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What to check before signing a moving contract

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before signing a moving contract, read it

To choose a reliable moving company is not that easy as it seems. It often requires a bit of research and a word of mouth before deciding. Some people never dealt with moving companies and don’t have the experience. Hence, they do not know what to ask and can easily be misguided. We are here to give you the most important information related to the subject. This article will help you with your search for a trustworthy moving company. And most important, what you should know before signing a moving contract with movers you chose.

License and insurance

Think of your safety while on a hunt for moving companies. Few things will bring you peace of mind. One is to check if a moving company is operating legally. Do they sign a contract at all? Do they have all permits and licenses, and are they selling the moving insurance? Such basic things you can find online by checking the local communities of movers, or International Association of Movers. While we are on the topic of local moving, we will recommend one of the best moving companies around. Dundas movers are in the business for years. They are still the most affordable and efficient after thousands of successful relocations.

Signing a moving contract with a reputable moving company

Even if the moving company has a license, it does not have to mean that they are treating their customers properly. There are many ways to check how they operate on the field and how they communicate with clients. Let us give you a few examples of how to obtain this information.

  • Check the company website and read positive and negative reviews. Visit forums and read topics about local movers. This way you can absorb the personal experiences of previous customers. You’ll be aware of the complaints filed against moving companies.
Man giving reviews using stars
Check website reviews of your desired moving company
  • You chose a registered moving company that has a physical address, a website, and a logo. Now make an additional step and pay them a visit to see how they operate. Or give them a call and speak with someone on the other side. After the conversation you will know how professional they are, and if they treat their customers with respect.
  • You have every right to ask for several references, so you can check their previous customers. Ask for a company or business they relocated in the past. Give them a call and check if they are satisfied with the moving services they received.
  • Ask a friend or a neighbor if they know anyone who purchased moving services from your company. A word from mouth to mouth is a strong tool. Use it to your advantage before signing a moving contract.
  • While negotiating with a moving company, if they ask of you to pay up-front, that should sound the alarm. Never pay in advance because that might be a scam. Always use a credit card since you can freeze the transaction in case something is wrong.

Moving estimates and terms of use

In such a competitive market, most of the moving companies offer free moving quotes and moving estimates. They will send a representative who will inspect the environment and size and condition of your cargo. Since you already wrote down all the questions up front, this is the time to present them to the evaluator. You should ask if they are making a partial or full inventory list. Then, what are the rates, are they charging by the hour and what are the minimum and maximum prices. Ask in detail about the terms of use and if estimates are binding or non-binding.

It would be highly inconvenient to end up paying more because movers couldn’t park close enough. Or you forgot to include the fact that your apartment is on the 4th floor with no elevator. You’ll get extra charges for simple things if you do not communicate with company representative beforehand. Finally, don’t forget to exchange mandatory details like date and time of the move, locations, contact info etc. Whichever moving service you chose, terms and conditions need to be clear before signing a moving contract.

You should be in contact with your moving company before signing a moving contract
Call moving company representative for any information

Avoid confusion

What is important is to read the terms of use. Some terms of the moving contract you might be unfamiliar with, so do not be afraid to ask. You might not understand parts of the contract with fancy words and phrases. For instance, if your contract is binding or non-binding? Even if the word by itself is describing the meaning there are usually some legalities behind it. Legalities that can be applied to the laws of your country and present additional problems. You want to be sure that the price you are about to pay is final. And that there are no hidden costs or something that will come later unexpected.

One more shining example is the Bill of Lading.  A carrier company is issuing this document, and it is proof that everything is delivered, and that cargo is without damages. You shouldn’t sign this document before checking if everything is in order. If you do, you’ll have troubles when filing a complaint. And one more thing, never sign a blank contract, no matter how much you trust the company. You need everything in writing or else you won’t have proof if anything goes wrong. Therefore, take time to read from the top to the bottom before signing a moving contract.

Read the fine print

Just to magnify the importance of a fine print that is usually located on the bottom pages of almost any contract. It is inconveniently printed with very small letters and if unaware, you can miss it easily. Most fine prints contain important information that can void the contract in a certain situation. That is why it is important to read your contract several times if possible. If you miss something, you will be unable to make claims against a moving company in case you are damaged by any means.

Folder with documents
Double check all moving company documents, especially the fine print

Inventory sheet

Assuming liability for the value of your cargo is something every professional moving company offer before signing a moving contract. Movers are making detailed inventory sheet of your belongings. This way neither side won’t have to think about misplacing or theft. You can make a copy and use it upon arrival to your new home. Check as quick as you can if most valuable items are present. If you are purchasing packing services, check the inventory list. Your valuable and notable items should not be packed and labeled as just a kitchen, bathroom or living room. Items of a high value need to be noted separately.

If you label your library just with “books”, do not be surprised if you are missing your collection from the 18th century once you unpack. If misplaced, items that are not on the list are the same as they never existed. Some moving companies keep their right to refuse to transport certain items if the risk is too high. This is usually the case with unique items that you can’t replace, or if they have great monetary value. But not to worry, we have a solution to your concern. A moving company that will treat your belongings with the same respect they treat you. Cambridge movers are one of the best local moving companies. Give them a call and get the service you deserve.

In conclusion, if you ask the right questions, and cover every detail of your move, you’ll be fine. Take time to study your final offer before signing a moving contract. There is no need to rush and stress even further in these already stressful times. We wish you the best of luck and a successful resolve.