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Smart and easy ways to cut moving costs

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Man closing a box with duct tape.

Moving is not cheap, regardless of whether you are moving locally or interstate. But it is also true that you are rarely moving on short notice. Thus, you have enough time to come up with smart ways to cut moving costs. And you have enough time to prepare the sufficient moving budget. It is also good to have a small contingency fund, to feel comfortable about unexpected costs. To start with, get a free moving quote from a few moving companies. However, doing so, make sure they are not just affordable. They have to be reliable at the same time. To avoid any possible scum, check the reviews of the companies. Don’t forget to check if they are insured and licensed. By choosing a good and affordable company you are already cutting your moving costs considerably.

Couple packing things inside the house to cut moving costs.
By DIY packing you can cut moving costs.

You can cut your moving cost significantly by decluttering

Decluttering takes time. You have to check all your possessions. It may look boring, but keep in mind that the less weight Number 1 Movers carry, the lower will be moving your moving costs. So decluttering is an excellent way to cut moving coast. Also, after you decide what to leave behind, you can:

  • Throw some junk away
  • Make some people happy by gifting or donating them your surplus things
  • Have fun organizing garage selling and even earning some money to add to your moving budget

Getting inexpensive or free moving supplies will reduce your moving costs

It is usually possible to find most of the inexpensive or free moving supplies. And this is especially true for the moving boxes. However, make sure that the moving boxes are strong and not damaged. Spoiled moving boxes are a hazard for your possessions. If they break when you are carrying them, their contents can easily scatter and thus be damaged. While you can do some savings with  moving boxes you will have to purchase good quality moving supplies as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Self-adhesive foil
  • Packing tape
  • Styrofoam peanuts

Of course, you can always use some alternative packing materials, like linen, towels, pieces of clothes, newspaper sheets, etc.

Parked moving truck surrounded by show.
The move is cheaper in a non-peak season.

Organize a DIY pack of your home to cut the costs

If you decide to make DIY packing, make sure to start on time. You, your family, and your friends don’t have the necessary skills. So, for sure, you will need more time to pack things. The important thing is to avoid damages by improper packing. Some of your things are for sure fragile and breakable. This, pay special attention when you are packing them. Wrap them double, without rush, and handle them with care. For some very demanding tasks, as disassembling and packing furniture, you can consider hiring packing services. Also, in case you decide to make DIY packing, keep reminding helpers to be careful. For sure, they can easily get injured if they rush and forget to take care of themselves.

Schedule your move for a non-peak season

As most of the people are moving during the summertime, the prices are much higher. So, by choosing the cheaper date and time to move, you can cut moving costs. If you can choose the winter or avoid weekends for your next move, that will be perfect. You may be surprised how much you will save up. And, once you complete moving, continue to take care of your expenses. Be strict and buy only things that are really needed. The post moving euphoria that comes with overspending is a known phenomenon. So, avoid such impulse-driven purchases. It would be a pity to throw money like that after all efforts you made. But don’t worry. This phase will pass soon, and life will get back to normal.