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Things to do for Halloween 2019 in Toronto

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Some people procrastinate a lot. They leave everything for the last moment and you sure know that it is a mistake. There is very little room for you to correct if you have made a mistake. When it comes to Halloween 2019 in Toronto, some people will decide where they want to go in the last second. We understand those who are moving to Ontario and that do know Toronto that well. No matter in which group you belong, let’s see what are the best places to go this year’s Halloween.

What should you do for Halloween 2019 in Toronto?

As we all know, Toronto is a major city in Ontario, Canada. It is the most populous city in Ontario and as you may think, it offers a lot. You will have the chance to enjoy a lot of family-friendly content as much as content for adults and singles.

Even you can unleash some of the creativity
See the most creative ideas from other people

No surprise that this city is one of the best cities for singles in Canada.

  • Legends of Horror
  • Halloween Haunt
  • Pumpkins after dark
  • Funhouse Toronto
  • Power Up Game Bar
  • The Haunted Walk
  • Night of the Dread
  • Throw a move-in party

Legends of Horror

This is an event where it would be good if you are in shape. One hour-long tour of through castle’s tunnels and small passages. The thing is that this is closed during the rest of the year. You will have a chance to see something that nobody else sees during the year. Just choose your Halloween costume and enjoy the ride!

Halloween Haunt

One of the largest events in the Greater Toronto area. The special thing about this event is that the theme park is transformed into a scary park. There are monsters all around the park so you will have a chance to face your fears. There are many scary mazes and specially dedicated zones just for the bravest of you. If you are an adventurer and want to experience Halloween 2019 in Toronto, this is the right place for you.

Pumpkins after dark

Would you like to see more than 5000 hands carved pumpkins? It is not about the pumpkins. It is about what they are. You will have a chance to see more than 100 structures made of them just for you. This is mostly a family-friendly event so the whole family can have fun.

Just be sure to wear a costume
Enjoy a full show from a local theatre in Toronto

Funhouse Toronto

Dark forces are located inside this abandoned hotel. There is a story where it was haunted so the people had to abandon it. We do not want to tell you the entire story because there are people that will do that for us. There are a lot of haunted rooms for you to explore and we should just say that there are spooky things on every corner. It is the perfect place for this October 31 in Toronto. Even though it sounds too scary, you can come with your children.

Power Up Game Bar

The most unique event you will find for Halloween 2019 in Toronto. Some people are into clubbing. But some of them are not and enjoy a quieter atmosphere. If you belong in the second group, this is ideal for you. How will your evening go? Well, there are cocktails that you can enjoy. On the other hand, if you are competitive, you will have a chance to enjoy playing video games with other people. What more can you ask for?

The Haunted Walk

Toronto is a city of many possibilities. No matter what you look for, you will find it here. That is because this city is very friendly and the officials will do everything for their citizens. Many of Toronto’s buildings become haunted on October 31. That means that you will have a spooky experience. Some of those buildings are the University of Toronto, Distillery district, etc.

Night of the Dread

A local Toronto theatre is hosting a Night of the Dread show for people. It is the 17th annual event so you can see from this fact that this is a very visited event. There is something for everybody. You will have a chance to enjoy shows with puppets, masquerade, music and much more. The great attraction every year is fire-spinners. Enjoy the show!

Throw a move-in party

If you are not up to anything from the above and you are new to the city, throw a move-in party. There is no better occasion to do this because no one will expect it from you. You will save other people that do not know where they are going to Halloween 2019 in Toronto. Of course, you will have no trouble deciding what the theme of the party is going to be. Be sure to find a perfect costume and mask for you. No one would even know that you are you…

This can be the most creative idea for Halloween 2019 in Toronto
Throw a local party!

Are you intrigued to move to Toronto?

We understand that Halloween is not that big reason for you to move to this city but you can see just how much it offers. Then imagine what else is there and what else you will have a chance to experience. The good thing for you is that there are many moving companies Oakville Ontario which will grant you the best service possible. You just have to handpick the company and enjoy the ride.


Halloween is a very big holiday in all world, not just in Canada. Many people enjoy it because it offers you a chance to do something different and change your identity. That means that you can do even some things that you would not do in everyday life. Halloween 2019 in Toronto will be amazing since there are so many events where you can go and enjoy it. Everyone will have a chance to do something that they like. People that like to party can go party and people that want something quieter will have a chance to spend a nice evening with their family and friends. Choose and enjoy this great holiday.