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Tips for transporting a motorcycle to Ontario

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Are you preparing to transport a motorcycle to Ontario? We have prepared some useful tips on how to do it right!

The most enjoyable way to transport your bike is to ride it yourself. However, we can’t use that option all the time due to various reasons. Therefore, sometimes we need to resort to transporting our bike via other means. Transporting a motorcycle to Ontario is not really difficult but there are some things to consider. First of all, if you are moving your bike over long distances, the best option might be to hire the service of long distance movers Ontario. This will make sure that your bike is absolutely safe the entire way. But you can also relocate it on your own. You will just need a bit of know-how and some tips. And that is what this article is all about. Giving you that knowledge and the tips to make your motorcycle transportation as easy as it gets!

How to safely transport a motorcycle to Ontario?

Your bike is going to go onto another vessel for its transport. In order to make this transition as seamless as possible, you will need to:

  • Acquire proper equipment
  • Learn how to load your motorcycle
  • Secure your motorcycle before transporting to Ontario
Get proper equipment such as a loading ramp to properly load your motorcycle into the moving truck.

Acquire proper equipment

Depending on the make and model of your bike, you may need to figure out what exact models and brands to get, but you will need these in any case:

  • The loading ramp is an essential piece of equipment that you will need when loading your bike into the vessel of your choice. While you can use wood planks or something similar, with a proper loading ramp you are not running any risk of damage to your bike. Planks, or other replacements, might bend or sink which may cause damage to your vehicle.
  • Chocks and Ratchet straps are the items that you need in order to secure the motorcycle in place during transport. Again, replacements such as bungee cords or any sort of a rope will not secure it firmly enough. They can also cause a small amount of damage to your bike, as well. Make sure that you use a soft loop strap as one of the ratchet straps.
  • A bar harness will protect your bike by securing the handlebars in place while also protecting them from any accidental damage.
  • Friends to help do not really go under “equipment” but you will definitely need them, as well. First of all, few more sets of eyes can’t hurt and the loading process itself is a 2-person job, at the very least. Of course, depending on the make and model of your bike, having friends around goes from “handy” to “absolutely essential” for some of the larger models. And, after all, you will want your friends around anyway. Everything is more fun with friends! Of course, this is true when social distancing is not in effect. Stay safe!

How to load your motorcycle?

The process of loading your bike is quite simple, once you have the proper equipment. However, there are a lot of places where you can do something wrong and damage the motorcycle or its parts. When moving to Ontario over long distances, you need to make sure that your property is safe at all times. And you accomplish that by being careful with the loading process. In short, you will need to:

  • Make sure to secure the ramp
  • Put your bike into neutral
  • Get help
Secure a motorcycle and a ramp!

The loading process

Whether you are preparing for a long-distance move or moving locally, securing the ramp is your first priority. The ramp itself comes with a rubber end that needs to rest on the transportation vessel. Make sure that the other end is rested on the ground as even as possible. You will also have a hook that you use to fasten a ratchet strap in place. The other end of the strap goes to the back of the vessel. Make sure that it is quite tight. The goal here is that you ensure that the ramp has no way to slip when under motorcycle weight.

Before you roll your bike up the ramp, make sure that it is in neutral. Many people leave their bikes in gear, which will stop it from moving. Take care of the little things and the big ones will fall into place!

After everything is set, it is time to load the bike. This is where you will need some help because the best way to do this is to have one person grab the handles and the other to push the bike from behind. This will make sure that the bike is in an optimal position all the way up the ramp. Near the top of the ramp, the bike will be at its heaviest and most vulnerable state. At this point, it is important that both of you push and pull at the same time, respectively. This will ensure that the bike is stable and that no single person is bearing the full brunt of the bike’s weight. This will considerably reduce any chances of an injury.

Use straps to secure your motorcycle.

Secure your motorcycle

After the bike is loaded, all that is left is to properly secure it. For this, you will need to:

  • Put the chocks in place and kickstand up. Your bike simply cannot travel with the kickstand in the down position as that may damage the bike. Straps are what will keep it upright.
  • Attach the bar harness. You will attach straps to the harness to avoid damaging, or even snapping, the handlebars. The harness goes onto the bars and straps go onto the harness.
  • Use ratchet straps and soft loop strap. One strap goes to each side of the harness and the other goes to the wall or the floor of the vessel. Make sure they are quite tight, to prevent any sort of bike movement during transport. The soft loop strap goes over the motorcycle body itself. In most cases, it will not cause any damage to the body but you may put a piece of cloth between it and your bike if you want to be 101% sure. Attach another strap to the soft loop and fix it to the vessel, as usual.

Hire professionals for transporting a motorcycle to Ontario

Finally, if you don’t want to bother with any of this, you can simply hire the services of professional movers. They will have all the equipment and knowledge that is needed for transporting a motorcycle to Ontario. If you simply have too much work on your hands, this is the option for you!