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How to host a housewarming party in Oakville?

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    Colorful confetti on the floor after you host a housewarming party in Oakville

    With a population of over 213,000, Oakville is one of the major cities in Ontario. And according to many people, it is one of the most desirable places to live in Canada as well. The population living here is highly diverse, and long distance movers Ontario have their hands full moving newcomers to the city every day. If you’re also one of them, you are likely planning to host a housewarming party in Oakville to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter of life. Here are what you should know in order to make this party unforgettable!

    What should you keep in mind before you host a housewarming party in Oakville?

    The biggest expense when organizing an event is the venue. On average, venues in Canada charge you from $50 per hour to $1,000+ per hour to use their space for your party. Some moving companies Ontario charge starting from $550 for a move, which doesn’t seem like much compared to the party expenses that you are about to have. Of course, if you want to avoid paying for this, you can always organize the party in your new home.

    Picture of two men who managed to host a housewarming party in Oakville
    The venue is the biggest expense for a party

    The second expense you can count on is the food and drinks, which will cost around $2,500 for bigger events. Even though it will take time, you can make the food yourself or get someone to help. The third expense is the decorations, for which you can expect to pay around $500. But you can also decide to do this yourself.

    How to host a memorable party?

    Hosting a memorable party doesn’t necessarily mean having a big venue, luxurious food, and gala decorations. These factors will take the whole experience to a new level, but it is mostly about the atmosphere at the event itself. If movers Hamilton Ontario help you relocate to your new apartment, you will have more energy and motivation to handle party-related tasks later on.  Basically, to properly host a housewarming party in Oakville and make it unforgettable, you should:

    • Keep it small and simple
    • Socialize with the people you plan to invite first

    Keep it small and simple

    A party is best when the atmosphere is comfortable. If you stress too much about everything, you won’t be able to enjoy anything. Don’t overdo anything, keep in mind your budget and free time, and work with what you have. Most people will attend the party for you, not for the food or decorations. If you as the host feel relaxed, the atmosphere will also be better. And in case you move with some movers in Oakville Ontario you will be well rested and ready to organize an awesome party.

    Socialize before you invite people to your party

    No matter how many people you invite to your event, you will feel more outgoing if you know the people who are there. Since you are in a new city, you won’t have many friends yet. That’s why you should get to know your neighbors, colleagues, and even the cashiers at your local stores. And one of the best ways to make new friends is to invite everyone who seems friendly enough to your party!

    Picture of two women taking pictures
    When you host a housewarming party in Oakville, try to socialize with the people as much as possible

    Conclusion on how to host a housewarming party in Oakville

    Moving to a new place might make you feel stressed, and relocating to the city of Oakville is no different. A completely new place and people may not have you in the mood for a party, but that is a good way to start new friendships. With our tips, you will hopefully host a housewarming party in Oakville to remember!