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What to do when movers are late

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A man looking at his watch, wondering what to do when movers are late

Life is full of unpredictable instances. The sooner one accepts this fact, the less stressful their life will be. Still, we are not the proponents of waiting for things to solve on their own while twiddling your thumbs. If an action can be taken, then indeed it should. So, when movers are late, rather than pacing up and down the place, raising your blood pressure, rather go through your options. The text that follows will explore them thoroughly.

Take a deep breath

We don’t have to bring up the fact that researchers proving that relocation is one of the most stressful things a person will go through in a lifetime keep pilling up. We will go on a limb here and suppose that you are already familiar with the fact. Still, that doesn’t mean you should succumb to the statistic. Rather rise above, and take a deep breath. At least for starters. It so happened that your local movers Ontario have yet to show up. Will your anxiety help them in their travels? We believe not. And we suppose that you agree. When movers are late, all is not lost. All you have to do is act in accordance with your situation.

A man taking a deep breath
An objective perspective is best achieved through a calm mind. Take a deep breath and a few moments to access the situation. There is time to act.

When movers are late for a pickup, your options include:

1. Getting in touch with the moving company

This is the first, foremost, and dare we say the most logical step you ought to take. As is with any type of an appointment, when one is late, you call. It really is that simple. Such rule applies to all instances that have an agreed-upon date. So, go through your moving documents, and see if you can find a card that has your movers’ number. If you cannot seem to find it, do not fall into despair. See if you have them in your contacts on the phone. Remember that the stone age has long passed, and we have the Internet as well. Look up your company’s name and ring them.

2. Keeping your cool

A clock
When movers are late for but a few hours, this will have little to no effect on your move. Especially if you hired a reputable moving company. They are able to conduct a move in the shortest amount of time.

Even before the operator answers, remember that you ought to be cool and collected. Of course, this situation is making you annoyed, to say the least. Still, arguing with your movers will truly make this whole process more unpleasant than need be. Keep in mind that there must be a reason for them being late in the first place. Instead of being loud, try coming forth with an understandable tone. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be firm. You are, after all, the one on the losing side. Not that they are winning, but you are the one lacking needed service. You need to vocalize your opinions and demands clearly. Demand concrete answers and ask anything that puzzles you. Be sure to get the new ETA. If your Oakville movers are only a couple of hours away, don’t sweat it. The move can still go without a hitch.

3. If the movers are late for more than a few hours

If the situation is such that your movers won’t be able to arrive on your moving day, there are still options. You need to be swift with your actions. Contact the so-called last minute movers. These experts know how to handle a move quickly and efficiently. What is important to remember is that you need to stay as calm as possible in these situations. As you can see, not all is lost.

When movers are late for delivery, here’s how you should act:

1. Ring them up

Remember the first rule? When one is late, you call. Really, the only way of going about this whole ordeal is by calling your movers. Dealing with reputable movers will make this unpleasant situation much more bearable. They will be helpful when looking for a solution, and most certainly apologize for the delay. They will also provide you with all the needed information and updates. If your belongings will arrive in a day or two, there is no need to worry. Hiring a reputable moving company ensures that the waiting period will be minimum.

2. What if they are not picking up?

The phone is ringing but to no avail? Chances are you have fallen victim to a moving scam. Yes, these can be avoided, by now is not the time to look back and reminisce. Rather contact the Federal Motor Career Safety Administration, and see what can be done. Make sure to follow their guidance, and the situation will be quickly resolved.

3. And what if they pick up, but demand more money?

Figurines of a police officer and a thief
Scammers ought to know their place, and you should not be scared to show it to them.

Well, it’s safe to say that this is the worst case scenario. No, you shouldn’t fall into a fetal position and cry. Rather avoid wasting any time, and contact your local police station. You ought to go in detail about this whole situation to the best of your abilities. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for them to offer a solution. With a bit of luck and a lot of their experience, you will have your belongings that are being held as a hostage.

As is probably clear, you need to stay calm. Even when it seems hopeless. It is your health that is of the paramount importance here. Punctuality of your movers is not a thing you can control. Still, when movers are late, remember that you can always file a complaint and warn other potential customers of such possibility. It will, in addition, help you deal with this whole conundrum.