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Tips for Finding a Job in Markham

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    Having a good, stable job is crucial to ensuring a stress-free lifestyle. The financial stability we create dictates the lifestyle we live and the things we can do on a regular basis. Hence, finding a job in Markham upon relocation is very important. In fact, doing proper research prior to moving is also something you should do. Nonetheless, we are going to talk more about it in this article. More importantly, if you have already planned your relocation, you should consider hiring Number 1 Van Lines to help you relocate with ease and without any major delays. Finding a job might seem like it would be the same wherever you go. In a way, it is. It will include you, getting in touch with potential employers, and going for interviews. However, as each city has a different job market, your options and approach can vary depending on where you are.

    Finding a job in Markham – The City of Markham

    The city of Markham is located in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada. Approximately 30 kilometers from Downtown Toronto, Markham has a population of 261.580. Due to the development assistance from the nearby city of Toronto, the city of Markham quickly grew from an agricultural community to an industrial municipality. One of the biggest advantages of living in this city is the job opportunities. Namely, the city homes more than 1.000 technology and life-science companies. Additionally, IBM is the biggest employer in the city. If you are planning on moving to Markham, consider hiring movers Markham ON. The poll in 2010 confirmed that the biggest employer in the city was the “business service” industry, employing more than 22% of the population. Today, Markham is also known as “Canada’s Hi-Tech Capital” with some of the largest tech companies having an office in the city.

    Markham industries and the job market

    The first thing we are going to talk about is what type of industries you should expect in the city. Yes, we did talk a little about this in the paragraph above, but let us set this in stone.

    two women working on a tech project in a lab to represent finding a job in Markham
    Currently, the city of Markham is home to more than 1.000 tech and life-science industries

    Namely, during the 19th century, mills, distilleries, and breweries were some of the leading economic contributors to the city economy. Once these industries “left” the city, all the locals had left was farming and agriculture. During the 1980s, a lot of companies started moving to Markham due to low taxes and being attracted by the land in the area. Today, one-fifth of the population works in the technology and life-science industries. The unemployment rate in the city is at 4%, which is actually lower than the national average (6.4%). Aside from working in the city, living in Markham allows you to work in the adjacent, city of Toronto.

    Resorting to online searching

    Luckily, we live in an age of information. From the comfort of our homes, we can gather information from all around the world. So, if you are sitting in your home in one city, you can see what job offers there are in another city. Because of that, resorting to online research when finding a job in Markham, is the best place to start.

    a woman conducting an online research on her laptop
    Doing online research prior to moving to the city will give you a great insight into the job market, so you can prepare better

    Additionally, you can always go online and see if ACCES Employment can help you get a job. Whatever you are looking for, you will be able to find enough information about it while researching it online. More importantly, you should try and do this before you move to the city. That way, you will have a much better insight into the situation. Furthermore, you will have a much easier time settling in once you know you will find a job upon arrival.

    When finding a job in Markham, you do not have to land the best job in the city right away

    It is crucial that you remain down to earth when moving to a new city. For instance, regardless of what position you were working in before the move, this might not help you find a job right away. Instead, if you are not happy with the positions that are in the offer, simply find a temporary job until the spot you want opens.

    two baristas laughing behind the counter
    Waiting for the position you want does not mean that you should be jobless; So find a temporary job until the spot opens

    Temporary jobs might not seem like a great idea, but they are a good choice when you are in need of a job. Furthermore, they are a great option if you are waiting for an opportunity in a certain company or position. Aside from being able to choose from various positions, this opportunity will allow you to expand your knowledge and expertise. If you hire household movers in Hamilton to relocate you, you will be able to focus more on the jobs you can do.

    Get to know the locals

    A shortcut to a good job offer is to get to know the locals in the city. Making a couple of friends or introducing yourself to a couple of people will make finding a job in Markham much easier. In fact, Canadians are known for their hospitality and pleasantness, therefore, there is a high chance they will help you find a good job in the area. What is more important is that, by getting to know the locals and being friends with them, you will be able to learn more inside information about the city and the state of the job market. These acquaintances or friends can be a great solution to knowing where to look for a job, and what to expect from it. Lucky for you, Markham is not on the list of the most expensive Canadian cities.