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Ultimate guide for moving from Lincoln to Oakville

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A man putting coordinates for moving from Lincoln to Oakville

Living in a charming town near the famous Niagara Lakes certainly has its perks. However, if you’re seeking a more urban lifestyle without venturing too far, the idea of moving from Lincoln to Oakville is worth considering. While both of these places offer distinct experiences, Oakville opens the door to a multitude of opportunities and brings you closer to Toronto as well. Regardless of when or why you decide to make this move, dependable moving companies in Ontario will be there to assist you every step of the way. Your new journey awaits, so let’s embark on this exciting path together. In the meantime, here’s what you should keep in mind when planning this local relocation to Oakville in the future.

Important facts to keep in mind when moving from Lincoln to Oakville

Before you pack your bags and hire movers in Oakville to help you relocate, you should compare the two locations and make an informed choice. While Lincoln and Oakville are only about 60 kilometers away from each other, they have many differences. First of all, Lincoln is nestled in the heart of the Niagara Region and is renowned for its picturesque vineyards and wineries. Apart from being a haven for wine enthusiasts, the town also has a  tranquil ambiance, scenic landscapes, and a close-knit community. On top of that, Lincoln boasts a rich agricultural heritage, and you’ll find farmers’ markets and orchards where you can savor fresh, local produce. Therefore, it’s an ideal place for those seeking a slower-paced, rural lifestyle.

A field in the countryside
If you’re looking for move adventure and urban setting, consider leaving Lincoln for Oakville

In contrast, Oakville, situated along Lake Ontario and part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), is a vibrant urban center with a dynamic economy. Oakville offers a wide array of amenities, from upscale shopping districts to diverse dining options. It is known for its well-regarded schools, recreational facilities, and access to high-quality healthcare. The proximity to Toronto means you’re within reach of big-city opportunities, culture, and employment options. However, this urban convenience often comes with a higher cost of living compared to Lincoln. Another big difference is in terms of population as well. Namely, while Lincoln only has about 26,000 residents, Oakville has more than 210,000 inhabitants. So, the chances of making new friends after moving there will be much bigger!

How to organize your move from one place to another the right way?

Although your move from Lincoln to Oakville covers a relatively short distance, ensuring a smooth transition is crucial to avoid any last-minute hassles or forgotten items. It’s best to avoid the inconvenience of making a return trip for overlooked belongings. To guarantee a successful move, there are several key factors to consider, including the importance of securing reliable moving companies Lincoln and obtaining the appropriate packing materials.

A woman writing down a plan for moving from Lincoln to Oakville
Make a good plan for your upcoming relocation

For instance, if you have a spacious home in Lincoln, the moving process may require additional time and effort. This entails creating a comprehensive moving budget, establishing a well-structured timeline for your activities, and diligently compiling an inventory list of your possessions. Fortunately, enlisting the expertise of professional movers can greatly simplify these tasks. Their wealth of experience and knowledge makes packing, even for bulky furniture, a seamless task! Moreover, entrusting your cherished belongings to them provides peace of mind throughout the journey to Oakville.

Differences you can expect on the job market when you relocate from Lincoln to Oakville

If a shift in career opportunities encourages you to relocate, that’s enough of a reason to move to Oakville.  As you already know, Lincoln’s economy primarily revolves around agriculture and viticulture, given its fertile lands and abundance of wineries. Therefore, job opportunities here are often related to farming, agribusiness, and the wine industry. For instance, here, you might find positions as a vineyard manager or agricultural technician. Still, job mobility in Lincoln may be limited for individuals seeking opportunities outside of agriculture or viticulture. Those with specialized skills in these sectors may find it more challenging to transition to different industries without relocating.

People having a business meeting
While Lincoln has more jobs in the field of agriculture, Oakville has more opportunities in finance and marketing

Meanwhile, Oakville boasts a more diversified economy, with strong sectors in finance, healthcare, and technology. The presence of multinational corporations, including automotive companies and financial institutions like Ford and TD Bank, provides various and diverse job prospects. The average annual income in Oakville was approximately CAD $70,000 to $80,000. However, this figure could vary widely based on factors such as your specific job, qualifications, and years of experience.  However, while salaries in Oakville tend to be higher, the higher cost of living, particularly in housing, can impact disposable income.

If you have children, compare the education prospects in both places

Education is one of the issues that parents who are moving to Ontario with a family would carefully consider. In fact, many parents choose to relocate in order to ensure that their children obtain the greatest education available. That being said, Lincoln offers a range of elementary and secondary schools, typically catering to the needs of its local population. Schools like Twenty Valley Public School and Beamsville District Secondary School serve the town’s students. However, Lincoln doesn’t have post-secondary institutions within its boundaries. Therefore, students often commute to nearby cities for higher education.

A group of students attending lecture after moving from Lincoln to Oakville
For those who plan to attend higher education, moving from Lincoln to Oakville seems like a logical choice

Meanwhile, since it’s a much bigger city, Oakville has a more extensive and diverse educational landscape. It is home to numerous public and private schools, including several prestigious institutions. For example, Oakville Trafalgar High School is renowned for its academic excellence, and there are specialized programs like the International Baccalaureate (IB) at White Oaks Secondary School. On top of that, Oakville is home to Sheridan College, which offers numerous programs and research opportunities in fields such as animation, business, and healthcare. The proximity to other famous universities in Toronto, like the University of Toronto, further expands the educational and research possibilities.

Entertainment options and things to do in Oakville after moving there

Moving from Lincoln to Oakville opens up a world of entertainment options and exciting activities. For example, if you love spending time by the water, you could just enjoy the view or take a walk by the lake. Sports enthusiasts can stay active with golf, tennis, and water sports. Meanwhile, if you love arts and culture, you could indulge in Oakville’s rich arts scene, which includes art galleries, theaters, and live music venues, such as the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Keeping that in mind, community events and festivals like the Oakville Jazz Festival and Midnight Madness bring neighbors together for fun and entertainment.

Foodies will also enjoy Oakville’s culinary diversity, from upscale restaurants to cozy cafes, serving dishes from many international cuisines. The charming downtown area beckons shoppers with its boutique shops, art galleries, and artisanal boutiques. Besides, Oakville’s nearness to Toronto allows for easy day trips to enjoy the city’s world-class museums, theaters, sports events, and shopping districts. Finally, nature lovers can explore Oakville’s parks, nature reserves, and trails for outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and bird-watching. With so many options, Oakville ensures a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle for those coming here from Lincoln!

Inform yourself about the real estate market trends in Oakville

Whether you’re planning to rent or buy a property, you need to know some basic facts about the housing market and desirable neighborhoods in your new city. Keep in mind that Oakville’s real estate market has fierce competition and a limited inventory of available homes. So, eager buyers often pounce on properties within a matter of days or weeks after their listing. The surge in demand stems from the influx of buyers while the supply struggles to keep pace. As a result, Oakville has a median home price of approximately $1.5 million, which can be a lot for first-time home buyers. Still, the soaring prices come as no surprise, given Oakville’s prime location along Lake Ontario, its amenities, and the presence of top-tier educational institutions.

home you might have after moving from Lincoln to Oakville
Homes in Oakville will be much more expensive, but if you can afford it, they will be worth it!

While your choice of a place to live in will depend on many factors, you might consider living in some of these popular neighborhoods in Oakville:

  1. Old Oakville: Old Oakville, also known as Downtown Oakville, is a historic and highly sought-after neighborhood. It’s famous for its tree-lined streets, upscale boutiques, restaurants, and a vibrant cultural scene. The area is within walking distance of Lake Ontario and comes with beautiful parks and waterfront trails.
  2. Glen Abbey: Glen Abbey is famous for being home to the Glen Abbey Golf Course, where the Canadian Open has been hosted. This neighborhood offers a range of housing options, from spacious homes to townhouses and condos. It’s also known for its schools, parks, and access to amenities like shopping centers and healthcare facilities.
  3. Morrison: Morrison is an upscale neighborhood known for its luxury estates, large lots, and prestigious schools. It appeals to affluent families seeking spacious homes in a tranquil, wooded setting. It’s also close to downtown Oakville and its amenities.
  4. Clearview: Clearview is a family-friendly neighborhood known for its excellent schools, parks, and proximity to major highways, making it convenient for commuters. The community features well-maintained homes and a strong sense of community.

Now that you know more about Oakville, make a plan and organize your relocation

Effective planning and preparation can significantly reduce the stress, time, and financial burden associated with the relocation, enabling you to settle into Oakville swiftly. Consider this phase of the moving process as a vital preparatory stage, one that will not only save you time, energy, and money but also preserve your sanity. To navigate this phase smoothly, here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Create a comprehensive checklist: Crafting a detailed checklist is a must when preparing for the move. It acts as your trusty guide, ensuring nothing is left behind during the hectic moving day. So, devote ample time to develop a thorough checklist that will serve as your companion throughout the process.
  2. Gather essential moving supplies: Equipping yourself with the necessary moving supplies is fundamental. You’ll require items like moving boxes Hamilton, bubble wrap, duct tape, labels, and markers. These materials will safeguard your possessions during the transition.
  3. Explore moving services: Seek quotes and offers from various moving service providers to make an informed decision. Therefore, investigate their reputation, reviews, and credentials to choose the one that best aligns with your needs and budget.
  4. Strategize your moving day and make an unpacking plan: Plan the logistics of your moving day, including the timeline, transportation, and any additional assistance you may require. Then, establish a systematic approach to unpacking once you’ve arrived at your new home. Having a clear plan in place will help streamline the settling-in process.
A woman moving
Preparing for the move and packing s the next step you should take

Other things to keep in mind when making a move from Lincoln to Oakville

When contemplating a move from Lincoln to Oakville, it’s essential to consider additional practical factors that can facilitate a seamless transition. Firstly, take the time to familiarize yourself with the healthcare facilities available in Oakville, including hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. Ensure a smooth continuation of your healthcare by transferring medical records and prescriptions to healthcare providers in the new area. If you plan to use public transit for your daily commute or transportation needs in Oakville, research bus routes, schedules, and fare information. Lastly, to nurture a sense of community and integration, actively engage in local activities and events. Joining community groups, participating in local gatherings, and exploring recreational opportunities in Oakville can help you establish connections and make the most of your new home. Then, host a housewarming party in your new Oakville home and meet even more neighbors!

As you can see, moving from Lincoln to Oakville opens doors to a plethora of exciting opportunities. From the diverse housing options to promising career prospects, Oakville stands as an appealing destination for individuals and families alike. Moreover, the abundance of entertainment options, Lake Ontario waterfront, cultural events, and a thriving culinary scene ensures that Oakville offers something enjoyable for everyone!