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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Are you looking for ideal storage solutions for your belongings? Then you should probably consider all the kinds of storage units, and choose the one that suits you best. Have you heard of climate controlled storage? You are probably wondering if the benefits of climate controlled storage are worth the added cost. This type of units maintains a consistent temperature all year round. And additionally, some units even offer enhanced humidity control. But is this what you need? Let’s find out together. Continue reading “The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage”

How to store perishable food safely?

As you already know, perishable foods can be a bit tricky for storing. They spoil quickly and need to be stored properly in order to stay fresh and keep germs from multiplying. Eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood are the most typical perishable foods. The problem is that we tend to waste perishable foods a lot because they go bad before we eat them. And that is a waste we would all like to avoid. Let’s find out how to store perishable foods so they stay safe to eat, and minimize food waste. Continue reading “How to store perishable food safely?”

How to Store Appliances

When you have a need to store appliances in storage, it will take some time and some work. That’s a small sacrifice to achieve the final result – keeping your appliances safe. It will require proper packing methods and right packing supplies. While it may seem like a huge task, if you follow this guide you won’t have any problem storing your appliances safely. Continue reading “How to Store Appliances”

The amenities to look for in self-storage facilities

The use of storage has tremendously increased over the past decades. And, it is for a very good reason. Nowadays, people use it in various situations. It is not only useful when you want to downsize or when relocating, but in so many other situations as well. And that is why the competition on the market has become huge. Those who want to stay competitive in the market need to put additional effort and to invest more in their storage facilities to beat their competition. Amenities to look for in self-storage facilities should be the ones that can respond to your requests. This article will give you an insight into what features should quality storage have. Continue reading “The amenities to look for in self-storage facilities”

How to store your piano?

Owning a piano enriches joyous occasions with your friends and family. It is a true treasure on its own accord. However, if such an instance arises that you have to store your piano, things can get a little tricky. Properly storing a piano has its intricacies. No matter the size, it is a rather delicate object and requires special handling. In the next few lines, we will go over the essentials that ought to help you with this venture. Continue reading “How to store your piano?”

How to prevent moisture in your storage unit

In recent years, the use of storage has increased. One of the reasons is the vast usage of it. Some people use it when they want to move some things from their home to make space for something else. Others find its purpose when renovating or downsizing. And there are those who wish to move their valuables in a more secure place while they’re traveling or while being away from home for a longer period of time. Either case, one thing is common for all of these people. Each and every one of them wishes to pull out their stuff from the storage in the same condition as when they put them inside. This is why the quality of the storage is of utmost importance. And that is why you should know how to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Checking the quality of storage unit
It is important to check the quality of the storage unit

Why is it important to keep moisture out of the storage unit?

Storing electronic devices
Electronic devices require special handling

Well, the answer to this question is quite easy. You should make sure to prevent moisture from forming in the storage unit in order to protect your belongings which are inside. Excessive dampness can be really harmful to your stuff, especially if among them you have things such as

  • Electronic devices
  • Clothes made of fur and cotton
  • Wooden furniture
  • Photos left unprotected

If the level of dampness becomes too high, there’s a big risk of the growth of corrosion, rot, mold, etc. Therefore, if you mean to put any of these items inside a storage unit, we recommend you to take the precautionary measures which will help you preserve the items in the state in which you have previously put them inside. One of the ways is to use proper packing materials in which you will keep the items safe. So, you can use moving boxes Ontario which have proven to be of high quality and very durable. You can be sure that they will keep your precious items in a good state.

Tip #1 – Thoroughly inspect the items

Before you decide to put any item inside a storage unit, the first thing to do is to check them. If they were dirty, do not even think about placing them like that inside storage. Hence, clean them in a proper way. Also, once you clean them, leave them to dry or use some cloth to speed up the process especially if you are moving long distance so that the items would be in a good state for transportation.

Items should be really clean

Once again, make sure there are is no food or food stains left on furniture or other articles as that can attract all kinds of pests. Wet clothes can start to rot and it also attracts mold. That will definitely not prevent moisture in your storage unit. But on contrary, it will cause an even faster forming of it and its spreading.

Be careful how to pac the items

Different items require specific approaches. This means that there is no universal way of packing everything. For example, if you choose to pack some pieces of clothing, make sure to use plastic boxes. Of course like we said before, all the clothes must be completely dry. Only like that should you start packing them and storing them in boxes.

Then, if you wish to pack items such as books, artwork, or something else that requires more attention, we recommend using the so-called, breathable boxes. This will you preserve them in a good state, and it will also help prevent moisture in your storage unit.

A yellow plastic container
Use plastic boxes to store your clothes to keep them in good condition

Do not make a clutter inside the storage unit

Another very important thing which will make the overall situation better is to know how to make a good organization of the available space inside your storage unit. The point of organizing the space well is to allow the airflow throughout the inside of the storage unit. It might not be a bad idea to move the items from standing directly to the walls. Moreover, if it is possible, make at least a little bit of space between the boxes and lift them from the ground by putting them on wooden pallets.

The storage unit should not have any leaks

It turns out that this is one of the most common issues in storage units. This is why before signing contracts, you must make sure to inspect it inside and out. Check if there are any cracks in walls and do not ignore them even if they are very small as every crack can become larger which ultimately lead to a huge problem and the rise of humidity level.

If we talk about some optimal humidity level, that should be around 50% if you wish to prevent moisture in your storage unit and prevent causing of rust, mold, and other harmful formations.

Climate-controlled storage saves the day

With all the aforementioned problems, we understand if you begin to doubt whether putting anything in a storage unit is a good idea or not. Well, we would say that it is a very good idea. Plus, nowadays, you can find so much better storage units, of greater quality and which include special features and can truly ensure the safety to your items. If you are new to this, contact the best movers in Hamilton Ontario to find the best storage unit there is, which is also climate-controlled and where your items, no matter how delicate they are will stay intact. The temperature inside will be balanced all the time, which will definitely prevent moisture in your storage unit from forming.

a raindrop
To prevent moisture in your storage unit, there should not be any leaks

After reading all of the provided tips, we would also like to advise you to invest some time in finding the most appropriate storage unit in order to keep your items safe.

Choosing the best short-term storage option

Choosing the best short-term storage can be tricky if you’re not informed enough about the topic. Since you need to choose the storage for short period, you need to know everything about the storage option, to begin with. This will include many questions and you should already have some of the answers straight away. That will enable you to start well and avoid problems that you will encounter. Whether you already moved or you’re thinking about moving, problems will be there. Yet, it’s up to you to be prepared for them. You should think in advance. That is why below you’ll find some of the most frequent problems such as where to find quality moving boxes Ontario? As well, you will find the solution for the same. Once you find exact information, you’ll be ready to plan everything at ease. Continue reading “Choosing the best short-term storage option”

Restricted items in storage facilities

So, you’ve decided you need a storage service. Maybe it’s a pit-stop to downsizing. Maybe you’re renovating your place. Or need a place for your belongings while hiring long distance movers Ontario. Or maybe you just need more storage. No matter the reason, finding a reliable storage solution is very important! But, what’s even more important is following the rules about restricted items in storage facilities. Storage facilities aren’t inventing rules for the hell of it! The rules involved are very important for the safety of the items, and of the entire facility. Plus, a lot of these are also federal guidelines, so you could be facing serious trouble if you go against the rules. While others are just, well, a plain ole bad idea. Continue reading “Restricted items in storage facilities”

How to pack and organize your storage unit?

So, you have decided to move but you do not have room for all of your belongings. Renting a storage unit is a good way to deal with this problem. It is a safe way to put your belongings in a place only you can access. But it is important to know how to use a storage unit. You cannot just take all your stuff and throw it in the storage. This will take up much space, and in this case, you need to be very efficient in using your space. In this text, we will talk about the best ways to pack and organize your storage unit and how to avoid cluttering of your stuff, and even breaking. So, let’s dive in! Continue reading “How to pack and organize your storage unit?”

How to choose a storage unit?

During a move, it’s really easy to just run out of space. Trust us, we’ve all been there at some point. When you have to objectively measure how much stuff you have, it isn’t easy. And most people tend to underestimate how much space they’ll need while they’re moving. But don’t worry – that’s why companies offer storage options! Once you’ve figured out that a lack of space is your problem, all that’s left is to choose a storage unit. But how to choose from so many options? Well, that’s precisely why we’re here – Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario will give you all the tips you’ll need to make an informed decision! Continue reading “How to choose a storage unit?”