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Reasons to move to Oakville

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lake Ontario CA

You decided on moving to Ontario and you are currently searching for a perfect borough for you and your family. Wonderful news indeed. Each relocation brings a lot of positive and a few negative sides with it. You must prepare, pack, find proper movers Oakville. Also, you should choose the neighborhood that will suit you the most. All those steps will require time, money, and energy. Therefore, we will help you by cutting your search down to zero. We present you Oakville, a cozy little town on Lake Ontario. Let us together cover the reasons to move to Oakville and begin your next chapter in this amazing environment.

Prepare your relocation plan first

It is just a matter of time when you will find your new neighborhood. You must be prepared to uproot and relocate quickly if needed. Maybe you find an amazing opportunity you can’t miss. Therefore, you must at least have a plan in place. Then, once you have your moving date and a new address, you can pack accordingly and relocate successfully. So, the first step is to create a moving checklist with all moving-related tasks. Inspect your home and figure out how many items and furniture you must pack. This way you will know how many packing supplies are required and if there are any obstacles along the way.

Movers loading moving vehicle
Find a reliable moving company and check their schedule. Enlist your movers once you are ready to move.

Once you have the rough numbers, you can call your Number 1 Van Lines and together calculate your moving costs. The info you bring is important because it will help movers with the precise moving quote. Also, they will prepare better and organize your relocation quicker. Hence, inspect the situation, list everything down, call your movers, and you are good to go. When the time comes, you’ll be ready to move within a week.

The main reasons to move to Oakville

Now, let us cover a few reasons to move to Oakville and explain why this town is a good option for you. It is a great city overall but what stands out the most is the peace and quiet you’ll find here. Some people might argue it is annoyingly peaceful and that nothing is ever happening here. And if you think for a second, it is a good thing. It doesn’t have to be a hectic nightlife environment with a lot of action all over the place.

It is so close to Toronto that you can cover all your shopping, social life, nights out, and work out there. And the fact that it is so peaceful and friendly got it to the first spot on the list of best Canadian cities for families. What more do you want? Ask your friends, family, or coworkers, and they will all agree. If you want to raise a family in a nice and safe environment, Oakville is the place to be in.

Nature is more than amazing

Nature in Oakville is the main reason why so many tourists visit this place annually. What can we say, Ontario Lake and plenty of parks all over the place would attract anyone. So, if you have any doubts, you should be a tourist for a weekend and explore the greenery this place holds. Go online and check out some pictures and read reviews. Make a list of all the parks and notable nature-related places you want to visit. We can recommend checking Coronation Park, Lakeside Park, Bronte Creek Provincial, and Heritage Waterfront Park. But we are sure that you’ll find a few more worth visiting because there are hundreds of viable candidates out there. And one more thing, where is a lake there is a beach. This means if the weather is on your side you can take your family out swimming and spend a lovely day on the beach. Such an experience might turn you over and you decide on moving to Oakville after all.

Lake Ontario is one of the reasons to move to Oakville
Who wouldn’t love to live close to the lake and all this beautiful nature?

There are plenty of opportunities from all sides

When we talk about the economical aspect and quality of life, Oakville is not falling behind. As a matter of fact, many people buy real estate here instead of Toronto which is less than thirty kilometers away. This is one of those environments where you can live in a small, cozy, cost-efficient city while working in a giant only a few minutes away. Oakville excels in the following:

  • Real estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Cost of living
  • Safety

We must say, the best option is to buy a place in Oakville if possible. If not, at least rent there because prices are stupidly lower compared to Toronto.

Let’s explore Oakville together!

Before we say anything, remember, all the fun and nightlife is in Toronto. Yes, this includes the best bars in Toronto as well. But on the other note, Oakville has a lot to offer when we speak about museums, galleries, and culture in general.

This can be a home to any artistic soul out there. We can recommend checking Streetsville Historical Society, Museums of Burlington, and Ireland House Museum. And when it comes to sports, opportunities are endless. You have Soccer, Lacrosse, Skating, Hockey, Canoeing, Baseball, and many more. So, we suggest starting your journey at the Bronte Harbor where you have two Bronte museums, a few shopping places, and the best restaurants, and coffee shops in the city. Work your way from there and you’ll fall in love with this place.

Lake Ontario and a statue
Start your journey at the lakeside. You will have a hard time deciding what to do first!

Favorable weather is one of the reasons to move to Oakville

Yes, talking about the weather is extremely boring. But we must mention favorable weather in Oakville because it might be one of the greatest reasons to move to Oakville. No matter where you are moving from, you will find the weather favorable. It is a humid continental climate with warm summers and mild winters. So, no extreme weather in this place. Although, like in any city with a lake, the weather is harsher near the lake and more favorable further away. Consider this when browsing for homes and neighborhoods in Oakville.

Ok, now you know the main reasons to move to Oakville. All in all, you should work and party in Toronto while having a peaceful, safe, and cost-efficient life in Oakville. For sure a place where you can raise your family and prosper. And if you find everything you need here in Oakville, even better. You know what is out there, now reach out and seize the opportunity. Good luck.