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File a Moving Fraud Complaint: How to do it?

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Only a small percentage of the thousands of people who move in Canada each year file complaints against their movers. Things can go awry, but it’s quite unlikely. However, it’s possible that your possessions will be damaged or lost. Or perhaps the moving company overcharges you for their services. Irritating! An exhilarating sense of anticipation gives way to frustration as you type “file complaint moving company” into your browser’s search box. A moving business complaint may be filed in as few as four steps. We at Number 1 Movers are here to show you how to file a moving fraud complaint. And we’ll show you when it’s best to leave an online review instead. In addition, we’ll provide some pointers on avoiding scammers.

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Moving is difficult in itself. Let alone when you run into a rogue company.

When should you file a complaint against a moving company?

When a moving company violates the terms of your contract, you may want to file a complaint. Formal complaints should be made for more serious concerns, such as bad customer service or deceptive corporate websites, which may be addressed through online consumer reviews. Complaints about “rogue” moving businesses are the most widespread. These organizations provide you an estimate and pick up your goods, but unless you pay more, they won’t bring them to your door. Customer complaints can arise from a variety of moving-related incidents, such as:

  • Damaged goods. Damaged goods arrive at your door. In order to avoid your goods being damaged, we suggest you use specialized moving services for your valuables, antiques or electronics.
  • Pickup or delivery is not on time. An agreed-upon deadline is missed by a moving company when it is time to collect or deliver your stuff.
  • Items are lost. A portion or all of the items you ordered from your mover do not arrive.
  • Move-related frauds. Your moving company takes your money but never does the job.
  • Rogue movers. Your goods are being held hostage by your moving company until you pay a greater charge.
  • Slow response time. Your movers purposely proceed at a sluggish speed in order to raise your hourly pay.
  • Unexpected fees. Charges that were not included in your contract will be included in your final bill.

How to File a Moving Fraud Complaint

The majority of clients lodge complaints with one of two organizations: the Canadian Association of Movers or the government agency. No matter which one you choose, the process is pretty much the same. We propose that you follow our four-step process when filing a complaint against a company that assisted you with your relocation.

Step 1: Provide a record of the issue

If you intend to make a complaint, it is critical to provide names, dates, and locations. You will be required to supply the following information:

  • Your full name, mailing address, and telephone number
  • Name, address, and phone number of your mover
  • Addresses for pickup and delivery
  • The USDOT and MC numbers for your mover
  • A thorough explanation of your issue (including names and dates)
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Remember to state as much information as you can.

Step 2: Examine the terms of your contract

The majority of formal moving complaints require you to establish that a moving business violated your contract’s terms and conditions. For instance, if a moving company quoted you $1,200 but later charged you $1,500, you must determine the contract’s monetary value. To ensure that you don’t get surprised with any hidden charges, we suggest that you go for a reliable moving company such as Kitchener movers. They have shown time and time again that their customers always come first. The reviews on their page will speak for themselves.

Step 3:  Contact your moving company

Any official complaint will inquire as to what transpired following your complaint to your moving firm. It’s inconvenient, but you must contact your moving business and make a complaint prior to contacting a regulatory agency. Often, the business will apologize and take efforts to address your concerns. If your moving business disputes your claim (or you are unsatisfied with the company’s response), you will be prepared to go to the following stage.

Step 4: File your complaint

If your moving business does not offer a solution that you are ready to accept, you can submit a complaint with one of the before-mentioned organizations. Assume that you have accomplished the preceding three stages. You’ll require the information you’ve gathered to submit a complaint with a third party.

a woman trying to file a moving fraud complaint
When trying to file a moving fraud complaint, remember to break down every detail.

Tips to avoid move-related frauds

We’ve discussed when it’s appropriate to submit a complaint and when it’s appropriate to post an online review. And we’ve led you through the procedure of filing a complaint against a moving company. However, we want to ensure that you never have to read this post again.

  • Make comparisons. Request quotations from three to five movers.
  • Analyze the reviews. Spend five minutes perusing internet reviews. It’s well worth the time.
  • Purchase locally. You are not required to hire a mom-and-pop store, but you should ensure that the mover’s website has its local location.
  • Employ the services of a licensed mover. Always check if the company is the Better Business Bureau‘s database.
  • Verify it in writing. On the phone, that cheap rate sounds fantastic. Simply ensure that the figure appears in your written estimate—or it will be meaningless.
  • Consult your contract. Avoid being surprised by hidden costs. Before you sign on the dotted line, carefully read the tiny print.
  • Document everything you have to move. If you ever need to submit a complaint, you’ll need to know the names, dates, and phone numbers of everybody involved. It just takes a moment to jot it down when it occurs, but it might be difficult to recall afterward.
  • Demand an in-person estimate. The most egregious moving scams occur when businesses offer one rate over the phone and then seize your home belongings until you pay more. The most egregious moving scams occur when businesses offer one rate over the phone and then seize your home belongings until you pay more.
  • Hold onto your money.  A trustworthy business will not want a substantial deposit or cash payment.

Hopefully, you will never need to file a moving fraud complaint. But if you do rest assured knowing that everything will go well if you follow all of the steps. As per your next move, make sure you employ reliable movers such as movers Milton to ensure you won’t get scammed.