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Fun winter activities in Oakville

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When temperatures get low, we can’t say anything other than the real winter has arrived. If you want to move somewhere where you can see the white blanket of snow every year, you should think about Oakville. Here are some tips for some fun winter activities in Oakville so you can get the know this picturesque town even better. And don’t worry, Number 1 Movers will make the move a breeze.

As winter is a large part of the Canadian experience, you need to know how to handle the snow and the cold, either by embracing it or escaping from it.

Enjoy the snow with fun winter activities in Oakville

After you arrive at Oakville and move your household, head out with your family and fill your day with winter activities such as sliding, skiing, snowboarding or making a snowman and enjoying the snow. You can even have a competition in making a snow-fort. The kids will be extremely happy with this idea, just don’t forget to dress appropriately for the wheater.

Go for a walk in nature and charge your batteries

Even if it’s cold outside, the cold air will do you good. Walking positively affects your general mood. Walk by the shore of Lake Ontario, see the water, forest or the park and refresh your mind and your body. If you have a dog you can take him for a walk. You and your furry friend will enjoy the brisk air which will recharge your batteries for the responsibilities waiting for you at home or work, and some professional help will take care of the stress about the move.

fun winter activities in Oakville
The woods are perfect for fun winter activities in Oakville.

If you’re not a fan of walking in the cold, or you just miss the versatility of the summer landscape, visit the Municipal Greenhouses in Oakville. There you can find flowers blooming and nature flourishing.

Ice-skating and hockey

Ice-skating is a highly entertaining activity during the winter months. The outdoor skating rings start being available at the start of December and the ones that are experienced skaters can show off their skills.

Hockey is a perfect winter activity.

Besides ice-skating, there is also hockey, and what sport is more Canadian than hockey? There is a lot of amateur hockey players in Oakville, so you won’t have a problem with finding yourself a team.

Running is not an impossible idea

Cold days are suitable for running and it can be a great activity. Even if you’re moving from someplace distant that has different weather, you can always give it a try.  Maybe this one is not for everyone, but those who enjoy it don’t give up even in the winter months. Don’t fall out of your training regime just because of some snow and cold. Make sure to dress accordingly and don’t forget your cap and gloves.

Recreational bike tours

While some ride a bike everywhere, others put it in their garage with the first day of fall and wait for spring and warmer days. However, sunny winter days are ideal for bike trips and sightseeing. Get yourself nice and warm and start exploring the surrounding area.

Blow some steam off in the adrenaline park

Paintball, ping-pong, laser tag or indoor rock climbing will get you tired and warm in this season of low temperature. Most of these activities are planned for a group of people, so call-up your friends of working colleagues, get away from your couch and desk chair and have some fun.

If you really want to get your blood flowing, why not hop for an indoor skydive at iFLY Toronto.

Visit museums

Oakville has a great array of museums so it will be hard to pick just one. From outdoor art shows to guided walking tours of historic Oakville, it has something for everybody.  In the historical overview of Oakville, make sure not to miss visiting the Erchless Estate, home of the town’s founding fathers.

If you prefer to stay indoors during winter, Oakville also has great exhibitions in the Oakville museum and the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.

Visit the Golf Hall of Fame.

Make sure not to miss the Golf Hall of Fame, as it has a lot of great history and maybe it will get you interested in golf if you’re not already. If you want to precisely plan your activities, go to the towns’ page to see the dates of the exhibitions. Those who are keener to galleries can go see some art at Oakville Galleries or the QEPCC.

Winter nights with a good book in your hand

Cold winter nights are made for reading while you’re all snuggled up in a blanket in front of your fireplace. For a stress-free winter move, call Oakville movers. When you’re all settled in, make yourself a cup of tea, bake some home-made cookies and choose a book to spice up your evening. Reading has a calming effect and is a great way to fight off stress. Additionally, reading can expand your vocabulary and broaden your horizons.

Watch a movie, play some board games

A family marathon of your favorite movie together with some snacks and hot cacao will make for a great winter night. Especially when it is too cold and dark to do anything outside. Another great family activity is board games, so organize a family game night with some Monopoly or Risk.

Dinner at home with family and friends

Work and other responsibilities during the day don’t leave us with enough time to cook interesting meals. But, despite everything, take some time at the end of the week to prepare dinner for you and your friends and family. Good food, a relaxed conversation, and some socializing with friends will always be a good head start into the new week.

Fun winter activities in Oakville never stop

Whether you’re an indoor or an outdoor person, you will have fun in Oakville. The town has plenty of activities during the winter that will help you push through it. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning.