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Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax guide

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If you have a wish to leave Hamilton, Ontario and move somewhere else. Maybe little bit fewer people, but still urbanized. Or possibly a little bit more of a sea culture and more sunny days and milder winters? Maybe you simply want to go East. Nova Scotia awaits, and of course, its pearl, city of Hailfax. If you wish to leave the Electric city, moving to a place where from the sea comes wealth (motto of Halifax), in other words moving from Hamilton to Hailfax, we have a guide just for you!

Reasons to move

There are a lot of reasons why somebody would want to move. More often then not, in our busy lifestyles, it is in pursuit of a job. You will find that Hailfax is an important commercial hub in the East of the country, while also being a media-hosting giant. Maybe you are moving for education, or family. Its urban lifestyle supports a diverse and growing economy, with plenty of opportunities for those willing to seek it. Or maybe you are driven by a pursuit of lifestyle changes. These may or may not be connected to Hamilton… Maybe the city rubs you the wrong way, you find yourself in a place you do not want to be, friends have moved away to, etc. Be it personal or something connected to the place, Hailfax is a good new start.

Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax
Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax

The city is welcoming to new people of various cultures, and you will find that it is a good place to start over. Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax is surely a good move in a great new beginning!

All you ought to do now is pack your possessions, find moving boxes Ontario services and move to Nova Scotia!

A little bit about Hailfax

But, of course, you should now at least some basic information about the place you will be moving into. Don’t look at these as pros and cons. They are not listed here with the intent of pushing you towards moving or not, but they are general knowledge of this city that you should possess.

Halifax slogan is “E Mari Merces” which is Latin for “From the Sea, Wealth”.

So, first and foremost, unlike Hamilton, Ontario that boasts the population of around 750,000 people, Hailfax has a more modest yet still considerable population of around 400,000 residents. Halifax slogan is “E Mari Merces which is Latin for “From the Sea, Wealth“. It stands by it, as its urban center is formed around the Hailfax harbor on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The city today is a marvelous and peaceful place to live, but this does not mean it hasn’t seen troublesome times and proved resilient. The biggest explosion before the invention of atomic weaponry, a great tragedy, occurred off the north part of the Hailfax harbor, bringing death to over 2,000 people. However, the city mourned and survived, growing ever stronger.

Of course, this basic information cannot possibly be enough to incline you to call upon of Hamilton moving services and get moving from Hamilton to Hailfax, but we are happy to offer more!


You will find that weather and climate do not differ much between Hamilton and Hailfax. Both have climates that are considered to be of humid, continental variety. What this means is that these two places can expect warm summers and (compared to rest of Canada) mild winters. So, you might be thinking that there is no difference whatsoever? Not quite. Being by the ocean means Hailfax has some downsides compared to Hamilton. Hurricanes are rare but can happen, and cold winds blow from the East. However, there is nothing too extreme, and winter temperature differences between Hamilton and Hailfax is generally negligible.

Summers are nice, rarely humid and never too hot. Even during the great heat wave from a few years prior it wasn’t anywhere near unbearable.


Hailfax, as a city, is still tied to maritime and militaristic traditions. Both are still visible in their public works, culture, and architecture. From the sea comes not only the wealth tut the soul of Hailfax. This, however, means not that Hailfax is a traditionalist place. Far from it. The urban environment is very much open to peoples of diverse histories, languages, and beliefs.

A culture shaped by the sea

There are many places of education, which means that young people are making urban culture. The city also provides such attractions as the Neptune theater, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Symphony of Nova Scotia, etc. (as you see, many are ocean-themed) There are many parks for leisure and the city has options for nightlife. This means that Hailfax is not only fun but family friendly. The city is highly walkable and you will find many nice places to enjoy It is a great, open place to have a new start or a prosperous life. But if you calculated those moving costs Ontario and you now wish to pick a neighborhood, read on!


There are 7 urban neighborhoods of Hailfax, but we will recommend some you should consider first here:

  • North end – An artistic community and a vibrant place of mixing cultures make this neighboorhood a perfect reason to be moving from Hamilton to Hailfax.
  • Downtown Dartmouth¬†– Love to go out for dinners and shop? This is your place. If you are moving for buesness, office movers Hamilton might take you right here!
  • Spring garden –¬†Both shopping and entertainment are readily available here.


Moving from Hamilton to Hailfax – should you?

Well, ultimately, this is always a personal question. We do not know your life and cannot possibly say what is the best option for you. However, we can point out that this trend is of moving to Hailfax is based on some real benefits of living in this fine city, and can definitely see the obvious positives of living your life there.

We hope that, however, our guide helps those that already made a decision on moving from Hamilton to Hailfax. To those who have, bon voyage!