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Top 10 Cities To Live In Canada 2022

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Looking to move to Canada in 2022? You’re in the right place. We at Number 1 Movers are here to provide all the necessary information about moves to Canada at any given time. If you just recently got the idea to move, you may be wondering which cities in Canada are the best to relocate to for both a fresh start and a more affordable cost of living. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cities to live in Canada 2022 based on various statistics and reports. Take a look.

Top 10 Cities To Live In Canada 2022

Many people who want to relocate to a new country in search of better job opportunities and a better quality of life are turning to Canada as their first choice. Canada is a safe and wonderful country to live in, with world-class healthcare facilities and education in nearly every subject area. Most foreigners find living in Canada appealing because of the country’s strong economy and low crime rate. However, it is important to know which of the many Canadian cities is best for you to relocate to and start a new life. Here are our top picks for the best cities to live in Canada 2022.

Toronto, Canada
Canada is one of the best countries for immigrants.

1. Quebec City

You’ll love living in  Quebec City. Overall, Quebec is considered one of the best cities to live in Canada 2022. It’s the capital of the homonymous Quebec province or la belle province. A wealth of historical sites and activities await you here. This is a true cultural and historical treasure trove.  The standard of living in Quebec is high and the city itself doesn’t have many troubles. However, you’ll still have a little bit more to get used to than usual since Quebec City is a decidedly francophone locale. Start practicing your French if it’s not exactly your forte.

For the second year in a row, Quebec City was named the safest metropolitan area in Canada to raise children. In Quebec City, the people are reflected in the city’s blend of history, modernity, culture, and nature. It’s safe, dynamic, innovative, warm, and full of life, with a never-ending parade of festivals and major events taking place throughout the year. Quebec City is more than just a bustling metropolis; it’s a place where everyone in the family can play a meaningful role. If you’re moving from your home country to a new one, you’ll want to make sure you’re moving somewhere that’s both safe and healthy.

2. Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, is a popular destination for thousands of international students and immigrants because of its pulsating atmosphere. With a wide range of employment opportunities and a number of the world’s top universities, it is one of the best places to live in Canada as well as one of the best places to study. If you’re a student moving to Toronto, our affordable local movers Toronto will gladly assist you with the move.

Toronto, one of the best cities to live in Canada 2022
Toronto is the best choice if you’re looking for a dynamic urban lifestyle.

This Canadian city has a high cost of living primarily because of its expensive real estate, but it also has an excellent public transportation system. All residents can take advantage of this service, which is accessible and affordable. Toronto is a real bustling metropolis with an abundance of amenities. Dreamers from around the world flock to Canada for the opportunity to work and study in some of the best institutions in the world. Many millennials are moving to nearby Etobicoke as well. Mostly because of the cheaper housing market. You can easily get there with Toronto’s public transit. And our movers Etobicoke can easily move you there as well.

3. Edmonton

For renters, Edmonton is a great option because of its high minimum wage, reasonable cost of living, and low rental rates. It has been home to some of Canada’s most prestigious technology companies for many years as well as a variety of cultural and entertainment events. And because the median age is so low, it’s ideal for the younger generation. Edmonton is also one of the best up-and-coming cities in Canada with so much potential. Since it still has a bit of a small-town charm, it is ideal for everyone looking to move to a more peaceful area.

4. Oshawa

One of the most desirable cities for commuters is Oshawa, which is located just 60 kilometers from Toronto, making it an ideal location. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this sleepy bedroom community has seen a significant increase in population. Many people are moving to the suburbs as the practice of working from home becomes more widespread, which has an impact on the number of people looking to buy a home. It is definitely one of the best cities to live in Canada 2022.

a house in one of the best cities to live In Canada 2022
Besides being one of the best cities to live in Canada 2022, Oshawa also has one of the most affordable housing markets.

Despite this, the 2020 RE/MAX Housing Affordability Report has ranked Oshawa as the ninth most affordable city in Canada. If you’re thinking about moving to Oshawa, our professional movers Oshawa are at your service.

5. Kitchener

Kitchener, which is located in the Kitchener – Waterloo region is also one of the top picks for immigrants. From manufacturing to high-tech industries, the KW region’s economy is very diverse and strong. The unemployment rate in the area has historically been among the lowest in Ontario. Residents of Kitchener are drawn to the city’s many perks and its small-town charm. Kitchener would be a perfect alternative to living in Toronto if that’s too expensive for you. Reliable Kitchener movers can move you here in no time.

It’s very easy to travel from Kitchener as well. You can get to Toronto, London, Brampton, and Hamilton in about an hour and a half from Kitchener. Nearby airports include London International Airport, Region of Waterloo International Airport, and Toronto Pearson International Airport. If you find Kitchener to be a little bit too peaceful, we suggest checking out Hamilton. This city is a little bit more modern and urban and the prices are only slightly higher. Contact the best movers in Hamilton Ontario to get some more information.

6. Milton

Milton’s population has risen to more than 100,000, making it one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities. Approximately 30,000 to 35,000 people lived in the central core neighborhoods of Old Milton, Dorset Park, Timberlea, and Bronte Meadows in the years preceding the year of the year 2000.  After a period of rapid growth, the town is expected to reach a maximum population of 350,000 in the next 50 years. There are a lot of people who like the location because it’s only about 20 minutes away from the airport and 45 minutes from downtown Toronto. However, during rush hour, these estimates can be doubled. There is a local Milton Transit bus service as well as a Go Train service that takes us directly to Union Station.

a girl holding a Canadian flag
Milton is one of the best cities for raising kids in Canada.

Because of this, the town has a young population, with residents on average being 34 years old. During the growth years, many young families chose Milton because of the lower cost of living compared to the larger cities, the small-town charm, and the proximity to the city of Toronto. If you’d like to join them as well, movers Milton are here to help out.  Despite the fact that many schools are closing in Toronto, we are unable to keep up with the many activities for children. There are between 15 and 20 kindergarten classes at a few of our elementary schools.

7. Vaughan

Vaughan was one of the first cities to have its own TTC subway service outside of the Toronto area. Residents can get to and from work in a shorter amount of time, allowing them to spend more time with their families. In addition, the city has a thriving downtown with a wide range of commercial and entertainment options. It is also home to Canada’s first “smart” hospital, a $1.6 billion facility that uses cutting-edge technology to improve patient care. Vaughan is not quite like any other city in Canada. Alongside the best hospitals, it is also home to some of the province’s fastest-growing business ventures and most affordable housing options. Feel free to call movers Vaughan ON if you decide to move to this beautiful city.

8. North York

It’s easy to see why North York is known as Toronto’s “Second Downtown.” If you’re looking for great restaurants, bars, and nightlife, this is the place to be! Due to its rich cultural diversity, North York hosts a number of year-round festivals that honor the area’s many cultures. Some ethnic celebrations include Iranian New Year’s, the Korean Harvest Festival, the Aloha Festival, and the Hispanic Fiesta. As a result of its rich history, North York has a number of fascinating attractions. Gibson House, for example, is a heritage museum with a fascinating collection of 19th-century art. They serve as a time capsule for the history of North York.

a father carrying his daughter on his shoulders on a festival
North York is a great place for having fun and raising a family.

The housing market is significantly cheaper here in North York. This is why we are seeing many Torontonians move here recently. In addition, the cost of living in North York is somewhat cheaper than in Toronto. If you’re looking to save a buck or two, our affordable North York movers can move you easily to this beautiful area.

9. Markham

As a technology hub, the city has a high employment rate because of the large number of tech companies and industries that call it home. This is where you’ll find all of the world’s major tech companies such as IBM and AMD as well as Hyundai and Motorola. It used to be a village and it only became a “city” in 2012.

The crime rate in Markham is extremely low, making it a safe place to live. Residents can enjoy a wide range of nightlife options and access to all the modern conveniences that Toronto has to offer just 19 miles away. Both 19th-century homes and skyscrapers from the modern era can be found in the city. After a long day at work, you’ll appreciate the peaceful suburban areas of this area. People in the city don’t have to travel elsewhere for work because it is home to more than 1,000 tech companies.

When it comes to parks and recreational areas, the city has a lot to offer. There are museums, art galleries, indoor bike arenas, community centers, swimming pools, shopping places, and theaters to enrich your living experience. Markham’s social standing is bolstered by its yearly fairs, and the city’s residents can enjoy themselves while they’re there. If Markham sounds like the perfect fit for you, don’t hesitate on calling movers Markham ON right away.

10. Winnipeg

Winnipeg is one of Canada’s best cities to live in if you want to save money on housing and other costs of living while still having access to a large number of job opportunities. Compared to the rest of the country, the cost of housing is relatively low. The houses average $364,817 and one-bedroom apartments cost around $1,021. The average monthly cost of living is $1,135 if you don’t pay rent. Beautiful scenery and warm weather make for a great combination in the summer. However, if you plan on moving to the area, you’ll need to be prepared for frigid winters.

Winnipeg is one of the best cities to live in Canada 2022
Winnipeg is one of the most affordable options in Canada.

Final thoughts

Whichever one of these cities you choose, know that you’ll feel welcomed and accepted here. Canada is true multicultural heaven and the stereotype is true: Canadians are notorious apologizers.  This is the country that says sorry the most. You don’t have to be afraid for your safety or scared that someone will steal something from you here. Even if they do, they will stay sorry while doing it. No matter which one of these best cities to live in Canada 2022  you choose, Number 1 Movers will be able to take you there. Together with all of your belongings. Happy relocation!