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Tips for Protecting Your Valuables in Storage

Tips for Protecting Your Valuables in Storage

Storage units have become very popular solutions to many problems. You can use them in many situations – for storing your extra belongings, moving, keeping seasonal sports equipment and clothing, and many more. But, there is one question you need to ask yourself before you place your items inside and lock your unit. Are my belongings safe inside? This is maybe the most important thing you need to handle, especially if you have items of high value inside. That is why we will give you some tips for protecting your valuables in storage. It doesn’t matter if you store a flat screen TV or your jewelry inside, these tips are universal and will help you sleep tight knowing that no one will steal your belongings. Continue reading “Tips for Protecting Your Valuables in Storage”

Guide for using storage container pods

The amazing container PODS innovation has revolutionized the way we pack and move our things and changed the face of the moving industry. People around the world are more and more choosing this option for their relocation. They are convenient, cost-effective and available everywhere. Hence, if you are ready to give them a try, check out our guide for using storage container pods. Continue reading “Guide for using storage container pods”

How often should you check on your storage unit?

Whether you are downsizing or you simply have a lot of items in your house that you are not using anymore, you should consider getting a storage unit. Most of us already have a storage unit. There are a lot of storage facilities and they can provide a lot of different types and sizes of storage units for you. Since we will talk about storage places today, you should also know how often should you check on your storage unit. Continue reading “How often should you check on your storage unit?”

Band practices in storage units – is it possible?

Band practices are very important in the life of each aspiring musician. Still, the prices of renting a rehearsal space can be very hight. That’s why many are wondering is it possible to have band practices in storage units. The simple answer will be yes. While it can be a great place for musicians to gather and jam, but it’s not so simple. There are a lot of things to consider when renting a storage unit for these purposes. Continue reading “Band practices in storage units – is it possible?”

Storing your power tools – tips and tricks

This article is all about storing your power tools in the correct manner. In it, we will go in detail about all the intricacies regarding the matter. After you’ve read it, and carefully analyzed it, all that is left is to utilize our methods. Before you know it, your power tools will be well organized, clean, safe and of use to you for many years to come. So, without further ado, let’s get to it. Continue reading “Storing your power tools – tips and tricks”

How to store a flat screen TV

If you are one of those responsible individuals who keeps all of the electronic’s original boxes, we salute you. However, if you are like most of the common folk and tend to lose track of the original package, the effort to store a flat screen TV might present itself as a challenge. However, luckily for you, this text has found well. In it, we will address the only proper way by which you can handle this undertaking, all with a positive outcome. Continue reading “How to store a flat screen TV”

How to store wooden furniture

Storage is an amazing solution for many different life situations. Whether you are moving or decluttering your home or office, having a storage unit makes our life easier.  But you need to be aware of the fact that different items require different conditions. Furthermore, delicate items such as all sorts of appliances, art pieces, antique and wooden furniture require special care. You need to handle your wood furniture carefully if you want to avoid scratches, cracks or mold. That is why we have prepared some tips on how to store wooden furniture. Continue reading “How to store wooden furniture”

What are the Restricted Items in a Storage Facility

As the use of storage is steadily increasing, we see more and more people taking advantage of storage space for so many different reasons. The most common reason, however, remains moving. No matter if a person is moving long-distance or across the street, storage comes very handy if you have any excessive items that need to be put away for some time. But as it turns out, in great desire to declutter their space, people began storing some restricted items in a storage facility. Well, for that not to happen anymore, we’ve decided to come up with the list of prohibited items you should not even think about placing inside a storage unit. Continue reading “What are the Restricted Items in a Storage Facility”

The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Are you looking for ideal storage solutions for your belongings? Then you should probably consider all the kinds of storage units, and choose the one that suits you best. Have you heard of climate controlled storage? You are probably wondering if the benefits of climate controlled storage are worth the added cost. This type of units maintains a consistent temperature all year round. And additionally, some units even offer enhanced humidity control. But is this what you need? Let’s find out together. Continue reading “The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage”

How to store perishable food safely?

As you already know, perishable foods can be a bit tricky for storing. They spoil quickly and need to be stored properly in order to stay fresh and keep germs from multiplying. Eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood are the most typical perishable foods. The problem is that we tend to waste perishable foods a lot because they go bad before we eat them. And that is a waste we would all like to avoid. Let’s find out how to store perishable foods so they stay safe to eat, and minimize food waste. Continue reading “How to store perishable food safely?”