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How to recharge after a long distance move

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a family sitting on the couch after a move

Deciding to move is a big step in your life. The process before the actual move itself is a very stressful one. In order for the whole moving process to go well, you need great organizational skills. Plus you always need to have a plan and organize your time and resources in accordance with that plan. After the whole process of moving is finished and you are finally inside the new place that you call home, you can experience a feeling of weariness. Believe it or not, it is actually very common to feel exhausted after a long distance move. Even when you move with a good and reputable company like Number 1 Movers, you can still feel tired. So how can you recharge after a long distance move? Do not worry,  you are in the right place to find the answers that will help with these feelings.


A tired woman thinking about how to recharge after a long distance move
The feeling of weakness can sometimes last a long time after the move

What can cause moving fatigue?

Many factors can affect the overall mood of a person. And they can influence us and our behavior much more than we think. Some of the common things that can influence our mood when moving are:

  • Stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Work overload
  • The weather
  • Lack of exercise etc.

All of these mood influencers mentioned above are present during your move. You feel stressed when you have to plan and supervise the moving process. This is why it is important to learn how to deal with moving stress.  Also, you will probably sleep poorly due to the change in your bed and your bedroom itself. Moreover, you will not have enough time to prepare your well-balanced meals so you will probably turn to fast food, which affects your mood greatly. Working while moving can drive you into a state of constant worry, be that for work or the move itself.

The weather will affect your mood, that is a no-brainer. You feel energized and happy when the sun is shining. On the other hand, you feel drowsy and weary when it is raining outside. Therefore, you should avoid moving in the bad weather.  Lastly, many people think that exercising will lower energy levels. But in reality, it is quite opposite, the more you work out the more energy you will have.

Things you can do in your home to recharge after a long distance move

Once you move into your new home with the help of long distance movers in Hamilton you will probably want to go out and take part in outdoor activities. But first, there are some indoor activities that can help you recharge after the move. We already mentioned that stress is one of the main things that affect our mood. Moreover, if you do not know where what is in your new home and you constantly keep searching for things you will get really annoyed. And you will also experience a lot of stress. Therefore unpacking is the first thing you should do when you move into your new home.

Organizing and putting your household items in their place inside your new home will help you settle in faster and feel at peace. Organizing your home can be therapeutic. As long as you don’t rush it, organizing your new place will help you recharge and feel better.

Family unpacking their household items
Unpacking is the first thing you should do when you move in

Things you can do outside to recharge after a move

Taking part in activities outside will help you relax and help you adapt easier to your new surroundings. You can go skiing in the mountains and experience the beautiful and breathtaking nature that Canada has to offer after moving there with long distance movers in Canada. Moreover, if you have children you can take the whole family to a local park and have fun in the snow. You can build a snowman or you can make wall shields from snow and divide into teams to have a snowball fight. Moreover, any kind of physical activity like hiking, playing football, kayaking, etc. will put you in a good mood and make you feel better.

How to prevent moving fatigue?

By now we have talked about the thing you can do after the move to recharge but let us see what we can do to prevent such extreme feelings of weariness. This is nothing new, but drinking plenty of water will help your mood and your energy levels. Stress and tiredness are more often than not linked to bodies that are deprived of water. So drinking at least two liters a day is a must. Both before the move and after, being hydrated is essential.

Also eating healthy while moving will help you stay full of energy. Therefore you will feel less tired and you will bounce back faster after the move. Moreover, even though it can be hard try to maintain your sleep schedule. Doing this will make your body feel fewer changes than if you mix up your sleeping schedule during the long distance move. If you did not know, following a constant sleeping schedule will increase your energy levels during the day. Therefore we need to keep our biological rhythm intact so that we feel better.

A woman with raised arms at the beach
Take some time to recharge after a long distance move

Give yourself some time to recharge after relocating

We have tackled some of the things you can do to recharge after a long distance move. Remember that if you plan your move well in advance and if you continue to maintain your body’s biological rhythm combined with fun outdoor activities your feeling of weariness will be significantly lower. Keep yourself hydrated and eat some vegetables with your meals. This will give you energy and you will be able to recharge after a move pretty quickly! Also, give yourself some time to rest and you will see that real soon you will be full of energy enjoying your new home.