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5 Things Floridians Love About Canada

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    Canada flag with mountain range view

    Canada has always been a popular place for relocation. Canada is not only popular among Americans, but also in the whole world. There are many reasons why you should move to Canada this year. From great hospitality and job opportunities to beautiful nature, Canada has it all. Therefore, you have nothing more to wait for. Hire Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines and start your new life in this beautiful country. You will see what things Floridians love about Canada and you will also love it. 

    What things Floridians love about Canada? 

    There is no denying that Florida is also a nice place for living. But Canada might have a small advantage over Florida. While moving from Florida to Canada is a really long-distance move, it’s certainly worth it. You can have comfortable relocation with long distance movers in Canada. Now, you only need to search for what you should expect from moving to Canada and plan what you are going to do. Some of the things Floridians love about Canada are the following: 

    • Climate 
    • Lifestyle 
    • Sport culture 
    • Job opportunities 
    • Scenery 

    Floridians really love Canada’s climate 

    Florida doesn’t really have a nice climate. True, high temperatures are nice when you are on vacation for ten days and spend most of your time on a beach. However, high temperature and humidity are not nice when you are doing your daily chores or organizing relocation with office movers Burlington Ontario. Canada has a different climate depending on the region. The northern parts have a really cold climate that is similar to Scandinavia which means very cold winters and short summers. Other parts of Canada have mostly continental climates with hot summers and cold winters. But one thing that whole of Canada shares is clean and fresh air

    Brown horse looking through window
    One of the things Floridians love about Canada is the great weather.

    Which cities are popular among Floridians? 

    There are many good cities in Canada for living. From the bigger and popular ones such as Ontario and Toronto to many small ones. However, the top 10 cities to live in Canada 2022 are Quebec City, Edmonton, Toronto, Milton, etc. You can move to any city that you want. Every city in Canada has its advantages. You can hardly find a bad city for living in Canada. The important thing is to find the one where you will be happy and have a nice life.  

    The sports culture is really prominent 

    Canadians have a strong sports spirit which is similar to Americans. While ice hockey is the most popular one, there are more than 10 different most popular sports in Canada in recent two years. You can go to see ice hockey games live and see what is so special about this sport.  

    Ice hockey is one of the things Floridians love about Canada
    You will absolutely love sports events in Canada.

    Food is always top-notch 

    Canada is the biggest producer of maple syrup in the world. Maple syrup is a natural sweetener and a great substitution for white sugar. You can use it in many different ways, but the best way is with pancakes. As you can see, there are many things Floridians love about Canada. But you will certainly find more to love about.