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Tips for heating your Oakville office

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    Picture of people enjoying the successful heating of your Oakville office

    While the months of December, January, and February are cold in general, Canada brings another definition to cold weather. The lowest temperatures in most places that experience winter rarely go lower than 0ºC. However, the temperatures are expected to go as low as -40ºC in some parts of Canada. Luckily, the city of Oakville, Ontario, is not that cold, but you still need to heat your rooms in winter. It can pose a challenge to keep an indoor area warm during these temperatures without breaking the bank. That’s why Oakville movers listed some helpful tips that can help you with heating your Oakville office properly!

    What should you know before you start heating your Oakville office?

    We live in a very uncertain time, and after the global pandemic things only became more up in the air. Everybody has noticed the skyrocketing prices of necessities. Even the price for the services of some moving companies Ontario has risen, but they still try their best to stay affordable. Meanwhile, this winter, energy analysts predict that elthroughity bills will rise by 50-100%. On average, offices spend 0.40 Canadian dollars per square foot annually for gas, while they spend 1.93 Canadian dollars per year for electricity. However, you can make the expenses of heating your Oakville office cheaper if you follow our tips, and:

    • Consider the ideal office temperature recommendations
    • Remeber the importance of ventilation
    • Prevent cold draughts
    Picture of electric posts
    The expenses for electricity will be significantly higher this winter

    Follow the ideal temperature recommendations

    Many people cannot agree on the ideal indoor temperature, even within the same household. An office team consists of many people, and they all have different preferences. However, a good rule of thumb is to keep your office temperature between 21 and 26ºC. This temperature will fit most people, and it will greatly reduce your expenses. Turning the thermostat down by just 1 degree will decrease your monthly bill by 10%.

    Don’t forget about the ventilation

    Even though it might seem counterproductive, letting a bit of cold air in can help heat your office faster. Fresh air also has many benefits, that both your team and some Oakville office movers can enjoy. With time, indoor air gets humid which makes it more difficult to heat. Letting in fresh winter air will also make it drier, which will make it easier to heat once you close the window.

    Prevent cold draughts

    Insulating a room is very important for keeping it warm, and windows are the biggest culprits for letting cold air in. Using window draft snakes is the easiest and cheapest way to do this. They have an adhesive side that can be taped to the window edges or taken down when needed. Experts have calculated that you can save up to 113 Canadian dollars a year just by preventing cold draughts. By hiring some long distance movers Ontario, you can put every dollar you save towards a more enjoyable experience. So try to save as much as possible for something better.

    Picture of a frozen window
    Heating your Oakville office will be more effective if you insulate the windows well

    Heating your Oakville office will be easier this winter with our tips

    The average low temperature in Oakville is -8° during the coldest months. Even though it is not as cold as it can get, heating your Oakville office the right way is mandatory no matter the temperatures. Keep in mind that plants can purify the air, which can also influence the quality of heating. We wish you a warm winter!