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Toronto guide for newcomers

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Are you are just exploring the opportunity of moving to Canada’s largest city? Even if you are already one step ahead of the planning phase and on the hunt, for a place to stay you will certainly appreciate a quick Toronto guide for newcomers. Depending on the moving stage you are in, your search may take you through learning more about the city or finding tips on how to organize your visas or other documents for travel. You may spend your time finding a place to call your own or perhaps preparing for employment. As experts in the moving business, we can certainly help with answers to at least some of your questions.

Weather in Toronto

If you are planning to move to Toronto during the winter beware that the winter months can be extremely cold. Temperatures go below 32°F and dropping even to -13°F. The first months of the year are the coldest. The snowing season begins in December.
Spring may be the ideal season to call your Toronto movers and get things moving along. Spring temperatures are mild and spring months have steady temperatures during the day.
The warmest months in the city are July and August, but even then the temperatures are not extreme and you can enjoy sunny weather during the daytime without worrying too much.

a person walking on a snowy day
Winter stroll in snowy Toronto

What to pack

Whenever you decide to settle in, be sure to check Toronto’s current weather conditions and pack accordingly. You just may need to bring a warm jacket in April. If you are unsure of how many things to pack, remember the golden rule of packing during a move – pack only what you need and have used them in the past year. If you are moving from another country be sure to check beforehand how to bring your belongings duty-free. Be sure to bring your passport and visa-related documentation. Do not bring any type of weapon.

Finding a place to stay in Toronto

Every Toronto guide for newcomers should also be focusing on housing options and we at Number1Movers, with years of experience in moving individuals and families to their dream homes, can help with that.
If you are looking for short term housing options here is a list of possibilities you can explore:

  • Hostels – an economical solution for individuals or even families with fewer members
  • B&Bs – good option for working individuals as breakfast is served at the location
  • Budget hotels and motels – cheap and affordable option to all newcomers to Toronto
  • Apartments for rent – good option if you are looking for shared housing
  • Apartment hotels – more affordable option than hotels

If you are looking for a permanent hub for your family you might look for neighborhoods that are located near your place of work or have a good school for your kids, but you can be sure that every neighborhood in this multicultural city has its own identity. So before contacting your residential movers Toronto – based you should invest in finding the best-fit neighborhood for your family and your lifestyle.

Employment guide for Toronto newcomers

After you are settled, it is time to look for a job. Even though Toronto is a large city, finding a job can take some time. Some surveys say that it takes about 4 months to a year for people to find employment.
Some jobs are more in demand than others. If you are a nurse or a software engineer, finding employment shouldn’t be an issue. Also, if you happen to be a truck driver or a welder, you are in luck. Those are some occupations that are always in high demand.
The best approach is to look for Toronto employment from where you live right now. Especially, if you are an immigrant. Before moving be sure to contact Toronto employers and get an offer. Unfortunately, that part does not come easy but is certainly worth a try.
Be sure to contact Job Bank for relevant, up-to-date information on finding a job as a Toronto newcomer. You can explore opportunities for various occupations and check out different wages.

man standing in city square reading toronto guide for newcomers
A melting pot of different cultures

Toronto relocation for newcomers

Toronto and Canada, in general, have been attracting immigrants for decades. As Canada’s largest city, Toronto is a good place to live and work. It is multicultural and diverse. As a newcomer to Toronto, you will face some difficulties for sure. More important, you will face amazing opportunities like building a better life for your family. Crime rates in Toronto are low. It is a safe and secure city to raise your kids. Some recent studies even show that it is the safest place in North America. Public transport is well regulated, making it easier to travel from point A to point B.
The public school system and public healthcare are also available to immigrants. There are also some services designed to help newcomers adjust to life in Toronto. Those services include English classes or help while job seeking.

sunny day in toronto canada
The city is located on the shores of Lake Ontario


You might be moving from a different province or immigrating to Canada from another country. Either way, you can expect Toronto to be an interesting melting pot of different cultures. The population is diverse, with people coming from all parts of the world. Most certainly, you will easily find a local community that will help you feel welcomed. Housing is good, there are a lot of residential neighborhoods. Large communities are centered around great schools and great public transportation. Benefit from the city’s location on the shores of Lake Ontario. Take a ferry to Toronto Islands, take a walk or enjoy some fun water activities. Be sure to visit the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum and take the kids to the Zoo. If you happen to be an avid sports fan, do not miss out on the opportunity to see the marvelous Rogers Centre. It is home to Toronto’s baseball team called Toronto Blue Jays. Eat some great food, meet new friends and you will shortly call the city your own.