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Things that can go wrong when moving

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong when moving! That'w why we are trying to avoid and prevent them in time!

Whether we are making a long or a short-distance move, we want everything to go according to the plan. As we already know. since most of us went through at least one, a moving process takes time, planning, good organization but can also give us a lot of stress and headaches. And no matter how good we are in planning and organizing, there are always things that can go wrong when moving day comes.

Things that can go wrong when moving

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It is highly recommended to hire a professional mover. They will pack and relocate your belongings fast and easily, without problems and unnecessary stress!

In order to avoid a scam, you should hire a professional moving company, such as Brantford movers. A professional mover has a license and they will pack and relocate your belongings safely and fast to your new destination. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when moving and therefore we will give you advice and tips on how to avoid or be prepared for things like these.

  • Movers are late or Not showing up!
  • Moving Truck
  • Parking Space Issues
  • Unnecessary damage to household items
  • The moving company gets lost
  • Injuries
  • Broken items

Movers are late or Not showing up!

One of the things that can go wrong when moving is if movers are late or they don’t show up at all! Just imagine, you’ve spent so much time planning, organizing, making checklists and then when the moving days comes, your mover isn’t showing up! We hire a moving company to make our move faster and easier. However, if you want to avoid moving scam, you should hire professionals, such as Ancaster movers, and you definitely won’t have any problems with your move.

Also, when you hire a professional mover, be sure to get everything on a written document with a signature. Every professional moving company has a license and they won’t ever let something jeopardize their reputation.

Things that can go wrong when moving – Size of a moving truck!

And there, the moving day is here! The moving company arrived with a way smaller moving truck than you expected! This means that your mover will have to make a few backs and forth trips in order to relocate all of your belongings. This means there will be some extra costs and that doesn’t suit you at all, right? So, what should you do? When you decide to move, call a professional mover immediately or at least a few weeks before the move. They will send a team to calculate and measure everything that you have. Also, they will calculate the costs of your move so be sure to show them everything you possess and want to relocate! In addition, here are some tips on how to load a moving truck, of course, if you decide to do all by yourself!

White huge moving truck.
A professional mover will send a team to your hose to investigate and calculate the costs of your move in advance. They will send a proper size of a moving truck for your moving day!

Parking Space Issues

Another thing that you maybe don’t know about is a parking space issue! If there is no spot for a moving truck in front of your building or house, a professional mover will park their truck somewhere else. But, what happens next? A moving crew will carry your belonging from your home to the moving truck. Also, if you are not informed, this service is called carrying service and cost extra. So, don’t let anything surprise you! You will be better prepared if you know what to expect. In addition, check on what you should check before signing a moving contract!

Unnecessary Damage to Household Items

Removing and disconnecting your appliances might sound like an easy thing to do right? If you are not sure that your electrician or plumber can disconnect your appliances, you should ask for help! If you see the moving truck outside and you try to unplug or disconnect your appliances in a hurry you can break them or cause some damage. Therefore, hiring a professional mover and asking for disconnecting and packing services is one of the best solutions for this problem!

Things that can go wrong when moving – Movers Got Lost!

This is not something that happens often but it is one of the things that can go wrong! This can happen if you are making a long-distance move or you are moving across state lines. So, what can you do prevent this or at least help the movers find the way to your new destination easier? First of all, be sure to give your right address and a phone number to your moving company. Also, if not you, be sure that someone is already there at your new destination. Someone should be there to welcome movers and observe the unloading and unpacking process. You can also call your moving agent every one or two hours to check if they need your assistance to find your new home. Also, check on different ways to ship your car!


Planning everything in advance, packing, loading, the whole moving process gives us stress. Who needs injuries on top of that? As much as we try to do everything properly, injuries can happen and we can’t deny that. If you carry some of your appliances unproperly, you can twist and hurt your back. Dropping some of items or boxes on your feet can cause bad injuries. Therefore, if you want to avoid injuries as much as it is possible, you should wear and get the right equipment. Proper clothes and shoes will help, but don’t forget to get gloves to protect your hands. Also, get hand truck or a dolly to move heavy and bulky items!

Other things that can go wrong when moving are injuries!
In order to prevent injuries on your moving day, you should wear proper clothes and use gloves to protect your hands!

Broken items!

Fragile items can be carried appropriately and damaged easily if the boxes are not labeled properly! Also, these boxes can suffer more damage while they are in transport too! So, what should you think of? Proper labeling, that’s right! Label each box properly on each side and make packing a lot easier! If you want to, you can indicate which box belongs to which room in your new apartment. Boxes with fragile items should have a label with an indication which side should be up!

These were the things that can go wrong when moving! Hopefully, you find this article useful and helpful for your new journey and your new relocation process! We wish you all the best and a lot of luck!