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What to do with leftover packing materials

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Use these advice for leftover packing materials

The hardest part during the move is making arrangements, packing your belongings and dragging all that to some other place. And if you have finished all that without any problems, we can congratulate you because not many people succeed to do that. There are often many problems that come along the way. Most of them come from moving company so better hire reliable Burlington movers that won’t give you a hard time along one of the most stressful things you can do. Another problem may be gaining more than you need so we can presume that you also bought more packing materials than you actually needed. Don’t worry, stay and find out what do do with leftover packing materials!

Don’t throw them away!

When you move to the new place, all your attention is directed towards decorating and renovating your new home. People often forget about packing materials and throw them away. There is no need to do that because there are many ways you can use them. The first thing you should do is to put them away on the attic or basement until you can think about how to use them again. This is not a practical way to use them, we just want to start by saying that you can save them for something else.

Avoid this and save it for better use
Don’t throw leftovers as soon as you move into a new house

Leftover packing materials can be reused

There is no better way to enjoy life than to go through various places and explore. If you are that kind of person, there is a high chance that you will be moving again so you can use leftover packing materials too. Why should you buy new materials and lose time on that matter when you can just use the same materials when you moved into the place. There is a chance that some of them can’t be used due to moisture, and humidity. If not, use ones that you can and if you need more you can always try contacting local movers Ontario to replenish the rest. No better way to use what is left of packing materials.

Use them as ‘storage’

We all have stuff that we don’t need but keep them anyway. If you can’t throw that stuff away, put them in what is left of your packing materials. This also applies to whatever you have to store at your place:

  • Books– People that love to read often have a problem where to store their collection. You don’t have to build shelves specifically for this action, just put your books in the boxes have. You just have to label them properly so you can have some kind of order and could easily find your favorite book in a matter of seconds.
  • Clothes– As humane as it is to donate your old clothes, there are always some sweaters or t-shirts that you don’t need at the time but they have certain sentimentality. If you don’t want to throw them away or donate them, put them in the boxes you have. This way you save them and you can use them whenever you want to.
  • Archive- You can also use leftover packing materials as an archive for your work. We all know that there are jobs that force you to work from home or you just have to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s work day. No matter what is the reason, don’t hesitate to use your old boxes again.

These are ways you can use your old boxes in house conditions but that doesn’t mean that you can use them to store your belongings long term. Before you do that, you should know how to pack for long term storage, where to put all the boxes in order to use a storage unit area properly.

This is a good use of leftover packing materials
Use packing materials as storage for books, clothes…

Give to your friends and family

Another good way to use leftover packing materials. If you don’t need them at the time, borrow them to your friends and family. We all know how hard it can be to actually find these materials. You should always help whoever it needs. We call it borrowing but you should know that some of them will surely be destroyed so don’t expect for them to be returned. After all, it isn’t that expensive…


If you can’t think of a smarter and more creative way you can always recycle packing materials. There is no need for them just to stay at your home and use more space than it actually needs. We live in a world where the environment is suffering a lot so why don’t we use little effort in order to gain a lot and make ourselves live healthier.

This is always a noble way to use leftover packing materials
Recycle to make the planet healthier!


Some of the companies will offer themselves to buy whatever is left. What you need to understand here is that you won’t become rich or anything. These are usually cheap materials so there is no room for greed there. The only real question is where you can sell it for the highest price. Consider the options you have at the moment. If you can sell for half of the price you paid for these materials, consider yourself a lucky person.

Be creative

There are also many other ways to use your packing materials. For example, you can use them as a personal space for your pets. Why should you throw away hundreds of dollars on pet houses? You can just use some of the boxes you have left from the move and put a blanket over it.

If you have a little girl why should you spend a lot just for some simply made dollhouses? If you have the minimum level of craftsmanship, there are no limits to the ways you could do this.


As you can see, there are multiple ways you can use your leftover packing materials. You don’t have to throw them away as soon as you unpack at your new home. Put them in some corner of the house you don’t need at the moment and use some of these suggestions when the time comes.