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Top 5 Pro Interior Design Tips for 2022

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    Trends in interior design are constantly changing. Some designs are coming back to trend, while others are slowly fading away until better times. So, it’s not easy to follow these trends. You can’t really change the design of your whole apartment just to be trendy. The best time to try out a new design trend is when you are moving into a new home with Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines. This way, you have a blank canvas which in this case is your new apartment to decorate however you liked it. For this reason, here are a few pro interior design tips for 2022.

    What are the top pro interior design tips for 2022?

    Moving is not the most pleasant task in the world. But it’s a perfect opportunity to explore interior design trends and what you can do in your new home. However, you first have to prepare for a relocation. Luckily, moving and moving preparation is much easier if you do it with residential movers Toronto. Also, as you won’t be stressed too much if you hire professional movers, you will be able to focus on how you are going to decorate your new home. For this reason, some of the pro interior design tips for 2022 are the following:

    • Downsizing
    • Color schemes
    • Lighting
    • Pattern Play
    • 3D Art

    Downsizing is always a trend

    With all that’s happening in the world, there is one lesson that stood apart and that is that consumerism is not good. You don’t need too many useless belongings in your home. Relocation is the perfect time to downsize just like retirement is a good time for downsizing. You should declutter all items that you don’t use or need in your life. Additionally, you won’t create a mess in your new home right away.

    bedroom is a style of one of the pro interior design tips for 2022
    You could try the minimalist design trend.

    Color schemes

    Picking the right color for your room can do wonders. You shouldn’t choose very bright colors for small spaces as that will only make them seem even smaller. If you are moving to a small apartment, your color scheme should be monochromatic with pastel colors. You can always add some decoration in bold colors such as red, pink, etc. For this reason, when you are organizing your spring move, you should also think about what color is the best for which room.

    3D art is a great way to take your design to a next level

    Hanging pictures on the walls is not the only way how you can decorate your living space. You can use 3D art to decorate your new home. If you don’t know what 3D art is, it’s an art piece that is created in three dimensions rather than two like pictures. You don’t have to get a large artwork if you don’t have a budget. Even a small artwork can make a huge difference.

    blue head with pink brain
    3D artwork is one of the pro interior design tips for 2022.

    Try out different lighting

    One of the top pro interior design tips for 2022 is to play with different lighting. You can choose between cooler and warmer lighting depending on what you want to create. If you want a cozier atmosphere, then your choice should be warmer lighting.