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Advantages of portable storage containers

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Portable storage containers have many advantages that basic storage units don’t possess. They are providing the best and most comfortable way to load all your belongings quickly and safely for transportation to your home. Also, they are an excellent solution that makes unpacking much easier too. Take a look at some of the benefits of the portable storage units.

What are portable storage containers?

The name is self-explanatory. Portable storage containers are the containers that you can pack your belongings in and then transport to the location that you specify. You can also benefit from this type of storage solution when you need to store your items for a short-term and you want them to be close to you.

Moveable storage containers are making a revolution in the system of cargo forwarding all around the world. It is the safest way to move your belongings long-distance since they are durable, sturdy and weather resistant. Their huge advantage is that allows you to make your own packing and moving schedule. You can pack on your own pace and without any deadlines.

There are a lot of companies these days that are offering the services of renting portable storage units. They will deliver it to you, pick it up when you’re done the packing, and safely transport it at the right address whenever, wherever.

Portable storage containers
Portable storage units are a very popular form of transporting goods.


When you rent portable storage containers, they will arrive right to your doorstep. Companies that are renting these kinds of storage options also deliver it to your home. That way you have very convenient access to it since it will be just outside your home. There’s no need to rush the packing process since you can rent it for as long as you need it. You can take your time in order to wrap and pack your belongings safely. Also, when you are moving your boxes to the portable storage container, you can organize them in a way that will make your unpacking process much easier.

After you pack your household into the unit, your work is done. The container provider will send its employees to transport your portable unit to the destination of your choosing. That way you can have a relaxed packing experience. Also, you won’t be bothered with the hassle of driving the moving vehicle yourself. When you choose some of the Hamilton moving services that are renting these types of storages, you are creating conditions to make your move easy and stress-free.

You can choose the perfect size of the portable storage containers

Portable storage containers are coming in many different sizes. You only have to assess the one that will suit your needs perfectly. Number 1 Movers Ontario are one of the best moving company in the business that provides services of the portable storage units. Beside most quality service, they will also provide you a detailed description of the storage requirements that each of their units fit.

Portable storage containers usually come in these sizes:

  • 16-foot containers – The measurements of these containers are 16’× 8’× 8′. It can accommodate the packing of the contents in a 3-4 room home.
  • 12-foot units – If you need to move 2-3 rooms home, this is the best option according to the size.
  • 7-foot units – These types of portable units are ideal for placing belongings of one room comfortably.


Portable storage containers are convenient for many types of situation. They are an ideal choice for the relocation, but also for transporting company archives or moving your office to another location. It is a great short term storage solution and great space to keep your things safe when renovating your home. Since it’s on your lawn, you don’t have to waste time driving to the storage facility every time that you need something from the unit. Their versatility in purpose and size make them ideal storage option.

Also, it would be wise to learn what type of items you can’t store in the storage facility since some of them apply to the portable storage units too.

Protection for Your Belongings

Portable storage containers are very sturdy and durable. They have resistant steel panels that are assembled using frames made from reinforced steel for even more strength. Since they are weather resistant, your belongings will be guarded against the elements. Whether they are in front of your home, in transportation or at a new location.

Portable storage containers are weather resistant.
As long as your stuff is in the portable unit, you won’t have to worry about water, heat, humidity or cold damaging your things.


Portable storage units are lockable in order to keep your belongings safe from theft. When you choose the reliable moving company to rent a unit from, they will guarantee that only you will have the key to the container’s lock. That way you can be sure that nobody will be pocking its noise in your stuff while they are on the road.
If you have sensitive and important belongings, choose steel storage containers since they provide the highest level of safety.

It is important to get insurance on the portable storage unit, just in case. The lock is good protection, but some thief can break it down even as it lay on your front lawn. If there’s a break in into the portable storage container, the provider won’t be liable for the missing things. When you get the storage insurance, you will be protected in those cases. Your home insurance maybe doesn’t include insurance of the portable unit, so it’s best to ask around about that coverage.

Portable storage containers are lockable
Only you will have the lock of the portable storage container.

Clear costs

When you rent the portable storage containers, you exactly know what are you getting and on what cost. The duration of the rental lease will affect the cost, but when the price is set, there are no hidden or unexpected costs that you should worry about. You can rest a sure that initial amount will be the final amount as well.