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Busiest Moving Day in Canada

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    Woman sitting between moving boxes, getting ready for a moving day

    Every year, over 4.4 million of Canada’s residents move. That is about 1.500.000 families, to be precise. In fact, most moves occur between the beginning of June and mid-September. These relocations represent about 40 percent of the year’s business for movers. If you have a relocation planned shortly, you should know all about the busiest moving day in Canada. Read on and get familiar.

    Busiest Moving Day in Canada- the basics

    As we already mentioned, most of the relocation happens during the peak season in Canada. That’s the period from June to September. Also, fourteen percent of relocations occur in June, with about one-third of them happening on June 30th. This date is considered to be extremely convenient to move. First, one of the reasons is that children are home for the summer. That means that it is so much easier to handle a long distance relocation with kids without juggling school hours. Also, many people don’t have to work on July 1st, so it’s less stressful to unpack and organize the process. Then, the weather is another reason. Simply, it is easier to change your residence when you aren’t fighting snow and ice. No one likes to move during bad weather unless they have to, right?

    Two persons holding moving boxes
    Make sure to get all your moving supplies before your moving day.

    How to make your move during the busiest moving day in Canada as smooth as possible?

    Trust us, hiring a reliable moving company such as Number 1 Movers Canada is a good way to go. Because everyone needs to have a good plan if they plan on moving on or around June 30th. But fear not, as there are ways to make your relocation on the busiest moving day easier.

    Two men loading a moving truck
    Hire the best moving professionals if you plan on moving during the busiest moving day in Canada.

    Moving tips for an easier relocation

    • Before the moving day comes, make sure to get sturdy boxes instead of used boxes from the grocery store. You don’t want your items to get damaged during hectic days such as this one.

    • Do not over-pack and use more boxes with less in each one. Also, follow our rule- the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Those are some good ideas when packing. Especially if you have to move oversized items.

    • Finally, don’t forget to pack moving day essentials, with all the items you’ll need right away. For instance, you should pack a coffee pot, mugs, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. That’s what your bag of essentials should contain.

    A bag on the floor
    Finally, don’t forget about your bag of essentials.

    Don’t avoid moving on the busiest moving day in Canada

    Now that you know the details about the busiest moving day in Canada, you surely feel more capable to take the leap and choose this date for your relocation, as many Canadians do. Just follow our guides and tips and you don’t have to worry. You will handle your relocation without problems and stress. We wish you good luck on your moving day.