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Moving from Dundas to Mississauga

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A girl packing for moving

You are getting ready for moving from Dundas to Mississauga and you need a proper moving plan. As you already know, you must organize, pack, and find Dundas movers to take care of the hardest part. So, let us evaluate the situation together and cover all moving steps required for a safe and successful relocation.

Moving from Dundas to Mississauga with a perfect guide assembled

Now, we must cover a few crucial steps before contacting movers Mississauga. Hence, start with the home inspection. You must check the environment to figure out if it is safe to work in. Then, you must note down all your furniture and other belongings. Make a perfect inventory list and add it to your moving checklist where your moving responsibilities are. Once you have such a document, then you can call your movers and continue with the moving plan.

A laptop covered in sticky notes
Create a moving plan and stick to it. Literally.

Remember, you must inspect your home and your belongings thoroughly if you want your movers to provide a precise moving quote. Check all rooms, attic, garage, basement, backyard, etc. Ensure you know how much stuff you are moving. Besides, you must know this number if you want to purchase the right amount of packing materials.

It is time to search for movers

As you already know, the easiest way to find reliable movers Ontario is to shuffle through the internet. Take a few moments and browse for a while. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find hundreds of viable choices. And to narrow it down, you must compare prices, services, and reviews. It is important who will be moving from Dundas to Mississauga with you so take a serious approach to this one. Ensure your movers possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • The right equipment
  • Safety standards and protocols
  • Moving insurance
  • Special moving services and good prices

As you see. It is easy to find a moving company, but to confirm their legitimacy is a bit harder. What we mentioned above is a bare minimum. You should also check social media groups, ask around, and find any external source possible. Also, check FMCSA, BBB, or the US Movers Association to confirm your movers are licensed and registered to work. And keep in mind that some mover has permits to work locally but not cross-state. That one can slip through the cracks while reading the agreement.

Pack for moving from Dundas to Mississauga

You can’t be moving from Dundas to Mississauga without a proper packing plan in place. And now when you inspected everything and spoke with your movers, you can start gathering everything. You’ll need around 30-40 cardboard boxes, plastic bins, wooden crates, metal containers, etc. Make any combination of it depending on the size of your move. You probably already have half of it at your home. Then, you’ll need packing tape and packing paper. Finally, blister packs for the cushion and label for each box. You can obtain everything online or at the nearest home depot. Also, you can purchase everything from your movers along with the Hamilton moving services where movers can bring materials and pack everything instead. Think about it.

Stacked carton
Cardboard is the absolute winner when it comes to relocating.

Now, before you begin packing we must add the importance of decluttering and downsizing. While inspecting your home and your belongings. You should set aside all those items you do not use anymore. Organize a successful garage sale and get rid of it. Or donate to a local charity, homeless shelter, give away, or throw away. Ok, now onto the packing process. It is boring and time-consuming for sure but something it must be done. So, you will use blister packs and blankets to make a nice cushiony environment in each box. Then, you will place individually wrapped items in each box and fill gaps with crumpled paper. Finally, apply tape and add a label. Labels are extremely important because you can inspect the items delivered quickly and you will have easier time unpacking.

Onsite estimates

You can obtain a moving quote via phone call or through the website. But all serious moving companies offer free onsite estimates. We strongly recommend you should go with that one. Basically, it works like this. Your moving representatives will pay you a visit and inspect the entire environment. They will ensure the streets and the curb are clear while loading the moving truck. Also, they will inspect your home inside out in order to make a safe moving environment. Then, they will weigh your cargo and multiply it by the hours and the number of workers. Eventually, you’ll obtain the precise moving quote.

moving from Dundas to Mississauga onsite estimates
Let your movers perform onsite estimates. They will prepare your cargo in the best way possible.

At this point, you can decide if you want to invest in any additional moving services. Or maybe to reduce the cost by doing something yourself. All in all, onsite estimates are the best way to realize the complexity of the move. More importantly, to realize the moving price.

Legalities and paperwork

Ok, this part is boring but probably the most important one in the whole story. It is the paperwork, document, and legalities behind the whole moving process. So, this means, as soon as you know your moving date you must check all your IDs, medical records, credit cards, moving documents, driver’s license, etc. Ensure everything is valid and ready to be used. If not, run to the police station or DMV and get it all sorted out. Now, you shouldn’t forget the internet, cellphone, and postal services. Fix those as well. Reroute everything adequately so you have all your services ready once you move in. Visit the nearest post office to set up a PO box and you are all good.

Now you know what you must do when moving from Dundas to Mississauga if you want to have a successful relocation on your hands. Don’t worry much. If you follow our guide and find a reliable moving company, you are all set. We wish you the best of luck.