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Tips for Packing Your Home Library

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A girl who would know everything about packing your home library

Packing your home library might seem rather simple at first. Books are fairly regular and shape, and thus shouldn’t require too much of your efforts to pack. This is one of the most common misconceptions people have when it comes to packing books.  Just ask your Ancaster movers and they’ll be able to list a number of reasons why this undertaking is not as easy as it might seem. Their convenient shape is not the only thing you ought to take into consideration when it comes to packing books. They can vary in fragility, size, value, and cover type. With this in mind, we will offer some valuable tips that will help you with packing your home library.

Pack only what you need

It won’t come as much of a surprise when we say that packing for a move is the perfect opportunity to declutter. Your library is no exception to this rule. Getting rid of the excess literature will be beneficial to you in many ways, some of our most favorite being:

  • starting your new life only with the items you truly need in order to flourish and prosper
  • taking less time to pack all of your books (having that there is now fewer of them)
  • spending less money on packing materials
  • getting a lower moving quote from your Burlington movers, since the load you are transporting is lighter
A wall filled with books
Chances are you can go without at least a couple of books, if not many more.

All of that seems nice and fine, but how does one go about getting curbing their bookshelves?”, you might think. Well, we suggest that you start a couple of months in advance, depending on the size of your library. Ideally, you would want to make a few scopes through your shelves and decide what you want to carry with you. This way, it will be easier to get rid of redundant books since you won’t have to separate a whole bunch right away. Instead, you can take your time, and make sound decisions. Once your designated collection is finalized, find a proper place to donate them to. Try not to look back, but rather rejoice that you are starting anew.

Proper sorting of the written words

After the decluttering, what you will be left with is a special assemblage of the books that hold certain and undisputable value. You ought to sort them by their size, type of cover, and their frailty. For the first, you want to have at least three groups with books of similar size. The second means that you need to have two groups: hardcover and paperback books. As for the third feature, you can also have two groups: the books that require special tending to, and the ones that don’t. This sorting might take some time, but it will simplify the whole process of packing your home library. 

The packing supplies you are going to need

While one book is rather simple to handle and easy to carry, a whole bunch can give you a lot of troubles. Books are some of the heaviest items you are going to pack and transport, based on their volume. With this in mind, you don’t want to skimp on boxes of highest quality and sturdiness. They shouldn’t be too big since you don’t want to pack a big box with loads of book. It will be downright impossible to lift and handle whilst staying safe. Such box also exposes your books to unnecessary damage that comes with overloading. So, opt for smaller packages. In addition, you will need proper cushioning materials, in order to keep the impeccable state of your books. Packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers should all find their place in your shopping bag.

Two sturdy boxes
Small, sturdy and well-structured boxes are the way to go when packing your home library.

If you deem that there is not enough place for some books in your new home, but are not too eager to give them away, you might consider renting a storage unit. Whilst there, your books ought to be packed with some silica gel packets. They will absorb any moisture, and keep your books as dry as a bone. See if Amazon has some to sell, and make sure to get enough.

Packing your home library so that the books are safe and ready for the road ahead

Now comes the main act of this whole show, so to speak. The packing itself. Now that you have all of your books neatly classified, your packing materials ready, and your mind set on the goal to pack your home library, it’s time to get to work. Hardcovers should be packed like records, with their spines facing towards the bottom. You can place a couple of sheets of packing paper between the books if their covers are particularly delicate. Paperbacks can be laid one on top of another, as long as they are flat. Make sure to put the largest book on the bottom, and continue with smaller ones, so that you avoid any shifting and damage during the road. Generosly fill the free space in the box with bubble wrap. This will keep every book in its place.

Hardcover books stacked with their spine facing down
This is a good way to pack your hardcovers and more delicate editions.

When packing your library for any long road ahead, or if you have some long-term storage in mind, make sure to cover the books with an additional piece of packing paper, before closing the box. It will help keep all the dust and debris away. Tape the edges of the packages with packing tape, so as to reinforce the structure. In addition, it is very important that you label the boxes that carry books. That way, the movers will be able to prepare for heavy lifting, as well as special attention when it comes to handling.