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How to Pack for Long-Term Storage

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When you have access things to store for a long time, renting a storage unit is the most convenient solution. Not only that you can organize it as you see fit, but it’s also the best way to keep your items safe and sound. Still, after you choose the perfect storage unit, you need to make sure to pack for long-term storage properly. The packing is very different for items that you will put in storage for just a couple of weeks and for those that you plan to keep there in years to come. Take a look at some tricks and tips that can help you pack your items for longer storing.

Find the best storage solution

When you determine which items you need to pack for long-term storage, it’s time to choose the storage unit. Based on how much storage space you need and which conditions are necessary to keep your things safe, find the most suitable storage unit.

Keep in mind the accessibility of the facility, since you should check on your storage unit once in a while. If you need to access it in the middle of the night, then focus on the facilities that are open 24/7

Pay attention to the features of the unit:

Air conditioner
Being able to control the temperature and humidity levels in your storage unit will enhance the safety of your items.
  • Size of the unite –The size of your unit should be large enough to fit your items without cramming them. Also, it should be big enough so you can comfortably reach items that you’ve stored, without bumping into things. Since storage units come in many sizes, be careful when assessing the number of your belongings. In the end, if you pack for long-term storage more items than you can fit into the storage unit, you can always rent a bigger unit. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to change a bigger unit for the smaller one if you’ve already signed the lease.
  • Condition of the storage facility – If the building seems clean, in good condition, with good maintenance and great security system, then it may be suitable to keep your stuff safe. Also pay attention to the illumination, loading docks, drive-up access, and ample parking space.
  • Security – Your top priority when choosing a storage unit should be the safety of your items. Choose the facility that has a state-of-the-art surveillance system, fire prevention system, strong fence, and good illumination.
  • Climate control – If you have things that are sensitive to temperature and humidity, then consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. When you can control the climate in your unit, it can prevent the rotting, rusting, warping, swelling, discoloration and other possible damages to your things. If you have some office supplies, make sure to consult your commercial movers Hamilton should you opt for the climate controlled unit.

Prepare your items before you start to pack for long-term storage

Before you start to pack for long-term storage, you should make some preparation. This may take you some time, but it will be well worth it. When you invest time to pack and organize your storage unit properly, you want to have to waste time repacking it.


Just because you have some things to store, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you really don’t need amongst them. When you’re renting a storage unit, you’ll be tempted to save some things that you should get rid of. Don’t get sentimental and save the things that are beyond saving. Before you start to pack for long-term storage, go to the things that you wish to store.

It may surprise you how much unnecessary stuff you’ll find. There’s really no need to pay extra for items that you will never use again. The things that are broken throw away or recycle. The ones that are in the fine condition, but has no use to you anymore, donate to the local Red Cross or other organization.

Storage boxes to pack for long-term storage

When you want to store items for a longer time, you need to pack your things in boxes that are strong and durable. That checks out all the old cardboard boxes since they aren’t suitable for the long term storage.

You can find strong, yet affordable moving boxes Ontario that are perfectly dry and clean, and that will keep your items safe over time.

Organizing items

Creating an inventory list of the belongings you’re storing away will help you to keep your storage organized and tidy. It will also help you locate some items that you may forget that you have put away in the storage unit. Write down the type, number, value, and condition of items that you’re storing. Not just for organization, but also in the case of burglary.

Women writing a list of items to pack for long-term storage.
Making this list will help you to keep track of your belongings at all time.

How to pack for long term storage – tips and tricks


  • Clean the furniture
  • Disassemble the large pieces
  • Rub down metal parts with
  • Apply furniture polish on wooden surfaces
  • Treat upholstery with fabric/leather protector
  • Wrap the entire furniture items in thick blankets
  • Place mattresses in specialized mattress bags


  • Defrost refrigerators and freezers
  • Drain the water from washing machines, dishwashers, and driers
  • Clean the appliances
  • Secure hoses and cables
  • Wrap the appliances in thick blankets


  • Wash your clothes and dry it well
  • Hang it on a clothes rail
  • Store them in wardrobe boxes 
  • Store clothes that can’t be hung in the vacuum-sealed bags
Folded clothes
Folding some types of clothes in regular boxes can cause tears and won’t allow air to circulate around.


  • Dust the electronic devices thoroughly
  • Wrap them in soft packing paper
  • Put them in their original boxes or ones of similar size and quality
  • Fill any empty spaces in the storage containers with packing paper or packing peanuts
  • Seal the boxes tightly


  • Ensure the books are 100% dry
  • Wrap valuable tomes or tomes with leather covers with packing paper
  • Arrange the books flat in small boxes, and seal them well