in ON

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Moving to another home can be both difficult and dangerous. Once you start preparing for the relocation, you will need to prepare for a lot of work. It often includes endless tasks combined with heavy lifting, which can lead to severe injuries. Even if you hire some of the best movers Oshawa has to offer, injuries are inevitable if you are not careful enough. And when you completely opt for a DIY move, it will be hard to avoid difficult situations. To avoid any complications, you will need to remember your safety is more important than the safety of your possession. To help you skip any injury and keep your belongings safe, today we will discuss common safety challenges when moving house in ON. Stay with us and learn what to watch out for and what steps to take to avoid trouble. So, let’s protect your health before the big day comes!

Overpacking is one of the common safety challenges when moving house in ON

When people find out they need to move their homes, they easily become over-occupied with so many details and obligations. It is normal to make a few mistakes if you do something for the first time. And if you think about your new home all the time, you can easily overlook some obvious facts. For instance, if your medium moving box can fit 100 pounds of books, you will completely forget that such a weight could break your cardboard moving box. While you carry your box filled with books, easily get your feets hurt in case the box cracks. So, make sure to take the advice from our Kitchener movers and be careful with the number of items you will pack inside every moving box. This is one of the common safety challenges when relocating home in ON, and it could lead to complications.

A couple talking about Common Safety Challenges When Moving House in ON while carrying the boxes
Overpacking is one of the common safety challenges when moving house in ON.

If you are unsure if you should purchase some extra boxes or not, you’d better do it. You risk overpacking if you keep trying to pack your items using just a few boxes. Instead of that, take the recommendation from our movers Milton and don’t pack over 50 pounds in a small box, 60 to 65 pounds in a medium box, and 70 pounds in a large box. Besides, if you decide to use extra large boxes, make sure to use them for bulk items instead of heavy ones. Extra large boxes are ideal for packing items such as clothes, linens, and comforters. So, don’t try to pack as many books from your library in extra large boxes.

Taking care of sharp objects is one of the frequent safety challenges when moving house in ON

Unfortunately, moving your home with the help of movers Etobicoke includes more than just packing your books and clothes. Many rooms inside your home, especially the kitchen, include different sharp objects you also want to transport. If you don’t properly wrap items such as knives and gardening supplies, you can end up with cuts while packing and unpacking. While you are in the middle of the loading, you can notice items dangerously poking out your cardboard moving boxes. These sharp objects could also cut your movers or friends who help you move.

Take enough time and proper supplies to pack your sharp objects

If you are running out of time while your big day is near, you will want to speed up most of your moving tasks. According to our North York movers, haste is the main reason why people make mistakes during packing. Since you need to pack your sharp knives, tools, or equipment, make sure to take enough time to do it right.

Black and brown kitchen knives
Make sure to use proper materials when packing sharp kitchen items.

While you are making the list of packing materials you want to order from the Amazon website, keep sharp edges in mind. So, get extra packing paper or bubble wrap and use them for wrapping sharp edges. You can use a dish towel and secure it with a rubber band. Once you identify all sharp edges and objects, make sure to have materials to cover and wrap them properly.

Don’t try to lift more than you safely can

Remember that moving is not a weightlifting competition, even if you are a gym lover. If any of you moving boxes or bulk items feel too heavy or unmanageable, give up right away. Just one wrong move can make you regret the decision not to hire some of the best movers in Hamilton Ontario. And your recovery could last even for months.

A couple lifting a sofa
Don’t try to lift too heavy furniture without help.

Since you know your body, capabilities, and limits, don’t try to push harder if you just feel it is not right. Instead, get help from some of the finest movers Vaughan ON, and let them do the heavy lifting for you. They will use suitable techniques to move your heavy items, and you will prevent getting injured.

Use a dolly

If you want to do most of the job by yourself, using a dolly will speed up the transportation process. This way, you will overcome one of the frequent safety challenges when moving house in ON and take the burden off your back. If you don’t have a dolly, our movers Markham ON recommend you rent one once you finish packing.

Dress appropriately, get enough sleep, and cope with common safety challenges when moving house in ON

Just like when deciding what to wear on regular days at work or outdoors, you must choose your clothes wisely while you are busy with moving tasks. Wearing flexible and breathable clothes will make you feel good and comfortable to cope with different jobs related to the move. Also, take the advice from our local movers Toronto and avoid baggy or too-big clothing when moving. Mentioned clothes can impede your movement and cause your to trip and get hurt.

Even if you need just a few hours to finish packing for today, you’d better go to bed if it’s late. Being exhausted is one of the most typical causes of common safety challenges when moving house in ON. Since you stay up extra late, you could end up out of energy while you are heavy lifting or carrying boxes over a staircase or slippery floors. So take the advice from our Number 1 Movers and get a rest and sleep enough. This will help you have enough energy to move smartly, efficiently, and safely!