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How to avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses

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Moving is a stressful process for a lot of people. This is a fact and always has been. Aside from being stressful, it can often be expensive. Depending on the way you plan to move, prices can vary a lot. This especially happens when you need to cover a long stretch of road. As such, your goal is to eliminate as many unwanted long distance moving expenses as you can. If you hire Number 1 Van Lines, your move will be smooth, and it will fit your budget. To avoid any possible unwanted expense, you first need to know what you can expect from a move. Let’s begin!

Start by deciding if you want to hire movers, or do it yourself

This is easily the first step in planning a move. Deciding if you will pull off a DIY move or hire professionals can have a big impact on the flow of the move. It is important to understand that every move is expensive. So for example, you will be able to save some money by cutting corners doing it yourself. Meanwhile, you will have to purchase all the moving supplies, rent a vehicle, and find time from work to pack everything. If you hire a moving company to do the job, chances are, it will cost you a bit more than a DIY move. You will need to set aside a few hundred dollars for the moving expenses. On the other hand, hiring professional movers means less work and less stress for you. Your work won’t suffer either because you won’t have to be absent.

moving truck parked in a street
Hiring professional movers to help you can cost more, but you will have to worry less

This is why hiring professional Burlington movers is a good way to avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses. With reliable movers, you will be safe from hidden costs, and your items will be safe from damage. If you want, the movers can provide the packing services too. Before you hire anyone, make sure to get free quotes from several moving companies. Compare them and decide which fits your budget the best. Try to find references, the best ones being a word of mouth. If you have friends or relatives who recently moved, ask them about their experience and recommendations.

A few more tricks to help you avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses

Regardless of your decision to hire movers or not, there are still ways to reduce moving expenses and save some money. These are the easiest ways:

  • Getting free or cheap packing supplies
  • Packing everything yourself
  • Getting help from friends and family
  • Choosing a different date for the move

Low-cost packing supplies

The best way to go with cheap packing supplies is free packing boxes. You can find these in any local store. If they don’t have the boxes at the moment, you can always ask them to save you a few in the next couple of days. Even though they are free, they still need to be in good condition. Used boxes have the potential of breaking and tearing, which can cause damage to your items during transport and handling. In addition, you can use reusable supplies like old blankets, containers, and bubble wrap.

cardboard boxes leaned against a wall
Finding cheap boxes and packing everything yourself can save you a lot of money

Packing items yourself is a great way to avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses

If you pack everything yourself, you will avoid some moving expenses, since movers charge extra for item packing. When you add this to your existing moving cost, things can get a bit problematic when it comes to your budget. To be honest, packing your items yourself will take a bit more time. However, if you organize your packing, it can be quick and efficient. When you pack your kitchen items or glassware, use your clothes to protect everything and save space. Labeling your boxes will make everything so much easier. Especially when you are unpacking and need to find a certain box quick.

A helping hand from your friends makes everything easier

When you have someone to help you, any task becomes much simpler. Gather as many family members and friends to help you out. Do this when you have to load everything on the truck, or when you just started packing. Make sure to give everyone instructions, in order to keep organized and work faster. Be very careful when handling fragile items and large furniture. The more helping hands you have, the less chance of damage and work injury you have.

Carefully choose your moving date

Certain times in a month or a year can let you drastically lower the moving cost. The moving industry, like any other, has a high and low season. Weekends, for example, are usually busier than the middle of the week. If you choose to move on a workday, you can do it in the early morning or evening, and avoid the traffic jams and rush hours. This is a good way to save money in many ways. If you aren’t stuck in traffic, you will waste less fuel. In addition, long distance moves demand a lot of traveling, so it is best to start your long ride without getting stuck in the city traffic.

Person reading a contract to to avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses
Carefully read your moving contract and save yourself from hidden fees and stress

Read your contract carefully to avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses

Ultimately, the best way to avoid any unplanned budget hits is to know everything and anything about hidden fees. Carefully read and understand your contract by examining every paragraph before you sign anything. Don’t forget the fine print! Once you start to move, it will be too late to make any changes. Always make sure to check for any hidden fees and added expenses, and decide if you need them. There are many differences in pricing between long-distance and local moves. The prices of moving companies can be hourly or flat, depending on the type of relocation you need. You will be able to to avoid unwanted long distance moving expenses only if are very careful and plan everything to the last detail.