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Moving to Ontario with family

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A happy couple after moving to Ontario with family

Ontario is the second biggest and the most populous Canadas state. Today, 2/5 of the entire Canadas population is in Ontario, mostly in bigger cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. According to the latest statistics, around 250 000 people have moved to the Ontario area via moving companies Ontario from 2021-2022. If you have decided to move here, we congratulate you! Ontario is one of the best areas regarding education and the job market. Although moving to Ontario yourself is pretty easy, moving with your family can be a bit more challenging. In situations like this, professional advice can be of great help. Therefore, we made a perfect guide to moving to Ontario with family!

Reconsider your decision

Before you make a first step, reconsider your decision to move. While moving to Ontario might be your dream come true, you have to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of your move. Are all family members open to the move? If not, you should reconsider your decision. Are you moving with elderly family members? They might have better medical care in bigger cities, with hospitals and hospices within your arm’s reach. Do you have kids? If so, are they younger or older? Ontario offers more benefits for older kids, students, and families where both parents work long hours.

A family of three moving to Ontario
Deciding to move is not easy, but sometimes it’s necessary.

However, if your children had formed friendships in your old hometown, moving away might cause emotional distress. Also, consider whether you have a budget to move. Ontario is one of the most expensive provinces, and if you do not have enough money to move and adapt to a new area while looking for a job, you might want to postpone a move for a while. It’s best to think about everything and talk it through with your family members before hiring moving companies Brantford and making a final decision.

What is important when moving to Ontario with family?

Even though you may think it is easy to do this, it requires a lot of thinking and planning to execute a proper relocation. It would be best if you were careful about some things:

  • Finding a place to live
  • Finding a new job
  • Hiring a moving company
  • Getting necessary paperwork
  • Transfering your kids to another school

The first step to moving is choosing where you want to move to. Ontario has more than 60 villages and towns, but the best-rated cities are Ottawa, Arnprior, St. Marys, LaSalle, Waterloo, Carleton Place, Lincoln, Cambridge, and Guelph. These cities received the best rates according to livability, safety, unemployment, housing prices, and educational system. Almost all of them are bigger or middle-sized cities, but you might be interested in some more rural places, such as Dryden, Kenora, or Pembroke. After you opt for a specific city, it’s time to find a new home. 

A view of a neighborhood in Ontario
Do not improvise when it comes to housing. Instead, find a new home before you officially move.

Finding a place to live requires a lot of time. Even though there are many options, it is important to pick the best one. All of this can be hard for only one person, so you should consider hiring a real estate agent. You can help them find you a perfect home by being clear about your wishes and needs and even more clear about what you do not want in a home. Have a realistic image of your ideal home and communicate that to your real estate agent. Another very crucial tip is to consider the surroundings of your new home. While you can change the facade and redecorate your backyard, you cannot change the area you will be living in. Therefore, if you only do not like the neighborhood, it’s best to not settle and to keep searching.

Finding a job is crucial

Finding a new job should be one of your top priorities. When you are moving alone and unemployed, you can live off a small amount of money you have already saved. However, moving with your family requires you to find a job as soon as possible, or better, before you move. Ontario is known as a province with many job-related opportunities. Last year, the unemployment rate was only 5%. Moreover, the following areas had the best employment rate in October 2022:

  • Toronto
  • Kitchener – Waterloo – Barrie
  • Hamilton – Niagara Peninsula
  • Ottawa
  • Windsor – Sarnia

What are the most popular job industries in Ontario?

According to statistics, out of all 7 million employed residents, 6,3 million worked full time, and the rest were part-time employees. When it comes to the most popular industries, the most popular and the best ranked are public administration, health care and social assistance, educational services, professional, scientific, and technical services, finance, insurance, real estate and leasing, services-producing sector, manufacturing, construction, and trade. If you have experience/knowledge in some of the following industries, finding a job will be a piece of cake for you! On the other hand, some less popular industries include agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil, and gas.

Two workers looking at a document
Having a job and a steady income is a must when moving to Ontario with family.

However, it is not impossible to find jobs related to these industries. For example, forestry is the main industry in Spanish, ON. When finding a job, you should look into professions highly wanted in a specific place. For example, Ottawa and Toronto have a huge demand for health care and social assistance, educational services, and real estate. On the other hand, Oakville is focused on education and automobile Manufacturing, and if you are interested in similar professions, moving here via moving companies Oakville would be a good choice!

Hiring the right moving company

Moving to Ontario with family needs to be done with a professional. Yes, you can do it yourself, but you should ask yourself whether it is a smart idea, especially when moving to Ontario with a toddler. It is one thing to relocate with children old enough to understand the importance of relocation. On the other hand, you will not have time to think about the move if you are moving with toddlers. They will require your constant attention.

How to find the best moving company for the job?

There are many to find the best company for the job. The easiest way for all of us is to go online and seek the movers there. You have to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable moving company. The first step towards this goal is to check the moving company’s license you are interested in. After that, be sure to read reviews since there is a lot of very critical information regarding your move. The biggest mistake when choosing movers is sticking to the first choice. It’s much better to find a few options and compare them all, mostly looking at the services they offer and how much they charge for them. When you find a couple of trustworthy moving companies Brampton, it’s time to check their estimates.

Two people holding boxes and moving to Ontario with family
It’s more efficient to hire professional movers when moving to Ontario with family.

The price of the move can be a factor that decides whether you are going to hire the company or not. You can use the moving calculator most companies keep on their websites to get a precise moving price. This price will be a rough estimate, and you will get the final one only after the in-home inspection by the company representative. They will look at the number and weight of your possessions and judge how easy the move can be for professionals. Keep in mind that no one obligates you to hire the company after you get an estimation or the inspection. They are essential because you can use them to get the round price for the move. Of course, you can’t be 100% precise until you get the contract, but it is still a good start.

Getting necessary paperwork when moving to Ontario with family

Relocating with a family to Ontario has one more obstacle you need to resolve. Other than packing and finding the right moving companies in Dundas, you need to deal with paperwork. We all hate paperwork since it requires us to go to local offices and spend a couple of hours. Firstly, you will need to change the address of every family member. That should take about 7 working days, and you can request the address change online.

Two people studying in a park
Ontario is a great choice for primary, secondary, and higher education.

Besides personal documents like IDs, bank documents, and driver’s licenses, you will probably need medical and dental records for the whole family, especially your children. You will also need to choose another primary doctor, dentist, and OBGYN. If you or your family members are currently using any medication, ask your doctor to prescribe you the medication until you can choose your new primary doctor and get your prescription.

Transfering your kids to another school

Transfering your kids to another school is another duty when moving to Ontario with family. Start the process at least a month before the desired moving date to ensure everything runs smoothly. Talk to their teachers or professors to learn how to transfer your kid’s credits. Depending on the place you are moving to, there should be no problems in doing so, but if any inconveniences occur, the school administration should help you figure them out. Ontario has a strong educational system, with more than 2000 public primary and secondary schools. The best-rated schools, according to grades and overall satisfaction of students include:

  • Chapel Hill South, Ottawa, 
  • Riverside South, Ottawa, 
  • Bridlewood, Ottawa, 
  • Davidson Heights, Ottawa,
  • Beaverbrook, Ottawa, 
  • Uplands, London, 
  • Vansickle, St. Catharines, 
  • Headon Forest, Burlington, 
  • Westvale, Waterloo, 
  • Williamsburg, Whitby

When it comes to higher education, Ontario has 22 public universities, 24 public colleges, 17 privately funded religious universities, and over 500 private career colleges. Of course, the biggest and most popular universities include the University of Ottawa, the University of Toronto, Université de l’Ontario français, the University of Guelph, Toronto Metropolitan University, OCAD University, etc.

A highway with a few cars
If you are moving to a more urban area, you should prepare for regular traffic jams.

Keep in mind that choosing schools and universities should come after finding your new home. Although most places have good connections, you do not want your kids to commute 1-2 hours in both directions every day. On the other hand, if your kids opt to attend a college that is very far away from your home, you can look into living accommodations – living on campus. In that scenario, hiring moving companies Grimsby Ontario or other local movers will be very helpful!

Breaking the news to your family members

After you do most of the necessary work, it’s time to break the news to your family. Do this before you start packing so that the news is not a complete surprise. Breaking the news early is a great way to let your family members emotionally prepare for the move. If you have kids, telling them sometime in advance will help them say goodbyes to their friends and classmates. Keep in mind that relocations are twice as hard on kids since they are in a fragile period of their life. If you want to make their relocation easier, you can help them arrange their goodbye party.

A mom moving to Ontario with family
Be there for family members who might be having trouble accepting the move.

Your kids can invite their classmates, watch movies and eat snacks. If you have teenagers, you can expect some anger, frustrations, and even fights. That is normal since relocations are huge changes for your teenagers, even with hiring the best moving companies in Burlington Ontario. Show them you are there to listen to them and support them through this hard period. If you are moving with elderly family members, you might have led them in on your plan from the beginning. If not, informing them in advance is also essential, especially since old people can be unaccepting of changes due to old age. Moving for them can be hard, especially if they have lived for years or generations in your old home.

Get to know your new hometown

It’s advisable to learn more about the place you are moving to before moving to Ontario with your family. Look at all the neighborhoods, and check out the tourist spots, especially if you are moving to a bigger city, check out parks, running or walking trails, cafes, zoos, playgrounds, etc. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Moreover, moving companies in Etobicoke recommend visiting the town at least once before the relocation. If you are in a position to do so, check out your soon-to-be neighborhood, and try to remember where the nearest convenience store, pharmacy, school, and doctor’s office are.

To make everyone’s acceptance phase much easier, you can organize a trip to your new hometown if it is relatively close. Explore the bests restaurants, parks, and tourist attractions. Take them out for a dinner and enjoy a day exploring the town. Your loved ones will feel much more at ease since they won’t be going into something completely unknown. If you are moving long-distance- dedicate some time after moving with family to exploring the new city.

Moving to Ontario with family- what should you know

Before moving to Ontario with family, you should do three crucial steps: start saving money, find a new job, and find a new home. It’s easier to move when you have a place to stay in and a steady income. The next step is finding reliable movers and scheduling the moving date. Before you choose to hire any movers, take some time to explore all the options. After hiring movers, start preparing all the necessary paperwork, transfer your children to another school, and break the news to your loved ones. Let them accept the change at their own pace. If you are in a position to do so, organize a little trip to your new hometown. Your kids can familiarize themselves with the area, which will decrease their anxiety and moving stress. Lastly, start packing bit by bit and patiently wait for the moving day!