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Should you pay a deposit for the move

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    getting money from a piggy bank to pay a deposit for the move

    Preparing a move is not exactly the most enjoyable thing to do. You must plan and think about a lot of details and it’s easy to get confused. You will need to decide the moving date, hire Number 1 Movers, get moving supplies, etc. However, hiring movers is not so simple as it seems. First, not every moving company has the service you might need. If you are relocating an office, you are not going to hire a moving company that specializes in residential relocation. However, moving companies are not cheap, and usually, you pay them at the end of the move. But, it’s also not an uncommon scenario where certain moving companies will ask for a deposit. For this reason, you should know when it’s expected from you to pay a deposit for the move and when it’s not.   

    When should you pay a deposit for the move?  

    You shouldn’t be surprised if a moving company asks you for a deposit, especially if you are booking movers in advance. It’s the same situation as you pay a deposit for a holiday or a hotel. For this reason, movers will also ask for a deposit if you book movers on the busiest moving day in Canada. The deposit in this case will serve as insurance for movers to save your moving date. However, in case you cancel their service, they will use a deposit to cover the lost profit.   

    You shouldn’t think that only rough movers ask for a deposit as a way to scam you. In most cases, reliable moving companies are the ones who will ask for a deposit. For this reason, you can’t judge the reliability of movers based only on this. The traits of reliable office movers in Toronto are the following. 

    • License    
    • Insurance    
    • Reputability    
    • Experience    
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    You might pay a deposit depending on your moving date

    Why does a reliable moving company ask for a deposit?  

    If you find reliable long-distance movers online and they ask for a deposit, you shouldn’t take this as a red flag. A reliable moving company is usually very busy and it has a very tight schedule. For this reason, you have to book them a month or two in advance. To hold a title of a reliable moving company, movers have to invest a lot of money, effort, and resource. For this reason, they are not going to book clients in advance and in case of cancellation, suffer great losses. For this reason, a deposit serves as insurance for both you and the moving company that they will do a good job.  

    The deposit usually is between $100 and $500. Anything higher than $500 is very suspicious and very likely a scam. For this reason, you should always hire only reliable movers with a great reputation to avoid being scammed 

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    It is fine if you pay from $100 to $500

    Do you get your deposit back at the end of the move?  

    If a moving company demands a reasonable deposit, you should then pay a deposit for the move. In most cases, deposits are 100% refundable. However, you should check it first with the company and see if they are refunding the deposit and how much.