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The list of important moving documents

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what are all the important moving documents

Paperwork. We all hate paperwork. But it would not be as widespread as it is if it was not important. In almost every sphere of life, you need documents to show that you did something, or that something needs to be done. When moving, there are many documents you need to have in order for it to proceed flawlessly. These documents will cover everything from packing to delivery. It is crucial that you check them thoroughly because you need to know everything you are signing. So, let’s dive in the list of important moving documents.

Person signing a document
What are your most important moving documents?

Your moving estimates

This is the key document that contains the number of your belongings that the movers are transporting. This is issued after they send a representative which weighs your items. They also check for other factors such as distance and some additional services you require. There are three types of estimates, a binding estimate, a non-binding estimate, and a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Now we will talk in depth about them.

Types of estimates

  • Binding estimate – this is an estimate of every service the moving company will do during the move. It has a strict fixed price upon which you agree with your movers when you want to move your goods. So if the weight of your belongings is more or less than the price of the weight you agreed upon, it will not be changed. It is not adjustable if the weight of your items is higher or lower. You will still pay the same price
  • Non-binding estimate – This is when the moving company gives you the estimate before they actually do the weighing. After the weighing, the price may differ from the original estimate. There are some other things that can be included in the final price which are not included in the first version, such as additional services you request from the moving company. You should be careful when signing this kind of estimate. Malicious moving companies may use this to increase the price ridiculously and make you pay a lot more than you agreed upon. Many scammer companies do this, so be sure to check their background and reviews for any sign of malicious activity.
  • Binding not-to-exceed-estimate – This is considered the best way to do your move. It is when the moving company presents you with an estimate which will, under no circumstance, become higher. If the actual weight of your goods is higher than the original estimate, the price will not change. If the actual weight is lower than the original estimate, the price will go down accommodating the actual weight of your items.

Only the best and the most reliable companies will offer you all three, and even then only some will offer the third option. Oakville movers are one of those companies that will cater to all your needs and look for the best possible way to conduct your move!

The bill of lading

This is one of the most important moving documents when it comes to your move. It is the document that serves as proof of the deal you have with your moving company. It refers to the transportation of goods from one place to another. On the bill of lading, there will be important details such as the name and the address of the moving company and the ID of their trucks, the address of your house, the address of your new house, payment method, the final price of your move, and the inventory which is being moved. You should pay close attention to every single one of those because if there are some discrepancies, you should talk to the moving representative. When everything is stored and packed on the truck the company will issue you with the bill of lading.

Moving order

This document goes along with the bill of lading and is also one of the most important moving documents. It contains the details of the estimate, time and date of pickup and delivery. This is the official contract with you moving company that both parties have to sign.

mutual signing
You both need to sign the order of service

Other documents

Other than these aforementioned documents, there are some more important moving documents that serve more like a legal insurance policy between you and your movers. These also include documents like school records if you are moving with kids or tax deduction forms. The document that will help you the most is the inventory. The moving company will probably issue you one, but it is a good idea to have your own. The company will give you the inventory sheet, along with the prices of every item that needs special care. This includes high-value or fragile items.

If you are moving with kids, you should contact their schools and get their school records. This is important when you move to a new town and want to enroll them in another school. This includes grades, which classes they passed, and their report cards. For your kids, this is one of the most important moving documents, and be sure to get them on time.

Another important document that the moving company will issue to you is the “Your Rights and Responsibilities”. This is is helpful when you are choosing the moving company and will solve any issues regarding your part in the move. It can also be used as a legal document if the company is conducted some irresponsible behavior, so you can take legal action.

If you are moving for work, for example, to Canada, you can take the tax reduction document as well. One of the best companies related to work space moving are movers Hamilton Ontario based and they will know how to help you in every aspect of your move. When you are moving for work, some moving expenses may be reduced, due to the nature of your move.

Completing the move will benefit both parties.


These are some of the most important moving documents. They pose as a contract between you and you should read them carefully in order to understand everything that needs to be done. By checking out every document you will not be surprised by anything because everything is clearly stated in them. Good luck with your move!