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Moving Across Long Distances With Small Children – How to Pull it Off?

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Moving long-distance is hard when there are just two adults present. However, moving across long distances with small children is even more challenging. Therefore, if you prepare for the move it will save you a lot of stress. As you probably already know, small children do not like to be stuck in the car for long periods of time. So you need to prepare some distractions for them. Moreover, if you are still stuck and wondering what those distractions are – you have come to the right place to find out. These tips and tricks will save you from a lot of stress during the move. So will hiring a professional and reputable company like Number 1 Movers to help you execute the move smoothly. Let us dive in!

Tips on moving across long distances with small children

The main reason why small kids get bored during long trips is that they have a lot of energy that they need to let out. Additionally, sitting in one place can make them very nervous. This will cause them to act out, scream, move around, etc. If you want to avoid that you should  definitely follow some of the tips below:

  • Prepare snacks
  • Pack a variety of entertainment
  • Bring extra clothes
  • Plan some de-tours
A family packing before moving across long distances with small children
Moving across long distances with small children is easier if you prepare well.

Pack a lot of snacks

Now packing snacks is essential when you are driving for a long time. Therefore you will also eat some snacks, not just the kids. If you hired long distance movers Hamilton to relocate you, you must have a lot of space left in your car for snacks. Moreover, moving across long distances with small children will be easier if you have some snacks. Therefore, make sure to prepare a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks for the road.

For example, you can cut up some apples, carrots, peaches, etc. You should also pack some potato chips, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Keep in mind that everything you pack should be finger food. Avoid packing snacks made from chocolate and similar ingredients, or things can get pretty messy.

Good entertainment can give you peace for hours during the trip

Nowadays, most of the entertainment for small kids is on electronic devices like tablets, phones, computers, and so on. Therefore, you should always have your charger accessible in the car. Smaller children usually enjoy watching cartoons or kid’s songs videos. Therefore, make sure to download a lot of such content. You never know when you can lose the signal together with the internet connection. Moreover, you can also download games and movies for your kids to enjoy. In addition, if you have really small children make sure to bring a variety of toys for them to play with. However, keep them hidden and do not give them all the toys at once. If you do they will get bored faster.

Kid playing games on their gadgets
Make sure to download fun games for them that they didn’t play before.

Depending on the vehicle you have for the move you can also make the back space of the car their little palace. If you have enough space in the back of your car, which you should have if you chose to hire the best long distance movers in Canada, bring pillows, toys, and other things that are interesting for them. Making the backspace of the car cozy will make them less bored. In addition, if your small children know how to talk, you can always ask them what to bring to make their trip more fun and interesting.

Bringing extra clothes can save the day

Moving across long distances with small children can be quite a challenge and it will definitely make you break a sweat. Not just you but your children as well. Bringing an extra pair of clean clothes is a must for any long-distance trip. Bring at least two sets of clothes and diapers (if you have really small children), you never know, kids can surprise you, especially if they eat a lot of snacks and drink plenty of water.  Being prepared is everything, that is why you should also ask your movers for a free quote, this will help you organize your moving budget in advance.  Moreover, when you pack extra clothes make sure to also pack toothbrushes, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer. Having all of this will make you ready to keep everybody clean during your move.

Extra-long trips call for a de-tour!

Moving cross-country with children may be a great chance for family bonding and adventure. Plan fascinating stops along the trip, such as seeing national sites or odd roadside sights if you have the time. Encourage the youngsters to take photographs as well. You can even give them their own camera if they are interested. Spend those road hours preparing a mini-documentary of your trip. You can include the kids in filming and narrating if you’re a particularly creative family. If you allow your imagination to run wild, the possibilities are unlimited, and we all know how good kids are at that!

A father and son in front of a car
Kids love stopping along the way to see new places and things, stop as much as you can for a fun trip!

Moreover, you can even plan a stay at any place that is along the road to your destination in the state of Canada. Book a hotel in advance and be ready to take a good night’s sleep before your continue moving. Kids also love to stay at hotels because there is always some kind of a fun playground for them to enjoy. In addition, when you have your driving route do some research and see what places would be cool to stop by, make this moving experience a little vacation as well.

The bottom line of moving across long distances with small children

By now you can understand that moving across long distances with small children is not an easy task to handle. However, being well prepared for this trip and hiring a professional company like Number 1 Movers to help you, will definitely make your move an unforgettable experience. Good luck with the move!